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I am attracted to gay men ??? xD pics included?
Im 13 and all the guys I like are gay , and very feminine , these are the guys I like
Justin Tranter……

Adam Lambert……

John Partridge…
Maybe you need a super metrosexual guy.
Why are straight men more attractive than gay men?
Before you say otherwise, please give me some examples (post pics please) of gay men who are as attractive as Brad Pitt, Jonny Depp and George Clooney.
This is generalising and comparing us to over 40 American men, I'm Australian not American, us Aussies don't look anything at all like Americans. Here are photos and film clips of two Australian globally popular gay men.
Anthony Callea……
Darren Hayes……

Also a video of Australian male actors…
Anyone know any good gay picture galleries of old men?
I want pics of gay man age 60 plus.
Gay men, what are your favorite pics?
As in, there's those sexy masculine guys who just get their "amateur" photos right.
Post links please as i'm trying to see what catches guy's attention more.

If you have any pro ones too that would be great and I personally don't care about content. (photogf. here so also exploring poses)
everyone is different
Why do you think some Guys have problems with gay men?
I ask this as a bisexual guy. I have no problems with gay men and I cant understand why some guys do. Its is something between 2 willing people and does not affect others at all. While I do not "like" the fairy queen type and I do not hate them or bash them like some guys do. Why is it ok for guys to like looking at pics of 2 women having sex but 2 guys is yuck?

Be great to here from straight and gay guys.
i dont know why they have the problem with them. I have a gay boss at work (he isnt shy about it) and it doesnt bother me at all. We even joke about it with him at times if a good looking guy come in (as in laugh with him not at him). I am a little put off by the "princess" type as well but not enough that I want to hit them.

I think the ones who carry on the most about them are really trying to hide something (like the fact they like men as well). Why do some men think that just because a guy is gay that he wants to put something up every other guys backside? Straight guys dont want to have sex with every girl do they! well ok maybe not a good example ;-) but you get my point.

My bf of 8 yrs is a cd and hoards pics of naked women. he solicits men
he has over 2000 pics of naked women. still sends old pics of himself trying to seduce them the way he seduced me. I have tried to help him with his cd. ie playing the part, buying him things. recently i have found strange underwear and texts, emails solicitin many men saying 'experienced' and 'wants a relationship'. Is he gay? He has . Am I the cover?
Bf of 8 years?? Wow. That's a pretty long time.

I really don't know how to help you on that one. Just talk to family and friends and get honest opinions and advice from the people who care the most about you. Oh and adding the "additional details" is really the only way to respond to us.
I get aroused by gay pics sometimes and I enjoy sex with men, but is it just hormones?
I am 17, but when I was 15, I used to really enjoy the idea of sex with men, but I can't get an erection to it anymore, even though I still find it sexy (especially mens hairy legs) I actually have had sex with about 7 guys, it took me a while to be calm enough to get an erection as well, I sometimes do and I sometimes don't, but I don't get why I can't jack off to guys, but if I am around them or I touch their erections, I get aroused. Help me out here guys.
(I know I make a lot of these questions, but I am very confused and writing it and getting advice helps)
i think that you are top and when i was younger in my late teens 18 n- 19 I know Black men would hit on me and with me they knew i would try or want to do them. they felt that they were not gay as long as they were doing the doing. i know too many love labels. i hope this will help just relax
I found gay pictures in my 12yr old brothers room what should i do?
i was looking for a movie, and trying to find it in his mess of a room. i found some pics he must of got off the internet. pics of gay men doing stuff. i put the pics back and did not say anything to anyone what should i do.
You tell your parents if you do not know this by now studies show the younger you start in pornography the more likely you can become addicted.
At 12 he is just curious so do not get too caught up on men with men . It is just looking at what they are doing. his hormones are starting to kick in and will be after girls in no time

parent need the birds and bees talk asap and need to use the parental blocking.
Just because i have sexual fantasies about other men or send nude pics to men does that mean i am gay? i still?
im open and ready for your answers
Maybe just bi? If you're sexually attracted to both males and females then I'd say yes. If you're fantasies are of you and another guy having sex with a female, maybe not, unless you're also being physical with the male. It's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. It is what it is. Just live your life and be happy, regardless of who or what you are. Best of luck! :)

The Tall & Tantalizing
Makayla Milan

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