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Where can I go to meet young gay teens like me?
I need more friends like me.... I'm sorry but straight people don't really understand what most of us went through so can anyone help? I just want to know some one who understands.
Well there are many websites that cover this exact situation. Theres the Gay Youth Corner where you can find other gay teens right in your area. And there are numerous chat rooms to go to, but if you want something live and in person than try searching for local gay support groups or anything similar to that. I am sure you will find something:)
Are there any websites for young gay teens to find other gay teens?
I looked at a few websites like, and but they werent really helpful... So i could use some help... and if there are any otherways to find them besides the internet then that would help too..
You can find support for gay teens online... maybe google: <gay, youth, support> Here are a few results that I just got from a search like that:…

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but some of these resources can help you in various ways.

One warning, be careful about who you meet online! Often people misrepresent themselves online.

As for non-Internet ideas, if you are in a big city, try the local LGBT center to see if they have any youth programs.
How do you feel about young gay teens ( 14-17 mostly)?
from male to female
from studs to fems to stems
is it wrong, i mean of course its wrong, but theyre happy ya know
I feel like people give them no credit. A lot of people think they're just confused, horny, or sluts but I think young gay teens should come out and be proud!
Are their any young gay teens clubs online or something?
like to chat with other gay teens and talk about how to open up and stuff.
Google is your friend:…
Who are some good role models for young gay teens?
A friend of mine came out and he has no one to look up to. Maybe you guys can help
My favorite LGBT celebrities include authors like Allen Ginsberg, Oscar Wilde, and David Sedaris; artists like Michelangelo and Frida Kahlo; scientists like Alan Turing; and activists like Harvey Milk, Scott Smith, Cleve Jones, Barbara Gittings, Pierre Seel, Tyron Garner, Christine Jorgensen, Karl Ulrichs, Harry Hay, and Morris Kight.
Young gay teens please post your pic ?
Here's mine, I'm 13 and please no I'm to young to be gay comments.…
This is creepy, your creep. please stay away from all
Why is it so hard to find love for young gay teens?
why is it so hard to find love to young black teens
*hug* I'm sorry that life is hard right now. I promise that it will get better. Do well in school (yes I know, that will worsen the problems for now - but do it anyway) and go to a good college. You will quickly find that you become very popular and much in demand. You will do fine, I swear.

Believe in yourself! You are wonderful! and I truly, truly, mean that. I'm neither black nor a teen - to be honest -- but I know that you can be anything you decide to be, and that you will have a wonderful boyfriend one day who will wipe all your tears away and love you more than anything on earth. Just believe -- and go forward.

When I was around your age, I had a gay African American friend on whom I had SUCH a crush. He did what I am recommending to you (we never did more than hold hands, we were both too scared to do more -- oh, and we kind of kissed once {I blush to remember how bad our attempt to kiss went - we missed each other's mouths because we were shaking so bad :-( Now stop laughing!}) I would not trade my memories of him for the world. He went to a good college, and he and his lover live in Florida now. They are very very happy.

Kindest possible thoughts, and lots of love, if you need/want to talk to a virtually middle aged white guy -- write, I listen well.


PS Notice how Steamie, or whatever his name is above my post doesn't have any email or other contact in his profile. Why is it that those who try to manipulate and abuse gay with their own twisted logic and lies are always such cowards that there is no way to contact them to respond to their falsehoods? Oh well.
Where do young gay teens meet?
i'm 17 and i really haven't met anyone who's like me. either no one has opened up or i just haven't met a single friend that is like this. does anyone know websites/forums where young gay teenagers can chat or forum or discussion etc. ? thanks
Try or ones a forum along with other info and such and one is a gay chat line to meet and be friends people your age, hope it helps!
Where can I meet other local gay teens/young adults online?
I'm not old enough for the bars yet....and I know no gay people for friendships and common interests or relationships. I've tried myspace, downelink(sucks!) and still no luck. :( it from ages 13-25 it helped me meet local gays in my area

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