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Why do girls open their legs when their wearing a skirt?
-Alright so today at school there was this girl who was wearing a really short skirt (don't get me wrong it was cute and all) but her legs were wide open to the point were you could see her undies, and there were boys all around. I don't get it why do some girls do this?
I'm a girl and I'd never do anything like that Your thoughts?
Maybe she doesn't know she is doing it, or she's a slut. How old is she? Maybe she's just young and doesn't care
Why do girls have to cross there legs,when guys keep there legs open and there thing is sticking out?
It's gross to see guys opening there legs and seeing there **** it's gross,and y do girls cross there legs?y do they make us do that?
lol they are crushing there dick so they have to keep there
legs open at least we girls dont hurt like boys do lolz
What should I do if I catch ya girls legs open ? And what should I not be surprised if she asks ?
I'm bored[:
if you catch her legs open, better smash dat
don't be surprised if she ask where da cash at
Do you girls feel vulnerable when you open legs for 1st time?
he can see everything,
maybe a hemmerhoid that hasnt healed..maybe some toilet paper or ingrown hair.

how do you feel about it?
It's fine with me.
Why do girls that like you sit with their legs open?
why do they say one of the strongest sexual signals a girl can display is sitting with their legs open? and if she sits beside you and puts her legs on the desk in front of you and spreads her legs does that count?
hahaha, i just find it comfortable, guys don't like sitting with their legs crossed right? whenever i sit down i go cross legged, throw my legs up on the desk etc. its just COMFY i didn't even think about those sexual messages! haha please no guys jump me!
Girls opening up legs is better or experienced one?
Girls pl. answer. Is it better to have se x with girl who is virgin and wants to openup her legs or is it better to have with the one who has already opend up legs.
Its better to have sex with someone who you truly love and trust. It shouldnt matter who she has been with. And wrap it up.
What age should girls learn to open their legs?
for getting grounders in softball?
you can never be too young;)
Question about -- legs? --open to girls and guys?
Why is it that men like women with loooooooong legs. what so special about that? what difference does it make?
question about -- legs? --open to girls and guys?
best invitation I've had all week.
Loooong legs are better to wrap around my neck and rest on my back.

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