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All Comments

Does cute girls feet can stink?
Hi, I've always wondered if a cute girl's feet can stink. Mine never stinks and it's hard to believe a girl i find attractive ....anyway!
It's a kinda weird question...but i need an answer for my existence to go on!
thank you!
Why are men/guys more likely to find a girl attractive if she's got cute feet and hands?
I'm a size 5 very small feet and they are always looked after, i often get compliments but idk what all the fuss is about?
Some men have a foot fetish. I dont..
I appreciate beauty from head to toe, inside and out.
The eyes and body (in shape) are what attract me to get to know a person, but personality is the deal maker or breaker for me and I can tell pretty quick what kind of person im dealing with.
Have any girls thought another girl had cute feet?
i think girls legs and feet are beautiful
Actually yeah. I think tiny feet are adorable.
Not ugly nails & not dry of course.
I like cute girls with cute feet wearing anklets?
Any girls would like to get in touch with me?
my ex was the same!
all the guys at my school think im gourgeous!
and, i wear an anklet:)
i have since the 5th grade:)
IM me;-)
Would you ever marry or date a girl if she had ugly big feet?
i am a guy and i was wondering. cuz i would never marry a girl if she didnt had small cute feet
thats the truth , men start to like girls feet more then their face's
Any other guys notice a girls cute feet?
I dont even have a foot fetish, but I saw this girl today at the mall & she sat at the table next to me & my friends at the food court, and I looked down & Im serious she has the most beautiful pair of feet I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

They're all tan and her nails were painted pink & her sandals had jewels on them and I was in awe!!!!!
She is extremely beautiful as well she had long reddish brown hair & a cute smile & light green eyes,

anyways, is it weird that I found her feet to be so attractive? Am I the only guy thats noticed a girl with cute feet?
No not at all, feet are a part of a womans body & men sometimes love them just as much as they do boobs, legs, etc...
I think its actually cute that you pay attention to detail so much with girls, next time ask a girl you think is beautiful out & she & her cute feet could be yours! <3
Some girl who has cute feet give me a pic of them?
i have a foot feddish email it to…
Don't you think the girl who appears on the best message notification you get has cute feet?
I'd like to give her a friendly foot massage.
i don't know what your talking about, where is this
Would you date a cute girl with ugly feet? This (pic) is what mine look like... would it bother you...?
... if I wore a lovely pair of sandals on our first date??

Please, be honest.


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