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Feet tickling/foot fetish? [Girls]?
Hey there, girls of YA...just a little question to see what your opinions are on this. This has been thrown around in several incarnations, this is just the latest version. What's your opnion on guys, whether they be BFs or not, playing/tickling/kissing/rubbing/etc. your feet? I'm a guy with a foot fetish...so that's what I do. But not too much beyond that...I don't lick a girl's toes or anything like that. I remember my last GF liked it...but she turned out to be not my type, so...Anyway, what do you think?
im a girl and i LOVE guys feet! i just love the shape and everything about them! i also love having my feet touched and licked. i wish i could find a guy with a foot fetish!
Fathers, Do You Allow Your Little Daughter(s) To Tickle Your Bare Feet?
Some say this is playful interaction between parent and , and some say it is totally inappropriate. What do you say? Does your little girl tickle your bare feet? Do you let her tickle or make her stop? Does she tickle on her own or do you ask her to tickle? How hard can she make you laugh? How does it make you feel when she tickles your feet? What does your wife think about it?
This is just a having fun making you laugh. As long as it is not in a sexual way there is no harm being done. Relax and enjoy your time with your daughter.

Any girls like there feet tickle lighly?
Just a nice soft tickle on the bare soles. Maybe even a foot rub.?

Also are there any girls who like there feet tickled a little?
Yes I do.
Six 17 yr. old boys tickling a little 10 year old girl?
Six 17 yr. old boys tickling a little 10 year old girl?
one boy holds one arm down, another holds the other arm down, another boy holds her leg down, and another boy holds her other leg down. And then the other two boys tickle her to death. Is that too much for the little girl?
and by the way they're all related. three of them r her brothers and the other three are her cousins. and trust me they know where not 2 touch her TRUST ME. they only tickle her feet, squeeze her knees, and her stomach
and she's like the most ticklish person i know
Is it possible that they were holding her down so that she doesn't fall and get badly injured? It sounds like it was cute and all in good fun. I wouldn't be worried, esp. if they're all related. Actually, this is great bonding experience!
If she had painful marks on her arms and legs from being held down, then I would say it was too much!
My boyfriend has foot fetish, does he stare at other girls' feet?
I discovered on my own that my boyfriend has a foot fetish. I noticed he would always stare at girls' feet. I've always kept my feet well maintained--I LOVE getting pedicures, like to wear cute opened toe shoes, etc. I never thought I'd like some of the things we do now but I really enjoy when he tickles my feet, or gives me a foot rub or sometimes even does a little toe sucking.

My concern is--you know how some girls get mad when their boyfriends might stare at another girls chest or butt? That's how I sometimes feel when I catch him staring at other feet. Is that okay to get a little mad/jealous? I mean, I've told him in a nice way that it almost makes me uncomfortable to catch him. What should I do?

One other thing that's kinda weird--but we were at his family bbq just last night. Randomly his aunt walked up and started talking about her pedicure and how the lady wanted to put a line on her toes. She had a french manicure and it looked like she JUST had it done. So I was getting really uncomfortable because she stuck her foot RIGHT on the chair almost climbing up my boyfriend's arm. I didn't understand. This is my question--even though it was his AUNT's foot, do you think he could have been turned on by that?
Guys look at other women. Yes, all (straight) guys. Yes, to the women who are about to protest, even your perfect boyfriends. They look. Guys are very visual and when it comes to appreciating the beauty around us, we can't help looking. If you think you're with a guy who doesn't look, it's because he's careful about not getting caught and/or he lies to you. Because trust me, he looks. It does not mean she's prettier than you. It does not mean he wishes you were her. It does not mean he would cheat on you with her. It does not mean he'll be thinking of her instead of you in bed. But he will look, and unless you intend to switch teams I suggest you get used to that. That goes for whatever he's looking at, be it legs, butts, and even feet.

