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How many gay or bi college or pro football players have you met?
I've still got a full life ahead of me and so far I've met one gay college football player, maybe there aren't a lot of them, or are they really that good at keeping it concealed.
Where do gay college students live in los angeles, How can I find a place?
I know that West Hollywood is the gay village and where a lot of gay people live but I looked at the apartment prices and they are VERY expensive for a college student can afford, if anything if they do, then they have to having a roommate. Im gay and Im wondering where to live in LA that rent is just a tad bit cheaper. I know that LA rent is expensive in general, but i just still want to know safe areas in LA for gays
Anywhere they want to live. Although there are areas with larger concentrations of gays, in general you will not have issues in most of SoCal. People in LA are diverse and mostly accepting. I'll give you the same advice I give anyone new to the area: live as close to work/school as possible. Everything you have heard about the traffic is true.
Trip to San Francisco for a gay college student?
I'm a gay college student who has always wanted to visit San Francisco. I am thinking about going their alone for spring break this year and just wanted to know what kind of things their are to do in relative interest to my sexuality. Also i love history so if their is anything historical there especially military historical please mention that also.
Walk! Like all really beautiful cities (Paris, Rome, Venice, Guadalajara come to mind), San Francisco is a heavenly place to take walks--and to meet other people who are taking walks. There are a great number of superb parks and museums, restaurants and coffeehouses, and charming, charming neighbourhoods. And when you're tired, the city bus and subway system is world-class. Just get out there and go!
Gay friendly college in the new england are?
My gf and I wanna go to college together but need to know of gay friendly colleges?
By the time you get to college, you usually find that most if not all of the colleges are gay friendly. If you check out school on the internet you should be able to find the different organizations and clubs that will be of interest and help you get into the campus experience. By all means research schools for the campus experience, but also remember you are going to school to get the best education possible. You need to keep an eye on the school's academic reputation too.
When did you tell your roommate you were gay in college?
I'm in college and my roommate doesn't know i'm gay. Just looking for any opinions or what worked best for you. If I should just tell or if I should wait until he asks? We get along very well, but he is always asking me if any hot girls are going to be at events I go to, and I normally just brush it off by saying i don't know, and is always trying to set me up with a girl on weekends?

next time he says "i'll hook you up with this girl" or whatever just say "thanks man but i'm not really into girls..."
What's your opinion on an 18 year old college gay guy dating a 24 year old gay college graduate with a career?
Im an 18 year old freshman at a UC with the same goals as the guy im dating that is 24 years old. He already has his masters and is ready to find a husband. He seem's like the total package, but is the age difference a huge deal?
To me it's not, but then again, my parents are 7 years apart. You two are at different points in your life right now, but if things work out, then why not give it a shot? The age difference is only a big deal if it bothers you that much.
LGBT: How is being openly gay in college like?
I'm going to college next year. I'm looking into going to Ohio University. OU is pretty gay-friendly. I think it was one of the 10 ten gay friendly schools in America last year. I know that you're going to have those people who aren't accepting, and the people who are accepting. But, how is being openly gay in college like? I don't want to have to hide anything from my roommate, or new friends.
It's really great, and really easy. The best time in my whole life to be gay, actually. Some colleges actually have gay dorms, where you don't need to worry about coming out at all. If your college doesn't have this option, I'm sure you'll find an ad in the paper looking for LGBT friendly roommates for off campus housing. If not, put your own ad in the paper. Off campus housing is cheaper anyway, if you split it between enough people.

People are grown up, and mind their own business. If you're not bothering them, they won't bother you.

It's going to be great. Don't sweat it at all.
What do gay people usually study in college?
What field in college do gay people mostly study?
Same things straights do. A brain is a brain is a brain.
Why does the Old Spice guy keep trying to make College Bear gay? Standing there with his shirt off and his?
Christmas scarf asking what I want for Christmas.

College Bear isn't gay Old Spice Man! Stop with your gay-making commercials?
LMAO...funniest question I've seen all night...
How large is the gay population at College of Charleston?
I am a prospective future student and was curious about how many guys are openly gay at this school. No, this is not an important factor in choosing this school, but it's the only statistic that isn't found on college websites, haha.
Information is below.

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