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Trying to find out what African group my facial features most resemble?
I have a myspace profile under the name Muthabit. some African input would be helpful.
Your question is very interesting so I gave you a star. I wish I could help. I had the opportunity to travel to a few African countries, and while I was in Senegal people thought that I looked Falani. They even introduced me to a Falani woman who could have been my twin. Good Luck!
How do u make a green facial mask for a group of girls?
My birthday is coming up and I maybe want to do the mask. Never tried it b4. There's 6 girls coming, including me so there's 7. Or I can buy it if there's one. A cheap one. Thanks!
I think you mean an Avocado face mask.
Here are the ingredients you need:
Half of an avocado.
One tbs(tablespoon)of honey.(not syrup!)
One tbs of all natural yogurt(plain yogurt.)
One cucumber(not sliced)
Steps on how to make the face mask:

1. Mash the avocado(only the green part) with a fork until it's creamy. Avocado's are great for keeping a healthy glow for your face.

2. Now put in the one tbs of honey with the avocado. Honey will kill the germs off.

3. Now stir in some of the yogurt. Yogurt is used in many face washes and stuff because it soothes the skin and tightens wrinkles.

4. Slice two thin-thick cucumber slices. These will be place onto your eyes. It will help reduce dark circles.

5. Now wash your face gently with warm water(not with soap.) Then pat it dry. Put a thin layer of the avocado scrub onto your face. Now put in the cucumber slices onto your eyes.
(Wait for 15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water thoroughly.(again, no soap.) And pat it dry with a towel.)
Goodluck and have fun!:)
What to wear to cosmetic store group interview?
I applied for a seasonal positon at Lush Cosmetics, which an all natural, organic store that retails more skin care than make up. SUch as body scrubs, hair products, facial care, etc ect. I am scheduled for a group interview and have no idea what to put on . PLEASE HELP!
Dressy casual since lush isn't a very dressy store. Show them that you are serious but won't be out of place
I need to find a picture of a group of people with no faces?
This is a strange question i know, but i cant seem to find a picture of a group of drawn people with a head and hair but no facial features. I really just don't know where to look does anyone have any ideas?
This is because i am a very untalented drawer but i need a picture like this
I'd try, there's a lot of cool stuff on there by amateur artists and there's probably some faceless people on there.

Good luck!
Im hosting a girls makeover night at my youth group I need some inexpensive ideas!?
Were gonna try to do facials, makeup, nails, and hair.
We want to set it up like a spa atmosphere.

Any ideas, or suggestions?

We also need to keep the costs down.

Any recipes for homemade facials?
My favorite homemade facial, which doubles as an exfoiliant is to mix oatmeal, a little warm water and honey. Apply to the face and let sit for like 10 minutes, and then scrub into the face and rinse off. Your skin will feel soft and have a wonderful glow!

For the make-up and nails, I recommend going to because all of their products are a dollar! They're really cute. You can get shadows, glosses, nail polishes, nail files, even brushes, all for a dollar! They even have sets, too. It's affordable enough that the girls can keep their favorite lipgloss or eyeshadow, if you wanted to. I've actually made goodie bags with their cosmetics before (for my little sister's birthday party.) They have some really cute, fun stuff.

Have fun!
How do I get rid of a group of zits?
I have a group of zits on my forehead that aren't white heads but they don't go away.
I've used witch hazel and facial wash.
I need something that is sure to get rid of them and fast.
Not something that I have to buy. Something that I could use that I have at my house.
put olive oil on ur face it gets rid of em really quick!!!!!!!!
Which strategy is NOT likely to be successful in presenting a large-group experience?
a. Hand out rhythm sticks as the first step in a group music experience.

b. Use changes in voice tone and rhythm to create suspense or drama.

c. Continually scan the group to determine the level of interest.

d. Use dramatic hand gestures and animated facial expressions.

c. it will distract you. You need to be confident and not worry about scanning the group..
What age group should use st ives collagen elastin facial moisturizer?
i brought this from the market but now i feel if i can use it or not.
i am 26 and want to know if its too early for me to use?…
My mother started using it at 20 years old. I started using it at 22 years old. No its not to early for you to use.

By the way, it works.
Malouf Group Enterprises? Facial soap ? it is good quality?
Malouf group enterprises sells facial soap is it good?
I used the facial soap once and got a rash but i do have sensitive skin

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