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Do gay boys with raging hormones feel the plungeful erotic ecstasy that straight boys do?
I honestly don't see how any feeling in all of infinity can ever be like what a straight boy with raging hormones being in the same room with naked girls. With the girls utterly divine exquisite bodies, nptably the breasts and just the whole nude body that social laws brand immoral for boys to see bare. I'm just wondering if gay boys can get the plungeful ecstatic flush that straight boys feel.
Regardless of sexual orientation urges are there. It's not like someone is gay and their penis falls off and they're "magically" a woman or something [although women get the whole "everything turns me on" thing too, we just hide it better =P].

As turned on as you are by a female body that's how turned on a gay man is by a male body.

Naked is naked and attraction is attraction. Regardless of male / female / FTM / MTF / whatever, if you want someone, you want them. =)
If looking at a guy in the shower, going nude, or seeing another boys hard on makes you gay...?
Would it not be safe to say that all of our fathers and grandfathers are gay? I mean they grew up in a time when you were expected to shower after PE in school everyday, swim at the Y (usually the only public pool) in the nude, skinny dip in the lake at camp, change in the locker room (including your underwear) for sports, and god knows how many other times where seeing another guy naked was totally normal. How many times did they see another guy hard, talk about sex amongst themselves, watch the cows going at it, whatever else happened back then? They hugged their families, cried with their friends, even weren't afraid to kiss their mothers. Yet today, boys do any one of these things, nay, even thinks about one of these things and suddenly he is gay. Isn't it comforting to know that every male in your life must be gay? Who hasn't stared at a crotch, kissed their mom, hugged a friend and whatever else? Can't we get over it already?
Yep. Being gay simply means having a same gender sexual preference. All the other stuff that cause to say "oh you must be gay" is really just regular straight guy stuff.

Get over the homophobia. There's no reason to be scared of someone because of their same gender sexual preference.
Is it ok to get changed/b nude wif other boys?
Girls always seem to b all rite wif being nude around each other so y is it frowned upon wif boys. I get changed in front of my friends and they get changed in front of me. We often go nude for long periods of time together. We dont engage any sexual activity but 1 of my friends thinks it is gay. Y can girls get away wif it and boys cant. Im not gay and nither are my friends. Is it ok??
I'm going to Bangkok for first time. What is a gay go-go boy show?
Are the gay go-go boys nude during the show, and what places have the best show. Thanks
You're getting some misleading advice.
There are several "pretty boy" bars around the Patpong area (a few soi's away from Patpong 1) which is off Silom Road.
Some have go-go dancers. There's also one such bar on Patpong 2.
THEN there are the "lady-boy" bars and shows, where tranvestities/transexuals dress (almost) as women.
I have, however, no idea if the dancers go nude, or what are the best shows, as I don't ride my bike on that side.
Is it gay to experiment with other boys?
so when i was little another boy wanted to see my pecker and touch it i was 7 and never touched another boys pecker and it was a strange feeling when it happened and at age 7 we didn't know what gay was then so does this happen a lot these days or was this a one off thing we did together..

when i was 13 i saw boys nude in the locker room and was getting a strange feeling seeing other boys naked so why does this happen..
.... it is gay to experiment with other boys.... but not at the age of 7.... and at the age of 13 if nude boys are attracting you (if the strange feelings is attraction) then you are in the process of discovering your sexuality........ you are blooming as a gay guy.
Am I gay?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I'm 13 dated three times with girls (never worked out) I can only get a stiffie if I look at nude boys/ gay mags. Don't judge, please help!
Hey Danger,
There really is only one person that can answer that...And it isn't anyone with Yahoo Answers.

When you say you've dated girls and it hasn't "worked out" does that mean you weren't able to have sex? Just weren't attracted? What was the expectation? I wouldn't consider it at all unusual for a young woman of 13 to not want to engage in sexual behavior. So I wouldn't necessarily take their refusal as any kind of *sign* about your sexuality. I also wouldn't consider it as any kind of sign if you didn't feel ready to have sex either.

When you mention becoming aroused at images of males. It would seem that that might be some kind of indicator though. Keep in mind, younger males do tend to sexualize a lot of different imagery and be curious about a wider range of sexual behaviors. It's not at all impossible that you're bisexual.

Being 13 years old can be a really rough time in your life and having feelings about other guys certainly doesn't make it any easier.
There is some good news though, you are certainly NOT ALONE And being gay doesn't carry the same stigma that it used to. Sure it can be tough at times. But believe me, things are a whole lot better then when I came out.

When you ask for help I am really hoping that you mean about coming to terms with who you are and not trying to become someone you're not. That never works out well.

If indeed you are gay, this is not something you can change like flipping a switch or by simply acting differently. Only you can know though, don't let anyone else decide who you should be.

Here's a couple of really good websites for you.
Scarlet Teen or is a site by and for teens. They have a lot of really good info and links for gay youth. Another site is for San Francisco Sex Information or

If you have any other questions please feel free to emai me through Yahoo Answers or call the SFSI switchboard. There's usually someone there from 3-9 Pacific time

Hope this helps

How do I attract other gay boys my age?
I'm 16 yo and I'm gay. I want to know how to attract other boys my age or around my age. I have a friend that I used to be in love with and one thing that I always loved about him was that he has his own scent. Like everyone in his house smells the same except him. I want to try the possess nude alpha cologne but idk where to get it or if it's just online. I'm 5'7" tall. Semi-muscular. Like black guy curly hair scars on my right arm from bite marks. And I wanna know how to dress. I'm Mexican and I'm not flamboyant I'm actually pretty masculine. I don't like any sports but soccer though. And that's pretty much it. I wanna be hot AND attract boys but not girls cuz they always flock to me. :( I feel bad but they know I'm gay so... Please help me!!!!
Become straight and do all the girls that flock to you.
Why do gay men have an obsession with teenage boys?
That's why parents are afraid of having gay teachers in schools and letting gay men become members of the clergy.

Even former New Jersey governor James McGreevey said in an interview last week that he has a portrait of a nude teenager (18 yrs old) over his bed.
The same reason most straight men have a thing for teenage girls...youth and purity.
Isn't it a bit gay that it took a nude pin-up boy to bring the Republican voters out of the State of Massa...?
chusetts, from their closets?
If you dont like his beautiful, heterosexual nipples youre just wrong.

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