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Do u like seeing girls bare feet during softball practice?
I went to Anderson Park today to work out with my girl friend and watch her team in softball practice. To help work on conditioning they were making laps around the field, many of them in their bare feet. Then they were playing catch with grass tickling their tiny bare feet. Why did they do that?
idk, girls like tickling each other for some reason
Do guys like the illusion of girls bare feet?
I read this in a magazine and was wondering if guys actually do like girls with bare feet
Yes, most of us like bare feet. It's one of the biggest fetishes out there. Bare feet will turn on more guys than they will turn off. If you really want to get attention, try bare boobs!
I'm doing Drama at college but I get distracted by all the girls' beautiful bare feet. What can I do?
We all have to act in the studio without our shoes and socks and the girls' feet drive me crazy.
Perhaps therapy to deal with your obvious foot fetish?
Why do girls wear bare feet with ballet flats?
I've just noticed that most girls in my school (in England) do this, and I was curious as to why...
Well, I think its mostly because they like having bare feet.

No, joking.

The real reason, if you had thoght about it, is that with socks it would look really really bad.

Why do girls like to be bare feet a lot?
i seen girls at the park bare feet no flip flops ???or in the grass bare feet?
i mean i want to do it but i see no guy doing it so why do only girls do it ???
i love going bare foot! (: haha. it shouldn't matter if guys aren't doing it or not.. even though i bet a lot of them do.. just do whatever you want to!
Teenage girls only: bare feet, flip flops or shoes when you are at home?
I am 18 and I am always in my bare feet at home and as much as I can be I hate wearing shoes only wear them when I have to
I hate wearing shoes too! I'm 18 and I'm always running around in my bare feet.
Teenage girls only: bare feet, flip flops or shoes?
I am I 17 year old girl and I prefer bare feet. it is much more comfortable and I hate to wear anything on my feet.
Bare feet
Any girls out there that love playing with thier girlfriends feet and toes?
Not saying that you are a lesbian...just straight girls who just happen to be attracted to girls pretty bare feet and toes.For example, toe nail painting, footsie, tickling...I just think there are a lot of girls that enjoy other girls feet but are straight
girls feet are so damn sexy!
GIRLS Only: Bare feet, flip flops, or shoes?
Ok so this might have been done a lot before, lol, but i have to ask.. girls, do you prefer to go bare foot, or where flip flops, or shoes? I have to ask for a school poll thing lol. So, ya, just tell me which one you prefer and why if you can. I personally prefer to go barefoot or where flip flops because i have nice feet :).
My opinion, if you have nice feet, then you should take care of them by wearing comfortable shoes as much as you can.
The hands & feet in our bodies are probably the first to receive damage.

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