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All Comments

Is it true that all Indians are gay?
I know 2 Indians called Sid and Deepesh and they are really gay. Just wondering if all Indians are gay?
Actually, I knew two guys called tyler who were gay.. so I guess all guys named Tyler are gay...
Where do you find all the hot, gay Indians?
I NEED some brown loving. ANd am infatuated with them. I will end up with a life partner...and he will be brown. period. but where do i start looking. and at least know when one is in the closest.
try yahoo's personals site, but if he is still in the closest then it will be even harder to find him.
Since Christians say that being gay is a choice should we convert many Indians and Chinese to homosexuality?
Since they believe in the wrong gods (according to Christians) and so are going to hell, we might as well turn many of them gay so that they could stop over reproducing ( Indian has 1 billion and China has 1.3 billion), they need to reduce their populations and what better way than through homosexuality.
Flawed thinking, I seen many Missionary's in those country's with Thousands of Converts, Your line of thought has flaws
Where can I meet gay indians?
I looking to meet in person a gay indian man for a Long term relationship in the USA
hopefully at the airport leaving for india... pack your bag...
Politically speaking - were there gay cowboys and Indians or is it a new phenomena?
When did homosexuality begin?
Got lonely out there on the prairie, ma'am.
Can asians be gay?? indians and such like?
heyyy i would like to know are there many asian gayss??? i read in sveral articles that gay indians and such like are very hard to find since their religion and people are against it??? help needed
Yeah but if they're muslim, or if their families are stereotypically strict and old fashioned they are more likely to stay in the closet. I'm pretty sure that the rates of homosexuality are the same in all cultures, but it may be that in some cultures, where homosexuality is less socially acceptable, less people live openly gay.
Is Moonee Ponds a centre for gay Indian men?
I've just moved into Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Australia, and my girlfriend and I have noticed a large number of Indian men hanging around the area. Also, a lot of our neighbours seem to be men who live together. Of course, we have no evidence that they are gay. All we have are our guesses. Is Moonee Ponds known to have a large gay Indian community?
its not that they are gay, its just that since they are so far away from home, they try to stay in the company of their own ppl!
Would Americans accept a gay Indian emigrant?
I was just wondering if Americans would accept a gay Indian american who is dreaming of migrating to the United States to escape the miserable fate of gay people in his homeland?

Just hit up the gay clubs

And you are sure to find a few

who will accept you open arms..

But I think you

need to be in touch with the

American Culture

so you have some common ground

INDIAN POLL : Why are so many Indians so worried if some guy is gay or straight ?
Is it moral of you to worry about someone's sexuality and discrimiinate people on basis of that ?
Because it is still a taboo in India.

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