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Anyone heard of nifty that have tons gay stories?
is there such site?
type in your url bar...

you'll find tons of LGBT stories there!
Are gay youth stories illegal in uk?
I'm 14 and was wondering if nifty a gay website which offers fictional, sex stories about people and has a under 18 section was illegal it is top, of the google search.
As long as it is TEXT and no Photographs of REAL PEOPLE under the age of majority, everything is a'ok.

You can't "Abuse a Minor" by writing fictional erotica.

Photographs of people over the age of majority dressed younger are not illegal...

Photographs of people over the age of majority altered with Photo Editing Software (Photoshop) to look younger are not illegal...

Drawings of people under the age of majority are not illegal, and, in Japan are referred to as "Hentai Chibi".
Who is the author of "beautiful soul" on a gay story?
beautiful-soul was copy righted in 2005 by a user named
i really want to contact the author because i think the story is really good and ive read it over and over again.
fyi: is a gay-story website...
also it is in the gay male>high school section.

i really want to know how to contact the author.
I assume that you've tried the email address, and got no response, in which case the writer may no longer use that address.
Since it was written such a long time ago, it'll be hard to trace the writer, I don't know if nifty will have the latest contact details, and if they did, whether they'd be able to pass them on to you.

Good luck, I'm working on two stories that I hope to pass on to nifty for publication.
Are there any gay love/romantic stories involving a boy falling in love with a bad boy?
A link to Nifty Erotic or some other sort of gay literature site would be great, thanks for the help!
hahahahaha thats funny
Websites for gay stories of indian and asian personals?
i know of nifty org. i wish to read asian especially indian gay fiction.
Try Y! Personals or Craigslist.
What are some really good gay porn sites. not with videos but with stories to read?
I don't like junk sites like literotica because there isn't enough details. I tried nifty and loved it but looking for other websites like it
There are a number of sites. Google "gay erotic stories" and see what you come up with. A number of authors on Nifty also have their own sites with stories on them and links to other erotic literature sites. Look for those and see what you like. For instance, look at the story titled Door No 3 in the gay male/high school section and follow the link to his page.
Gay teen love stories?
Does anyone here know a good online website that has gay teen love stories that is NOT erotic? (nifty and iomfats don't count). Help me out here you guys. :)
You would THINK there would be more site like that, right? This is the only thing I could find. It's a directory:,_L…

Tap into your fellow gay teen buds. They have probably found some good sites that I wouldn't know of.

Good Luck. Hope this helps.
Does anyone else like the stories on
I have been enjoying the wonderful stories on this site since I was 13. For 7 years I have read some amazing stories. Anyone else like stories, specifically the ones under the gay heading? Also if you are familiar with the site do you know if it is illegal to read stories from this site in NY. If you want to talk more about the stories from this site you can always email me (
I quite often go on there to read stories, there are a lot of talented writers out there.

I'm actually working on some stories myself, and if they turn out good enough, I'll be submitting them to Nifty to see if they'll publish them.

I should think it's legal to read anything on there as long as you're over the age of consent for where ever you live, which I believe is 17 in NY.
Does anyone know where i can read gay romanic stories online??
I already know nifty.
What is a good place to read sx stories?
i like gay stories. i like pretty much all kinds of them. i already know about i also like stories of people turning into animals and having sx. so what are some good sites for these?
"stories of people turning into animals and having sx."

... eeewww

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