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How many gay men have an underwear fetish???
I love underwear and was wondering what kind you liked or if you even had a favorite
I do. It depends on who wears them, anyway.
Girls in Guys underwear, is this some gay fetish that straight men have?
Guys like love to see girls in their underwear, is this some type of new gay/bi fetish that straight guys have? Sort of like their underlying feminine side?

Guys: I know you probably not going to admit to it, but do you have a like gay/ bi tendencies that you try to sneak into your relationships on the sly?

Girls: Do you agree with me? (My ex-boyfriend always loved to see me in his underwear and he was a "metrosexual")

I just like seeing my gf in my boxers, because it gives me an excuse to wear her thong!
Underwear fetish: Am I Bi/Gay?
Hey, I am a 15 year old guy about to turn 16 and I have a huge problem. Ever since I was about 8 or 9 I've had an underwear fetish. Whenever I masturbate I fantasize about me getting into embarrasing situations with tighty whities and briefs. The number one concern I have is that i emotionally I am very much attracted to girls. I fell in love with a girl last year but I was never physically/sexually attracted to her. When I see a really pretty girl most people my age would get "horny" or get an erection I don't get either. When I see a hot girl I say to myself "hey she's pretty nice looking" but its all mentally. I most deffeinatly don't like men. Thinking of gay sex disgusts me. But whenever I see a guy around my age I wonder what kind of underwear their wearing. In my fantasy's I put my self getting wedgied or laughed at. And I get excited when I think about me changing in front of one of my friends in tighty whities. If anything that turns me on its me wearing them. I think this problem is getting me to think I have H-OCD because I want to be straight. Sorry for the long post. Please somebody help me.
I'm gay, and before I accepted it... I didn't judge gays, but I hated the thought of it. It made me sick... but well, I guess that was my head trying to trick me... in the end, it didn't work...
I think i have a briefs underwear fetish is that normal or gay?
i always look for briefs undewear any kind it doesnt matter sometimes i look at other men is that normal
what is normal to u exactly?? we all have our fantasies, we are all unique in our own ways, we all have our likes and dislikes... meaning that whatever might be normal to u, might be abnormal to others... if u don't know who u feel attracted to, whether u feel attracted to women or men... how about u try them both??? who knows, u might be bi... that's a question u ll have to try to find the answer by urself.... and the best way to find it is by trying it.... the best way to get all ur curiosity out... is by trying to discover what's waiting for u behind that door..... go for it... open it.... get into some guy's and girls pants.... see who u prefer.... either or, or if u like them both
it's ur life... try to find happiness the best way u can sweety
Does it mean I'm gay if I have this type of fetish?
I am attracted to women yet I have a male underwear fetish.
Are you sure you are not also attracted to men? You might be bisexual.
Guy who wears girls underwear not gay just wondering?
Guy who wears girls underwear not gay just wondering?
so i guess i have a fetish or something but i just like wearing girls undies thongs g string and boy briefs everything do u have any advice i was going to buy some more tom i dont know what it is how do i get used to wearing them all the time or should i. i wear them for arousal sometimes but i wear them daily too time to time pls help and thanks any links to vs or aerie for underwear that would fit well would be appreciated
thats just really weird........
Help with Underwear Fetish?
I know for sure that I am not gay. But for some reason I like underwear, I don't like seeing models in underwear. I like only boxers and trunks. I really hate having this fetish. Any advice
yeah,boxers are better than panties right,dude.
Straight guys with male underwear fetish?
hey do any of you straight guys have an underwear fetish. i love seeing new and exiting underwear and love wearing all different styles. When i wear sexy underwear i feel really good about myself and i wanna try all different types. I am not gay however and don't want to have sex with me in underwear but instead they excite me as i want to wear them and it looks really sexy. Does anyone else have this. i don't have any inclination to wear womens underwear but i would wear male g strings, thongs, jockstraps, bikini breifs, breifs, boxer breifs. i am kinda scared however of what other people like my girlfriend would think if i wore male g strings, thongs or jockstraps and if i told her about this. i love buy my gf underwear and sexy clothes and love seeing her in them too. Any advice? Anyone help? Know wearing i can get racey underwear in australia.
I do have an underwear fetish too, I have different types, and feel the same way. My wife and I will pick out each others underwear when we are getting ready in the morning, it's fun and sexy. Just keep doing what you're doing
Why do guys I date feel the fetish to smell and wear my dirty underwear?
I broke off with my ex and he told me to wear my underwear for 3 days str8 and I changed into fresh underwear for the trip home and he told me afterwards he sniffed my underwear and wore it for a week and Im wondering why some gay men get off on this
You're attracted to perverts.

Why? Maybe your father was a pervert? Or perhaps a cursh you had early in your sexual development?

If you don't want to date perverts anymore, I suggest you stop picking up guys at church.

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