As for whether or not he would be into his aunt's foot-- that depends on the guy. As a foot fetishist, I would be very grossed out if a family member of mine stuck her foot in my face. To me that would be like if she stuck her genitalia in my face. And I don't need to see my aunt's vagina. Then again, there's some guy on here who asks about the fetish he has for his own grandma's feet every week, so yeah, it'll depend on the guy. But there is no correlation between foot fetishes and , I can assure you.
What does it feel like to have your feet tickled? Is it possible to make your feet become ticklish?
Last night at a party, some of my girl friends held me down, pulled off my shoes and socks and tried to tickle the bottoms of my barefeet.

I guess my feet aren't ticklish, because I didn't laugh... or feel anything. It just felt like the fingers all over my feet. I was laughing at the situation, but not because their tickling on my feet tickled at all.

I guess it would have been cool if it tickled a little. Is is possible to make your feet ticklish? What is it supposed to feel like?

i dunno how to make feet ticklish? and being tickled is hard to explain the feeling...i guess it feels like, well i dunno, but i do know that it gives your nerves a feeling so strong it will always make you lauph, no madder what! but ur lucky u cant feel it, my sister gives my serprise tickle attacks and it can be torture because you can not control it!
Is it normal for little girls to touch each other?
I'm pretty confused on the situation so I'm not really sure how to go about explaining it. From what I understand, about a month ago my niece (age 3) told her mom that my daughter (age 4) had used a small doll to touch her "hooty". She said that they were playing in my daughters room and that the doll was first put in her butt, and then hooty. The only reason they even discovered what had happened is because my niece had a mild rash or redness and complained of it hurting. When I asked my daughter about it she instantly said she would never touch someone elses privates, that they were private. She was very offended that I would even ask something like that. After further questions she finally admitted to it, but would go back and forth about what she had done, denying it and so forth. She also at one point said that she did it because her cousin (a much older boy) had touched her. This was absolutely shocking. I'm sure any parent would find this disturbing and normally we would have acted instantly with a call to the police, but she continued changing her story. First he "rubbed" her only once and she told him to stop and he did, then she tells someone that he does it every time she's at someones house, then she says it happened as an accident when he tickled her belly. So we are going to take her to a counselor to talk to and try to find out which story is closest to the truth. In any case, she has again touched her younger cousin. This time she ended up with a scratch on her bottom and is very swollen and red. According to my niece my daughter pinched her bottom and hooty, and tried to put a dolls foot down her pants. I don't know how that would cause the irritation on my niece, but I'm guessing there's more involved than the girls know how to explain.
My question is, based on above, is my daughters curiosity normal? Do other little girls do this kind of thing at around this age? Or could it be because she has been touched inappropriately and her behavior goes beyond normal curiosity and needs to be addressed on a much more serious level? At this point all I want to do is shelter her from the world. I'm so scared for her but I don't know how to proceed.
A small amount of harmless touching is usually normal... that age are naturally curious and they don't understand the taboos surrounding it yet.

However, what you're describing doesn't sound harmless. It sounds like something many psychologists would flag as a potential sign of abuse, and the fact that she has told you about being inappropriately touched means you should address this very seriously.

The fact that she is changing her story does not mean you should necessarily discredit what she's saying - first of all, she's probably confused and maybe even a little scared about what has happened. Also, she's most likely trying to figure out what you want to hear and tell you that. On a certain level, she probably doesn't understand that she's been abused or treated inappropriately, but she does know that what she's saying is making mommy and daddy upset. So chances are she's editing her story in an attempt to tell you what she thinks you want to hear. Taking her to a counselor is definitely a step in the right direction. And while I wouldn't suggest calling the police until after the counselor has given you their opinion, I would strongly urge you to keep your daughter away from her older cousin completely, and only allow her to see her younger cousin under supervision to ensure nothing happens again.
Do women not find guys sexy, who want love/relationship/commitment more than sex?
I'm 36 and never had a girlfriend and a virgin. I'm a virgin mainly because I have a tickling fetish and would rather tickle a woman's feet than have sex with her. But I also have a desire to have a girlfriend, be able to say I have a girlfriend, be seen with her hanging all over me in public, etc. I want a woman to treat me like I'm attractive, sexy, important, I want my whole world to revolve around her and hers around me. I'm a very mushy lovey-dovey type of guy.

