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I need really good dares for only two guys, nude, gay, basically hardcore dares?
We will do basically any dare as long as it is not a wimpy one. They can not be public, they have to stay in my basement we cannot leave the basement. My parents may or may not be there it depends but put some for both cases. Thanks.
I dare you to lick my butthole in a circular motion for ten seconds.
Unless you guys are into that anyways, in which case, have fun with that.
How can I stop the gay guy next door from saying"hi" & blowing kisses at me when I'm nude sunbaking ???
I'm not gay.
My girlfriend & I like 2 nude sunbake so we look good 2 other couple at swap parties.
Mate i don't know if this is true but i think thats considered sexual harrassment in australia. dont know about the other countries. tell the cops and charge him.
Would you be gay if you imagined a nude person from a story?
Lets say you imagined a guy naked and got a erection because you saw the sex organs?
would you be classified as gay or what?
Just means you have a great imagination and are really horny. :) I've gotten off imagining naked men, and I am 100% lesbian. It's just an arousal thing. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, but I can appreciate aesthetics.
Any human who erects when seeing a nude one of same gendar is gay?
Sry embarassing question >,<
but i need to know,,,
e.g:if u erect when seeing gay porn (even by coincidence),that means ur gay? xD
is this te meaning of gay penis?
Gay or bisexual. Becoming erect from gay porn only indicates that males sexually arouse you -- not necessarily that females do not also sexually arouse you. You may very well be bisexual.

It doesn't matter though -- you are wonderful -- no matter what your sexuality is. Love yourself, love your penis, and enjoy life -- it is a wonderful thing.


Kind thoughts,

How many would attend an openly gay nude church service?
Wiccans are excluded, because you're already pretty tolerant. I'm testing orthodox faiths here.
Sure, because I'm packin'
Ct nude gay clubs?
Where are the GAY NUDE BEACHES ??? For Men?
The other day my friend took me to a nude beach for Lesbians. There was only one gay man there
and 33 women (lesbians) I think it was some kind of group or something. Obviously my friend took the wrong turn. He was told by a heterosexual acquintance that there is a GAY NUDE BEACH out hear in California for men, but he does not know where. Please respond as soon as possible we would like to go join our brothers in the sun, tomorrow or next weekend.
(rolling eyes at other answers) At most nude beaches there'l be an area "claimed" i guess to be for gays. I don't know for sure the specifics on criteria, just wander I suppose. The more fewer women you see, and the more friendly the guys are.. Am into nudism, and hetero, but have noticed the trend in certain areas. The advice came from a fellow who soon realized I was'nt interested. T'was advice on where NOT to go in my case, but may be helpful to you. Just be safe about it, there's nasty bugs at the beach.
I want to be a gay bear man nude model?
I need money badly and I'm desperate. I want to know where you would go to get into that business. I'm 21 fat and hairy.
Good luck but just don't sell yourself for sex :)

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