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Would it be considered insulting to tell a female friend you like her legs because they're muscular?
Or otherwise to even mention she has muscular legs?
It's very odd, and I would find it insulting.
I am a female runner who wants to slim down muscular legs.?
I run 5 days a week, 3 to 5 mile average. I divide my time between an outdoor course, and an indoor treadmill. I do not have difficulty losing weight, but I can't seem to slim down my muscular legs. I do not do any strength or resistance training. Should I? Please help!
Don't worry about your muscular legs, I find that sexy and other men will too!
I'm a 19 year old female, and my legs are VERY muscular?
I want to know what I could do in order to lose some of that muscle. I don't even work out, I don't know why they are so muscular. Please help!
Go to your doctor and have a total check up and blood works. You may have extra testosterone levels, or you just could be naturally muscular.
Which female has the most muscular legs?
Thighs especially
Have you seen Serena Williams?
Everyone keeps commenting on the fact that i have muscular built up legs (i'm female)how can i get rid of this?
I consider myself quite feminine, so people telling me I have muscular legs or asking if i work out, make me feel a little embarresed or like a freak because to me that doesn't sound very feminine.

I never work out, or go to the gym, i don't really do that much walking, only to uni and back or into the city centre which is 20 mins. Although i cam quite small and slim, i'm only 5 foot and a size 8 so having muscular legs embaresses me!

I don't wear high heels ever either, as they always hurt my feet too.

Can anyone tell me why my legs have a muscular/worked out look to them? And how i can get rid of that please?

I would definitley take it as a compliment. Being muscular isn't manly (well unless of course you are like really awkwardly muscular but I highly doubt it). I think this may be an insecurity that you have about yourself, and when people ask you if you work out and such you take it as an insult instead of a compliment, simply because you know how you feel about your legs already, they don't, that is there way of saying "you have great legs!" Next time try to take it as a compliment, and like someone already mentioned, noone wants just skin and bone, ewww. I think it may just be you focused on a self chosen imperfection. I mean look at beyonce, or mia hamm (two very different people, i know) but they don't have skinny stick legs, they have beautiful worked sculpted bodies that men all over LOVE. I mean, who wants someone with legs like a 12 yr old girl, no curves, no muscle, nothing exciting, when they can have legs of real women!
How long will it take to get muscular legs?
I'm a 14 year old female. 5'3 and about 110 pounds, I want my legs to look more muscular so if I run about 2-3 miles a day 5 days a week how long will it take for my legs to look more muscular? Thank you.
Here is a tip, if you want your legs to look muscular or more defined, DO NOT run for long distance becuase that will lose fat and muscle on your legs.Have you noticed how all the long distance marathon runners are always skinny, and the sprinters are always lean & muscular. If you want muscualr legs i suggest doing high intensity workouts like sprinting and running, just google "HIIT".
Can somewhat muscular legs look good on a Woman?
I remember watching a female college soccer game not too long ago and while the women looked every bit feminine in appearance and composure, their legs had a nice muscular build to them. It wasn't something "manish" because their overall exterior was very feminine but it was something attractive because it made them look so healthy.

What do you think?

Can women escape the 'stick figure' role?
Yes.I naturally have a muscular body although I'm out of shape now,but yes.
How can I get muscular legs?
I'm 13, 100 pounds, 5'3, Size 0, fast matabolisum, and female. I absolutely HATE being so fricking skinny, I have a very low self essteem, not to mention a shy loner... Anyway, I really want nice legs for my new school in grade eight. So please if you have any ideas what I can do to make my legs more muscular, please help. Thanks. :)
Stretch: Yoga and your own streching routines can build muscle in your legs and help them out a lot.

To build bigger, stronger leg muscles, perform leg curl workouts 1-2 times per week, alternating the weight and the number of reps performed.

Increase Caloric Intake - To build bigger leg muscles and leg muscle mass, a surplus of dietary calories must be consumed to provide the necessary nutrition to fuel extra muscle growth. Aim for a small increase in daily caloric intake (300-500 calories), comprised mostly of lean protein sources and/or non-fat/low-fat dairy products.

Keep up your routine as much as possible. Good luck!
How Can I Get More Muscular Legs?
in Hockey and Lacrosse
Looking to get more muscle-y legs. Give me some workout moves and how to do them!
Lunges and squats are great for your glutes and quads.
Be sure that your knees never go past your feet when doing these, it puts bad pressure on your knees. For squats, pretend that you are sitting down in an invisible chair and stand up again. you can do them with your legs at hip distance apart or wider to work slightly different muscles.
For lunges, step out in front of you and drop your back knee down until your front knee is at about 90 degrees.

Calf raises will help out your calf definition. Just push up onto the balls of your feet and back down again.
Anyone know of good jeans for someone who's relatively short with muscular legs?
I'm 5'3", female, and run, pole vault, and play basketball so finding a good fit can be difficult.
Abercrombie has a great range of jeans.. Try the bootcut, size 4 short. They make your legs look longer, and fit really well. I am on the track team, resulting in bulging leg muscles, so I know how you feel...

also, i would stay away from skinny jeans, from my experience, they make your lower legs look bulky.

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