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Why barefoot girls in public with dirty gross feet are more sexy?
if u did this how dirty and colour your feet got?
Because you have a foot fetish, obviously.
Any girls have really dirty feet right now??
why do girls bug out over walking around barefoot because there feet will get dirty, whats the big deal its only the bottoms of your feet why do you care so much??
I don't bug out over walking barefoot or getting dirty feet. I have been barefoot everywhere for over ten years, and I rarely mind whether my feet get dirty or not; our skin is made to keep pathogens out and they're fully washable. Whatever gets on there, a nail brush and soap takes care of it some time after I get home. Only when I know I'll be visiting someone who has a 'no shoe' rule in their house, trying to keep the carpet clean, do I try to take care to keep my feet clean or I offer to wash them there at the outdoor hose. Really, dirty feet are no big deal, or shouldn't be.
Dirty feet in senior pictures?
My niece got several invitations to her friends graduation parties. Several of them had her friends senior pics in them . In two of them the girls was posing on their stomach facing the camera with their feet visible. In both of the the girls feet was extremely dirty.Obviously ,the girls had to see that their feet was dirty,and must not have cared.Usually the parent pay for the pics.Would you have them retouched. Senior pics can be extremely expensive!!!!
ew- yes!
I wanna smell very dirty smelly feet and i dont know why?
I have a foot fetish and here is what i do. I want to know if theres anyone like me out there. Usually i would wear my socks for like a week and then at night swipe my arm on my foot and sniff it. the aroma gets me in the mood. and all night as i sweat i just end up smelling my feet as the smell increase. i enjoy it alot! while thinking its a girls feet. anyone sniffs there feet on here?
What is this, ametuer hour? If you really want to get into the fetish world you need to try farts to the face. I have been doing this for about 12 years now.

It takes a lot of commitment. You have to eat the right things (pickled eggs, mexican food, warm milk, etc...). Basically, you and your partner take turns pushing out vast amounts of butt funk into each others faces.

I'm a girl and I really enjoy it. Maybe we can get together and fart in each others faces to see if you are into it.
Why do i like girls with pretty feet. Im attracted to girls with pretty feet?
clean with nicely painted toe nails. Also, it is a big turn off when i see a girl with dry dirty feet. I think that if a girl takes care of her feet, then they also take care of their private....
Dirty feet are sexy, but only if they are well moisturized and maintained. They need to be soft and smooth. Nothing sexier than a girl with a french pedicure, toering and soft, semi-dirty soles. Shows she likes to take care of herself, but still doesn't mind letting loose and getting messy sometimes either.
Should the giant earthworm eat the girl with dirty bare feet or the girl with shoes on?
the barefoot girl is not poor she just likes being barefoot and she is not a hippie
barefoot, sneakers give you heartburn

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