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Fetish Party?
I'm thinking of going to the Tampa fetish party with my bf, but I'm a little disappointed that there's no sex allowed, or anything related to sex... what's the point then?
i think it sdbasoically a party where you can dress up in fetish clothes - which to most people are things like leather and PVC and stuff and maybe to meet others who share your fetish..

not like a big orgy or sex thing

my fetish party every1 would be dressin up like uncle sam and the statue of liberty and have american flags - since that is my fetish
Kind of experience about a fetish party in your country?
I am looking for all the fetish parties all around the world. I want to know more about fetish life in Japan, Greece or wherever your place is.
Last year I attended several fetish parties – the big famous names.
Inspired by my experiences I’ve got an idea to make a list of fetish parties from all around the world. The truth is the big events often take advantage of their fame and sometimes even counting on that people will come in any case.

More info:www.wetish.com
Outfit ideas for fetish party for a guy?
My girlfriend is hosting a fetish party at a upscale club this Saturday. I want to surprise her and show up looking really hot. I am 5'10, 165lbs, Athletic/trim body.

It would mean the world to me to surprise her like this. I have no fetish outfits of my own. Any great ideas or point me in a good direction?
You'd better wear ANYTHING pertaining to a fetish you currently have,or wish to try,lest you wear something relating to a fetish you don't like and someone drags you off to perform said fetish upon your body.

In other words,don't show up in slave gear unless you're willing to have your @ss beat all night long.
Would you attend a fantasy, fetish party weekend if someone invited you?
Renting a house for a weekend all fetishes and players invited would you attend that party
My b/f and I are going to our first fetish party tomorrow night?
Ok, I asked this earlier today but am going to post it again, sorry! We have been talking about this for some time now...several months, we are Master/Slave and not only in the bedroom, we are attending this party to see if this is a lifestyle we wish to pursue (we both are pretty sure we do)
What should we expect at this party? Pretty sure it isn't a "Halloween" party, but who knows? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
You shouldn't expect anything - if you go with preconceptions about it, you will be disappointed.

The most important thing is that you and your b/f set the boundaries and rules before you go. So, are you going just to "see"? Or do you want to experience as well? If you want to experience, how are you going to both decide that you want to be involved in a particular situation?

What are your code words for getting out of a situation or to indicate to each other that you want to move on or leave? How are you going to deal with jealousy? It will surface, so you have to find a way beforehand to deal with it.

I would also set a time limit - say an hour or so - for you to both leave the party (by standing on the sidelines) and discuss whether you want to stay. This review period gives you a get-out clause, as you can say honestly to people that approach you, "We're planning to leave in an hour". If you change your mind and stay after what you see in that hour, then go for it.

But crucial in all of this is communication. You have to tell your b/f what will make you uncomfortable and what won't - likewise, he needs to tell you. Otherwise, stuff could happen that you react to in a way that he didn't expect and you end up with an argument...

Good luck, and remember to relax and enjoy it. If it ain't your thing, then don't go again, but don't stress it.
I am a man going to a FETISH party. What is the most attractive fetish cloth to a woman?
The choice is:
- Black PVC Kilt.
- Red PVC jeans.
- Clear PVC pants with PVC underwear behind.
a red V collar slim sexy
so this bar (Ballers rock n roll bar) has " ARIA KAMIKAZE LATE NIGHT FETISH PARTY" listed in its events......what does that mean?
If you don't know, your not old enough to attend
Have any of you ever been to a Fetish party?
My boyfriend and I are going to a Fetish party tonight at the Metropolis night club in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a Fetish fashion show and a Organ Grinders Ball.
I have never done this before and am curious about what to expect.
Neither one of us are swingers or anything, we just want to check it out, and it gives me a reason to go totally goth!
OoooOo!! That sounds like fun
What should I wear to a fetish party?
I was invited to a fetish party. This will be the first time at one of these parties. I dont know if there will be a specific fetish theme. However what should I wear to an occasion like this?
Nothing but shoes

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