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Do girls like cute boys or macho hunks ?
In which category i am ? plz suggest . Love funny and sarcastic answers .
Cute one.
Are you ready all you "MACHO HUNK'S"?
Cuz this one's for you all !

I'm taking polls and surveys for a magazine called....."Dream Men", and what I would like to know is how many of you "sweaty-palm, belly-button-lint, toe- jammin, nose-picking, beer-belly-burpin, ***-end-exploding, wife- slappin, drunkin-sailor-cursing, macho-cheese-smelling hunk's" are out there?

OOP'S! wrong magazine. I mean't "EVERY WOMEN'S NIGHTMARE" Magazine.
Poll- pretty boy vs macho hunk?
Ill always used to think that women were attracted to the beautiful feminine men such as ronaldo-enrique iglesias-josh hartnett. But from my observations in the real world, the guys that get the most girls are the really masculine guys.
Pretty boy because they're caring and willing to put the woman in front of themselves. Macho hunk guys KNOW they're macho and hunk and they show it in a overconfident way.
Pretty boys are also sensitive and you can relate. Macho hunks don't acknowledge their own feelings and you can't relate because they don't acknowledge feelings.
Most pretty boys want a long relationship because they're sick of getting hurt. Macho hunks want relationships every week because they want one thing...

My perspective basically. And I'm sure the girls answering macho hunks are basing it off of looks also...

EDIT@Allie: My friend has abs and muscles but he's a pretty boy. It's possible lol.
EDIT2: Lol he is adorable. He's 15 and you clearly look a little bit older xD lol.

And I bet the person who thumbs me down was the asker because she likes macho or he is macho ">.>
Girls: Macho hunk guy or Cute guy?
Girls be honest, would you rather go out with someone like Paul Walker or a guy like Enrique Iglesias????????????
Paul Walker's a macho hunk? Doesn't that describe Vin Diesel better?

Btw, cute guy, like Steve Nash or Jade Puget
2 Great Hunk - Mr Macho or Mr. Romantic?
Well, here’s the story :

I met Mr. Romantic 5 yrs and we have been dating since then and 3 yrs back we broke up and got separated and he moved to different city. So, I met this Mr. Macho ; and have dated this guy for 8 months and I had to move to difference city due to change of job. Now, recently Mr. Romantic called me last month and asked me to be with him. I still love him and he also loves me…

Little bit background about Mr. Romantic.

He is caring, loving, gentle kind, financially secure, well educated, romantic, adventures, playful etc. Most of all, he is in love with me even after the 3 years of break up. But he doesn’t want to commit . Whenever I talk about Marriage, he simply change the topic and don’t want to talk about it.

Little bit background about Mr. Macho

He is egoistic, selfish, unromantic, uneducated, attractive, handsome hunk and ready for the commitment. I really love him because he is strong, handsome hunk, and got real great body, muscles, and totally HOT HUNK. But he is very insensitive, arrogant, egoistic man.

I am kind of stuck with both of them. I really want to settle down with Mr. Romantic but he is not ready for marriage. Mr.Macho well, he is ready for marriage but he is full of ego.

Guys & Girls please offer some advice. Greatly appreciated in advance.
lol....what a headache. Too bad you can't put Mr. Macho's body and commitment on Mr. Romantics body and then you got urself a perfect man. lol...we can keep dreaming. Follow your heart.
What is you opinion on dating a masseur? ?
Yes, by masseur I mean a man who gives massages professionally. He is not gay. Hell, he is dating me, a woman. He is just a more sensitive guy, not some big macho hunk.
Do people think that is awkward, since so many male massage therapists are stereotyped as being gay?
I am thinking that he knows how to use his hands!!! if you can catch my drift... ;)
Hell no. I would be so happy. Congratulations. I don't think you'll ever find a guy that perfect.
Where can i find these heroes?
the wonder blunder , the scarlet pimple, captain toad , fat bat ,the crimson cat , the macho hunk
in your imagination!
Ladies.. Who is hotter ? a nice lean ripped guy or a intelligent,nerdy guy ?
i'd mixed the two together and have myself a book smart,Macho hunk
I would want both in 1 :)
Given that super macho men sleep with each other in environments where it is safe (ie in theatrical/movie ____?
industry circles does this mean more hitherto self identified straight or hetero men will start sleeping together further proving that sexuality is malleable?

Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, James Dean and a host of hunks were known to be sleeping together in Hollywood's Golden Age.

Sexuality seems to blossom in non judgmental settings proving that it is social rather than anything else

What do you think? Are the terms straight, gay and bisexual obsolete now that we know sexuality is malleable and the only thing that makes people straight or gay is that society forces people to 'pick a side' and stay there?
Let's reference situational sexual behavior as defined by wikipedia as...

of a kind that is different from what is usual for that person (or from what that person normally exhibits) due to a social environment that permits, encourages, or compels those acts.

For example, people might not have sex with prostitutes in their home countries, but may do so when they visit other countries, where such activities are legal or ignored by authorities. Other examples are people in prison, the military, single sex boarding schools, or other gender-segregated communities, where members of those communities might engage in homosexual behaviors but identify as heterosexual otherwise.

Many people change their sexual behavior depending on the situation. For example, men and women in a university may practice bisexuality, but only in that environment. Experimentation of this sort is more common among adolescents, both male and female. Some colloquialisms for this trend include "heteroflexible", "BUG" (Bisexual Until Graduation), or "LUG" (Lesbian Until Graduation).

A possibly quite common and transient example of situational sexuality is the person who while self-identifying as heterosexual, will sexually interact with a member of the same sex (or a gay or lesbian self-identified person interacting with one of the opposite biological gender) in the context of a ménage-à-trois, three-on-two, or orgy and only then. People with this preference are called vortex bisexuals and some classify them as a species of heteroflexible.

Based on this information, yes I would say to a degree sexuality is socially constructed.

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