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Ladies legs...?
Do you shave your legs everyday or during when it's prickly?
Do some of you put hair loss cream everyday? Or is it bad for our skin?
Hi Boo,

I tend to shave my legs every couple of days, only because when they are prickly, they really annoy me in bed and i cant get to sleep..! :)

If you moisturize them every time you shave it should not matter how many times you shave.

Being honest i only shave if i wear a skirt or feel the prickles annoying me.. Can you really be bothered shaving every single day.. nope..

i did use all that veet and stuff but don't think i works as good as the old shaver, it gets right to the root, where veet takes the hair that everyone can see off leaving you with the prickly bits. That's my answer anyway. Hope this Helps.
how do you show off your legs,,stockings\nylons or bare??? skirts or shorts??
I first answered this question 2 days ago. You could not get to the website I left you in my message, so I am showing you the picture I was talking about. Like I said before, all of the above!!!
Is it possible to buy tights for girls or ladies legs in Israel. I have a cousin who always asks me to bring?
50 pairs with me every time I come.
Is the problem that its cheaper in the USA or is it unavailable in Israel?
To answer you, of course one can buy tights, leggings, stockings and what ever else one wants.Plus it is not cheaper in the USA, I have no idea why would anyone want you to bring this.The only reason I could think why your cousin would want you to bring them, is that she like this particular brand that is not available in Israel.
Ladies do your legs actually shake during orgasm?
I'm sure not all females have the shaking inner thighs during orgasm but I've seen it a couple times wit different woman and I notice the main position this happins is when the woman is on her back.

I've never asked them if their legs were shaking from a orgasm, but too the ladies that experience this... Are you certain your having a vaginal orgasm?

My last partner said she couldn't O from oral but O'd easy from penetration and she was a shaker
Yes, your legs do shake during orgasm from the results of uncontrollable spasms in the body. Different women can get orgasms in different ways including oral so its ok if your last partner said she couldn't. Im pretty sure they cant help it :D
Are skinny jeans not meant for ladies with chicken legs?
I have skinny legs & I've heard that ladies with skinny legs don't look right in skinny jeans. Is this true?
I don't think skinny jeans look good on most people but personally I think they'd look better on skinny legged people than thick legged people.
Ladies do strippers cross their legs for the same reason other women do in strip clubs?
Ladies in strip clubs a lot i see the stripper ladies sitting with their legs crossed in the club. Do they do it to show off their legs or just the same reason as other women. Do they like guys to notice their crossed legs?
umm...... i dont think you should be posting these kind of questions.
What's the fastest way to shave legs, ladies?
Im using a razor, and its taking forever all the time. Is there a faster way?, like a lotion or something?
There is nair (hair removal cream) you apply it wait ten minutes then use a sponge to wipe it off, but it does have a bad smell in my opinion. Also (the quickest way for me is) Gillette Venus Breeze. No applying of shaving cream. Just like a regular razr, it has soap gel bars on the rims of the razor and all you need is water in the shower. It's pretty quick and your legs feel all shiny and silky afterward.
Should guys shave there legs and does the ladies like shaved legs?
my brothers shave there legs but i dont i want to know does the ladies like it. My dad thinks it is only something gay ppl should do.I dont and know if i should i never had shaved my legs before, And think you for your ansnwers.
No, I don't think you should shave your legs. Men are so much more manly with hair on their legs. Most women like their men
with hair on their legs. No one likes hair on a man's back, but all other places are fine for a man to have hair on his body.

There are guys that do this for athletic reasons. But I really don't think that it's necessary unless you are trying to 'tidy up' your bathing suit area.
Ladies when you get you legs&feet rubbed by your man, how do you react to him during or after foot/leg rub?
I Really love giving my lady a leg/foot rub, it is sexy and arousing how do you ladies feel?
They're relaxing and enjoyable...
Ladies when you cross your legs and dangle your sandals is it to flirt or a habit?
Ladies i always see girls sitting with their legs crossed and they eventually always dangle their sandals to their toes and sometimes bounce the sandal off of their heel of their foot until it almost comes off! Do any of you do it to flirt? Sometimes they rock their crossed leg while they are dangling!

thats just they way we sit,hate to break it to ya!!

and not you because your a guy so you wont know but can girls help me =];…

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