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How much money can a guy make for doing gay for pay?
My friend is considering doing gay for pay porn. We are trying to find a price range for the sex acts, but are unable to find definitive answers. What are common prices for doing gay for pay sex acts with another man on a gay for pay website?
Contact the website directly, starting price is on average for 2 days of work is $500
How can you tell the difference between true love and someone who is being gay for pay?
My friend Al and SC are in a relationship. One of them says that they are in love but the other one says he is only gay for pay. How can I make the other see this without hurting their feelings?
Telltale hint: only guys like you who slobber on other dude's peckers in parked cars know what "gay for pay" means.

scooter, you GOTTA get a life other than hoovering up the pieces of crud i sweep off my table. seriously.
Is it a good idea to do gay for pay to get some cash?
I'm a 100% straight but cash-strapped. Need a summer job to pay for school stuff. I've got an offer to film some gay porn with a local gay studio for the summer. I've never done this before and I'm really nervous, but it seems to be a quick and easy way to earn some fast cash compared with working in a fast-food restaurant for the summer. Is it a good idea to do that?
If you want to do it, then do it. Nobody can make that decision but you.
What is your opinion on "gay for pay" does it have a negative, positive, or indifferent look on LGBT society?
For those who don't know what gay for pay is, they are straight porn stars that do gay porn because you get paid more. I assume that most people know what it is though.
if it gets the job done, jk. but when you see them kissing you think there's nothing passionate about it, it's all for money and it's a waste. but when your in that lustful mood it doesn't matter to. but when you think about it now you think wow it's all fake it's not real gay love like in a relationship.
How to do gay for pay when your not attracted to men?
I got offered to do a gay for pay shoot. i'll be making $2500 for only 3 scenes. Would me doing this make me gay? and i'm also wondering about how gay for pay stars get aroused if their not really gay?
If you aren't sexually or romantically attracted to men, you aren't gay. Now, having same-sex experiences could lead to you finding out that you enjoy such experiences, and may lead to you discovering more sexual flexibility on your part than you expected - some people think everyone has some potential for bisexuality given the right circumstances. Personally I'd find having sex with strangers for money more of a stretch for my sexuality than experimenting with a same-sex partner.

Most porn shoots - especially ones paying that much - will have "fluffers" on staff, girls and guys whose job is to keep the male actors hard between takes. As for keeping hard during takes, that's up to you, your imagination, and you finding a mental way to concentrate on the feelings and get into the experience instead of focusing on your concerns about the gender of who is giving you those feelings.
Is there really something wrong with being gay for pay?
Times are really getting hard for me financially. I recently offered a job as a straight porn star, but they only pay $300 a scene. I then took a look at the gay porn opportunity and they over $6,000 a scene. I know that this is money I could really use during these tough times. So I decided to take the gay route for money.
i love it! go for the cash dude... you do realize that unless your promoted as being str8 your gonna have to be passive too... yeah, i love it!
How do I get into Gay for Pay?
Straight porn for 1scene they pay like 250bucks but for a gay scene they pay around 3000 for 1 scene! I'd be loaded! I'll be 18 in a few months so how would I get into this? :O I need a new car haha

Asked this in P/S but their dumb lol maybe yall could help me better,Thanks!
3000? Where on earth did you get that figure from?

Only the best can earn that kind of money. There's no shortage of teenage wannabe's queuing up to get into the porn business, and they get paid 100 if they are lucky
How do I get into gay for pay?
Straight porn for 1scene they pay like 250bucks but for a gay scene they pay around 3000 for 1 scene! I'd be loaded! I'll be 18 in a few months so how would I get into this? :O I need a new car haha
LoL wow... even if you're joking i'd believe you, there's desperate people out there... & i always wonder where porn actors come from xD I'll be watching you... LOL
How would you feel if they gay for pay porn actor you were fantasizing about was homophobic off camera?
I'm just saying what if they were just doing this to make some extra money but they say they are totally straight but when there off camera they are completely homophobic? Would that change your view of them or would you care less because they are just eye candy with a hot body to look at?
Yea, homophobic people really turn me off. And it would be totally ironic for a gay-for-pay person to be homophobic. I'm not sure there are many of them.

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