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How the hell do I get onto free gay personals monthly.?
you send notificatiion this is a free monthly site yet I have tried everything and can't find A WAY TO GET TO THE SITE.
Don't know, I just don't want "BeeLoves... to get 10 points for that dumb *** answer.
Are there any good *free* gay personals web sites out there?
Besides xy. All the ones that have tons of people on there you have to pay money. Does anyone know of a popular one thats free? Or very cheap? Please let me know. Thanks!
One of the best sites is ; It has forums , blogs, articles and MORE ....
What are some totally free gay personals and chat sites? (male)?
Which ones have you tried that are worth a repeat visit?
There are gay chatrooms in Yahoo chat and on AOL some others are listed below
Gay/lesbian FREE personals??
Where can I find some FREE personals for gay or lesbian people? Almost everytime I go to a personals site, I find out you have to pay, even when the site claimed that it is free. I even put down "free personals" in my yahoo search and get results of sites that make you pay.
Are there free personals websites that cater to gay singles into BDSM?
I am seeking a gay male slave(s) and can't find personal sites that cater to this. I find irritating. Any suggestions? Thx, Master J. is pansexual and more of a social networking site, but you can definitely find gay male slavees looking for dates or play there.
Best free site to see gay personals ?
Besides craiglist what's a good site to meet guys for 1 on 1
I doubt if there are any good free ones - I wouldn't trust Craiglist. (too bad: I've heard that Yahoo Personals were great when they were free.......then they started it's gone).
Anyone know any totally free of charge bi personals sites?
Anyone know of any totally free of charge bi personals or gay personal sites ?
If you could design a gay personals site,what would it have?
I would like to know what features you would like to have in an online gay personals site.Of course it is a FREE site,that would be obviously first.So let's hear some ideas.
Well, no matter how thoughtful and meaningful the gay website I design, it will end up for seeking sex at the end of the day ;)
Do you believe this? Straight men are already dogs basically. Can you imagine gay men? =D
Good/free websites for Gay Asian Males to meet non-Asians???
I cannot find any good web site for gay asian men for meeting other non-asian gay males. Is there any good and free matchmaking or free personals websites for GAM and their lovers? Anyone, please suggest me good sites, thanks u!
Might be something here:

Free free gay personals Tube Videos