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What's the best / most creative way to tickle feet?
What's the best / most creative methods for tickling someones feet? What are the best tools / methods to use? What are the best motions / speeds in order to tickle them most?
The most creative way I can think of off the top of my head (probably not the best or most efficient) would be to turn a crank that moves an elastic that pulls and releases a boot that kicks over a bucket that releases a ball that rolls downstairs into an arrangement of dominoes that fall in a pattern into a paper cup that tumbles over releasing a marble that rolls around and down a funnel into a cylindrical tube that pushes its way through a hole and off a cord that releases balloons that float up to the ceiling and pop loudly to turn on a noise-activated fan that becomes fixed on its highest setting and blows on a series of wheels that begin turning, each with hundreds of feathers affixed in positions to tickle the feet of one or a series of people locked in stocks.
What Is The Most Effective Way To Tickle Feet During Sex ?
I was having sex with my boyfriend & he said tickling really turns him on. So next time we have sex I have 2 tickle his feet. What should I use ? A feather ?
You wanna REALLY flip his wig?

Tie him up BEFORE you make love,

and tickle him CRAZY.

Use your nails...feathers might be too soft

for a guy's feet, unless his are VERY tender.

Know what "69" is? My b/f and I do that a lot,

so we can tickle each other's feet bottoms at

the same time.
Why do people like to tickle bare feet?
I am usually barefooted whether at home and outside and have often been tickled by people on the soles of my feet. Why do people like tickling feet so much?
cos they are just so tempting to tickle - when you see there soles if they are bare you HAVE to tickle them! lol

so cute
How should I tickle my friends feet?
My friend is a girl. I've always wanted to tickle her feet. Yes a foot tickling fetish. I was thinking I'd ask her to get something under my bed then I'd sit on her legs and start to tickle her feet. I only like tickling soles of feet though. Any other ideas?
Offer to give her a foot rub and after a couple minutes go from massaging to a gentle tickle, then when she starts giggling, say "oh, are you ticklish?" and then go crazy tickling those feet! I've fallen for that one several times...
How do I get a girl to let me tickle her feet?
The girl is the sister of my best friend.She has really nice feet and I want to tickle or at least massage her feet without anyone knowing.
Just tickle her feet joking around, when she complains her feet hurt offer her a massage, etc.
Whats the best make up brush to tickle my feet with?
A lady at sephora told me that all of her make up brushes were soft enough to tickle someones feet with. But what kinds??? I have VERY ticklish toes and tops of my feet, any suggestions?
tickle your feet with a make up brush? hehe. nice.

use a big fluffy blush brush. I wouldnt buy a too nice one because it will get ruined pretty quickly. If you really want a nice one, I would go with a big fluffy clinique bronzing brush like this one:


I hope I helped!

have fun tickling! hahaha

What is the amount of money you would want to recieve if someone asked permission to tie up and tickle ur feet?
If someone wanted to tie up and tickle your feet for 15 minutes, what amount of money would you agree to that for?
Whenever I volunteer for this, I always allow the charity to settle on the terms. Being tickled for profit would make me feel less than ideal about it, but I don't mind some benefit going to a worthy cause, and I have always had a full line of takers.
What make up brush is the best one to tickle feet with?
To all the ladies out there I was wondering what make up brush would be the best one to use as a tickle tool? Please let me know. Thanks!
What in the?
1. What woman in the right MIND would put a brush, or makeup tool that they use on their face, and use it on their feet? That's gross!
2. Why in the world do you want to know this?
4. you're crazy.
5.i'm still confused that someone would ask this........
How come when we try and tickle our feet nothing happens but when others do it we burst out laughing?
Every time i go and try yo tickle my foot i dont burst out laughing like i would if my sister were to tickle my foot. Why is this?
Because when someone else is doing it, you don't know where you'll feel it next!
If I payed you 100 dollars an hour to tickle your feet would you let me?
I pay girls 100 dollars an hour to tickle their feet.
yer y not

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