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Do women like men who wear panties?
I am a straight, married man. I want to know how women feel about a man who likes to wear panties. I like to occasionally wear them, but am afraid of what my wife would think. They feel much more comfortable, and not as restricting as male underwear.
I do not see anything wrong with this as this is something I only do around the house.
My girlfriend loves me.
Men who wear panties question?
Hello. I am a 28 yearold crossser. I am a normal person who lives by the golden rule and trys to help people not hurt them. I just happen to like to wear panties.
There are lots of men who wear panties questions on yahoo answers. The vast majority of feedback is either a)people laugh at men who wear panties or b)they think it is disgusting.

My question is why is it so wrong or funny for me to express my feminine side this way? I had a girlfriend who wore boxers to sleep in and I dont think that would cause a reaction at all from most people. Why is it a double standard? Is it because are society somehow still thinks that being feminine is inferior to being masculine? Personaly I view it as a compliment to being female..imitation is flattery right.
Do your thing.
Only men who wear panties need answer, Thank You!?
I am looking to possibly start wearing panties full time. I'm looking into buying Flirtitude brand boykinis (satin and/or cotton), and i was wondering if any other man who enjoys wearing panties has had any experience with these panties, and if so would you recommend them? I'm a size 7 so i have no problem finding ones to fit, but if any of you who have worn them before have photos or video, feel free to email them to me so i can get a reference as to how they fit on a man. My email is

Also, please note that i'm looking for responses from people who have worn them and/or do wear this particular brand and style.

Thank you in advance for your input!
i don't wear those particular kind but i
m a transgender ( girls born in a boys body) I' don't mind helping u out.
Send me a message via my yahoo profile and i can try to help :)
I want to know what women think of men who wear panties?
I Only Wear the Panties nothing else Also how can i tell the girl i like or dating i wear them
It doesn't matter if you wear panties or boxers, it's your choice. If this is like about being embarrassed, totally not necessary, i am sure lots of guys do.
Why don't people accept men who wear panties?
well you can obviously see where this is going. well any way i do they are more comfortabe and they keep my junke in place better the look daaaaamn sexy and feel daaaaaaamn sexy. so why do people disagree with this im not a cross dresser i onyl wear panties
Click the link for your answer.…
For men who wear panties!?
I just recently started wearing panties. I figured why the heck not, they look sexy on women and my GF says they are comfortable. Low and behold they are the best thing I've ever worn over my crotch. My GF was close minded at first but now she buys me panties and loves when I wear em. Since I have completely switched to all panties I wanna know from the guys who wear them.

1. How long have you been wearing panties?
2. What made you start wearing them?
3. How many people know about it and what was there reaction.
Well congratulations. And yes they are comfortable, soft and sensual.. very nice.

I have been wearing panties on and off since I was 10 years old. and have only been wearing panties 24/7 for the past two years. I don't own any male underwear at this point any more.

I first started wearing panties when I was 10 as a punishment. My stepfather, made me dress as a girl because I hit my younger sister (8yrs). While that was not a good punishment for a ... what i got out of it was attention, something i craved as a . (not good attention but it was still attention) It all grew from there.

Right now I'd say a good number of people know, and the majority don't care. Some who know don't quite comprehend my enjoyment, but they treat me no differently. And there there are the few who look at it in disgust and that i'm sick and weird.

But ultimately the only peson or people that it should matter to is yourself, because you are the one wearing them, and your partner, in this case your girlfriend. And since she seems to enjoy. You just have fun!.

Oh and try skirts next ;)

Men who wear panties?
How many guy love to wear panties?
I am a full time cross dresser so of course I wear panties.

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