And I care much more about a woman being in love with me (making me feel attractive, lovable) than having sex with her. Also at 36 I've never tried drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes. I was told when I was little that they are bad for you, so that was good enough for me and I never felt the need to question. My first concern is being comfortable, and safe. I've told females in my life that I had romantic feelings for them, sometimes without even having gone out on a date (I knew one through work, one was a stripper at a club where I went to pay to tickle girls feet). I liked her personality and I could see myself enjoying being around her and her entertaining me. I get the "but you don't even know me, we haven't been out on a date" argument, and "I only like you as a friend", which makes me feel unattractive and I cry for several days usually.

"We need to get to know each other first". What's to know? I like her personality and I could see being entertained by her personality, spunkiness, etc. And if it didn't work out, we break up, no big deal. But then at least I could say I had a relationship, and I wouldn't feel so unattractive.

I'm about average looking, I'm about 60lbs overweight, and don't have any money. But I have lots of love and affection to offer. Men are more visually stimulated than women so how I look shouldn't matter to her. I'm visually stimulated more so it's more important that she look good for me but she doesn't need me to look good.

Do women not like guys who want love more than sex? Why do I always get told "I only like you as a friend" when I tell them I have romantic feelings for them?
"I get the 'I only like you as a friend', which makes me feel unattractive and I cry for several days usually."

LMAOOOOOO you sound like a chick!!!

-But seriously listen to what their saying: you don't know them. You can not have romantic feelings for someone you don't know that well. This makes you seem desperate and stalkerish. Ask them out on a date. Take it easy. Love slowly and wait at least a month before you spring 'I love you' on them. NEVER confess what you just did to a woman. You have to tell them that they are the ONLY ones you feel this way about. And the tickling thing was cute till you said feet fetish, what the hell? Also try to get fit if not lose weight, and get a job. Let me tell you honey, women are visually stimulated too. It may be less but what you look DOES matter to her. Sexist.

I said all this before I read that your poor and fat. Sorry the advice might not work as women are more stimulated by money than men are ;)
My boyfriend is into dominatrix and wants to rent a dominatrix room?
My boyfriend is into being dominated by a woman. Sorry for being too blunt,but he wants me to rent a dominatrix room and have him tied up so a random girl can tickle his feet and make him go crazy while i squat on his face and make him smell me? I know this might sound weird or funny. I dont mind doing all that myself,but having another girl there is a little too much. Should i just go a long with it to satisfy him?
You should surprise him in the bedroom, dress up as a dominatrix and tie him up yourself when he doesn't expect it.
Do you find this rude? I don't even think the things she yelled at my husband is even true!?
My husband was at his best friends house and my husband was holding his sisters 3 month old baby girl that weighs 15 pounds. My husband was standing the baby girl up and he was playing with her by tickling her little feet and the baby girl's mom yells at my husband and says "OMG NOOOO! Don't stand her up bc she will be bow legged and also don't tickle her bc she will have studdering problems!!!" My husband said that he felt confused and offended at the way that she yelled at him, but he didn't say anything back bc she is the type that will argue with you about something till the end of the world! Is what she yelled true? bc if it is my baby girl will have a lot of studdering problems and will be bow legged!
None of those things are true. That was very rude of her to yell at your husband. But I understand why he didn't say anything back because with those people; you just can't win. Don't worry. She has her way of doing things, or not doing things.. and you have yours. :D I agree with you, if it's true... my girl will have studdering problems and be bow legged too. She loves standing. She's 3 months old :D

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