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Hi i am a gay teen boy and i like to have sex alot?
is this a bad thing like all i can think about is hot sex with like guys expecially when i am in the showers at school i get sooo horney is this bad or like is this normal
i'm gay and 15, it's normal for guys our age to be sex addicts. i know i couldn't live without masturbating everyday. it just depends if your actually having sex all the time, as long as your "safe".

talk to me on messenger or email:

and i know what you mean on getting horny at school...
Are all gay teen boys obsessed with sex.?
I'm 15 and ive been with i couple of boys and all they seem to think about is sex. I never seem to find someone who wants me 4 me and not just sex :(
when you first enter your teen yrs,sex is usually all boys think about . as you mature a little after the first few years of your teens yrs ,your hormone's
start to taper off and think more of your body and appearances,but still are sexually active but not quite as much.the worst yrs are from 13 to 18 probably.
I am a teen boy who had sex with his friend who is also a boy am i gay?
it not like i planned it i just think i want sex so bad i'll take it from anyone even a guy. We didn't kiss in it we did do alot of stuf.f It's happened more than once does this mean i am gay??
If you enjoyed it, it means you enjoy sex with males. That doesn't make you gay. Gay is a psychological and mental being as well as a physical being.

I think you we're just horny.

If you need help in the matter, go see a psychiatrist they are trained in helping you find who you really are and it's all confidential.
What do gay teens do when they have sex?
What do gay teen boys, say 15-18 do when they have sex? Just wondering, because me and my boyfriend are thinking about having sex, but I don't know what to do. Share experiences please? We need help.
Begin with basics mutual masturbation as way to being man to man action. From there to oral delights and finally anal. But when doing anal make sure are cleaned out and make sure condoms are used.
Is it true that an anti-gay Republican State Senator from Indiana offered $80 for gay sex?
Here's the link I have -…

Why is it that it's the anti-gay Republicans who get caught paying for gay sex?

Just wondering . . .
The evidence is compelling.
Gay teen crisis!!!!!!!!sex or education?
i met a boy my age[16] online today.....hes gay and im gay and he wants me too meet him tomorow so tat we can have some "fun".
hers the problem:i have test on monday............its not that important.....but im kinda the srt8-A's dork and i ont want to spoil that,but on the other hand,i've never done anything reckless like this in months..................should i have great sex or or should i keep up my grades?

the guy im seeing is leaving on tomrows my last chance.................and plus:its relly hard to find a gay teen online,i mean all thers out there a middle aged sex maniacs...............
Take the test. If the guy is leaving Monday it will just be a one time thing. And what happens if it isn't that great? You had bad sex and you missed the test.
There are a lot of teens online you can talk to, you just got to look for them.
How would you handle your husband telling you about him having sex with another boy when he was a teen?
He confided in me that when he was 15, he and a friend used to go out camping together. He said that with hormones racing, his friend seduced him and that he gave his friend a bj and his friend mounted him. He said that at the time, he enjoyed it because it was just the sexual satisfaction but that he was not attracted to boys. He said that he started dating girls the next year and never had gay sex ever again.

1. How would you handle this news. (surprisingly, I am very ok with it and actually feel good that he shared such a secret).

2. How common is this? Is it very common but just buried away in the back of our husband's minds?

3. Have any of your husbands ever confided this to you?

4. Would this shock any of the wives?

Fortunately, I am ok with this because our love and marriage is so strong and that I know that it was attributed to teen boys hormones and they experimenting and needing to go somewhere with those racing hormones.
I think you rock for handling it so reasonably, and your marriage is awesome if your husband felt so comfortable telling you. My question is, do you think he was sharing a one-time thing, or is he building up to seeing if you'd be into a threesome with another guy? That's what I'd be wondering. I'm not saying he is, just that you might want to consider the possibility and how you feel about it.

For now, though, you probably don't need to do anything. You seem to be doing all right as it is.
I hope I get some good book titles, A book about a teenager that is gay/bi and he is vary active sexualy?
Or about a teen boy that is in the closet but it's a made up story
Or book with a lot of teen gay sex
I'm 15 so I'm not some werid 50 year old or anything lol
But I don't want the title to make people think it's a book about gay things.... Im in the closet bi!
The biggest list of books will get 10 points
you could read online sex stories if you want, just use private browsing in your settings and search Nifty, its the top result or Literotica. hope this helps :) sorry i dont know any paper backs or hard backs. ill look out for some for you though :) im 15 too and also looking for erotic gay fiction that is subtle :P the thing is no book stores sell it. well maybe amazon but i dont think that counts xD
Any sex advice for a gay teen?
So I've got this boy coming over I've liked for a while :'DD We're both 16. He's not coming over as a friend either and I reckon there's a pretty good chance something could happen. But I'm kinda nervous?

This won't be my first time, happened just once a few months back but I was drunk and he was way older and it's not something I'm proud of or can even really remember, plus we didn't have actual sex if you get me - though once you've been naked and writhing in bed with someone I don't think you can call yourself a virgin anymore whatever the specifics, much as I would like to discount the whole thing.

Anyway, I'm really nervous. I know that sober I'll be really anxious and worried about what he'll think of me - that's the main thing, I'm really insecure about my body ;/ I'm actually told I'm attractive but I dunno, how do you just relax and not worry about that sort of thing? He's so perfect next to me, I'm worried he'll be disappointed or something once he sees me naked. And how do you make sure it all goes naturally and it's not awkward, like you do this now then I'll do that? Not really looking for tips on technique - I'm sure that's just practice right? ^_^ - guess I just need reassurance and some way not to be so anxious about the whole thing. I am definitely ready though, just nervous :S
Use protection anyway because the added lube will help. Also use shitloads of lube. Otherwise itll hurt like ****. I know you werent looking for sex advice but follow that and itll be better.
Condom secondary to lotssa lotssa lube.

If he likes you as more than a friend and wants to be with you then thats the main thing. Lights out if you want too but then you wont be able to see him either :(
If hes seen you with clothes on he can probably guess what your like with clothes off if you mean with body shape and such. Hes not going to judge you, If he likes you as a person and sexually then he'll accept you for any flaws. Hes aware your not perfect just like your aware he isnt. Just take things slow and dont rush into sex itll be much better if you know each other a lot better and do other stuff first. So you are comfortable with each other.
Watch a film or something and do stuff before you go on to the bedroom. Maybe only leave it for later. You dont have to worry if everyone let their body hangups stop them from having a good time. We'd have died out by now. (Now in your case obviously unless your Jesus and then itll be a miracle)

Good Luck Bro
hello I am a 15 year old gay boy that is wondering y the heck do most teens my age only look for sex! I know it has to do with hormones n stuff but is there any gay teens that actually just like talking. I know in a relationship u may start out fine but the more u go the more it's about sex n I just don't get it ... Y can't two people just be fine n enjoy their relationship without sex!! I am not asexual or nothing like that because before I was like " yes sex!" that was all I thought of but I have matured in the last 6 months .. Becuz I use to watch porn, masturbate n ect but then it hit me n I got that I was ruining my life n hurting my self so I changed n don't want to go back EVER!!! all I want know is to keep going forth but find peole along the way that can help me n have a clean relationship with a guy. So plz answer my question .. Plz no haters!! N thanks to everyone in advance!!
It's not most 'gay guys' that look for sex, it's most PEOPLE that look for sex, which, yes is unfortunate to people who aren't like that.
But I'm a asexual pansexual guy and am cool with just talking and such.
I think sex is extremely overrated.

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