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What do you think of gay kissing in public?
I'm gay and I'm proud of it. I think it would be great to see gay kissing in public. Mind you when i was at college, i used to kiss another student in front of other . They thought it was a laugh!!!! I have a gay friend and i am not afraid 2 kiss him wherever it's in town, park, beach, etc.
I wouldn't care...
How do actors feel about acting gay & kissing? ?
I wonder how actors take it acting as a gay person & kissing & pretending to do it.
In an interview, Jake Gyllenhaal said he just pretended like he was kissing a girl that he didn't find attractive when he kissed Heath Ledger
What do you think of gay guys kissing?
I live in an rural state in a smaller community. I'm afraid to go to the movies and hold hands and I would never kiss in public in my community. Why are people so apalled to see gay guys holding hands or God forbid kissing?
You have revealed you actually know the reason and furthermore know that you are accountable before God with the utterance of your own words of "God forbid".
Precisely. God forbids it.
How come I don't find gay kissing gross like other girls do?
I don't find any kissing really gross. Even though I don't like lesbian kissing really. I am just wondering is it considered not normal to like guys kissing or is it just a like and dislike type of deal?
Dunno, I do know a girl that likes to watch men kiss or have sex though.
A male work colleague says gay kissing is wrong and then tells me he's gay?
A male colleague of mine said that two men kissing was wrong. Then becomes increasingly interested in my personal life, as I am gay, then he starts flirting with me, calling me from his chamber next door, then at our Christmas night out he comes up to me and tells me that he is gay but I'm to keep it secret. I'm so confused! What do I do?
He finds you highly attractive, but could get a bit obsessive or messed up because he has injested large doses of homophobia and self-loathing.

He wants you but he is conflicted about it, and probably torn between desire and fear.

Be careful. Even if you find him attractive, don't get romantic with him *unless* you can talk this out and feel convinced he has finally accepted himself as a gay male. Otherwise he will just be hounded by guilt and fear of being found out, and that would be torturous for you both.
What do girls think when they see gay guys kissing?
what do girls think when they see two gay guys kissing? do they think its gross? or cute? or hot? or just think to there selves, "awww.. they look happy together" what do people think about that?
I think it's sweet (: For some reason when i see two girls or two guys together it seems lot sweeter and more meaningful than a straight couple.
My college teacher sed she got pissed off when she saw to gay guys kissing on a tv show ?
my college teacher sed she got pissed off when she saw to gay guys kissing on a tv show
it really upset me should i tell her that what she sed made me feel bad ?
is there anything i should do about this ?
is there anything i can do to make myself feel better about who i am ?
1 - No, that is your business, not hers
2 - Knock down a brick wall with your head
3 - Be a man
What do you think of gay couples kissing in public?
I'm actually really open towards gay people, I even have a really great gay guy friend! But the other day I went to a water park and there were two guys making out in the jacuzzi and I have to say I found it pretty gross... I don't really know why
It's very interesting how American society seems to be obsessed with sex, because of the way the media over-portrays it. However, we have all these laws that prohibit things like public nudity/indecency and things of that nature. Many people nowadays, despite being overly preoccupied with having as much sex as possible, are still very prudish when it comes to public displays of affection. I guess that things like that are still considered to be very private things and others are embarrassed by seeing other people display affection for each other in a public place. There is no one answer that is all-encompassing for your situation. I think the only thing that can make sense for you is that people often feel that things like kissing in public should be kept private.
Will kissing your reflection turn you gay?
I am very good looking and maybe even a little narcissistic. But will I turn gay if keep kissing my reflection in the mirror?
And is this why all the girls say that every good looking guy is gay?
being gay is a choice you idiot

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