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Why do people like to tickle bare feet?
I am usually barefooted whether at home and outside and have often been tickled by people on the soles of my feet. Why do people like tickling feet so much?
cos they are just so tempting to tickle - when you see there soles if they are bare you HAVE to tickle them! lol

so cute
Is tickling your friend's bare feet kinda weird, or is it just something friends do?
I see close buds do this sometimes but some think there's something wrong with that I kinda have mixed emotions about it. What's your take on it?
I think tickling is a casual thing between friends and family so this is just normal and a part of life.
How often do you get your bare feet tickled?
bq:toes sucked?
My brother tries, but fails.

If someone even tried to put my toes in their mouth, I'd put them a foot deep in their butt.
Girls why do you love your bare Feet tickled?
There is nothing i love doing to a girl than giving her feet a real tickling, whatching her go crazy.But i cant tell you how many girls get real turned on by it even though they say its the most unreal torture that drives them crazy.Please tell me why you love it and have you ever been tied up or heald down and had your bare feet tickled?
I don't like it. It really makes me mad when someone tickles me.
Girls do you have very ticklish feet?Have you ever been tied up and had your bare feet tickle tortured?
Or have you ever seen an other girl have been tied up and had there feet tickled tortured. How did you acted or how did she act. I cant believe how some girls are so ticklish on there feet, and go nuts when they are tickled. Some love it and some hated, but i have seen even the strongest will girls beg for merrcy, how about you?
Gotta love girls like Sarah don't you!
Do u like seeing girls bare feet during softball practice?
I went to Anderson Park today to work out with my girl friend and watch her team in softball practice. To help work on conditioning they were making laps around the field, many of them in their bare feet. Then they were playing catch with grass tickling their tiny bare feet. Why did they do that?
idk, girls like tickling each other for some reason
What type of felt tip marker would u tickle my bare feet with?
permanent or washable markers? how much of my feet would u cover with the marker
I say go all-out and use a ball-point pen. I suffered through one of the most intense foot-tickling experiences of my life thanks to one of those -- and the tickler only focused on one foot! The ink turned my entire sole blue, and there's only one way to get it off -- lots of scrubbing. Believe me, that part was almost as bad as the tickling itself.

If you *must* go with the felt tip, definitely use something that isn't washable. The tickler will want to help you scrub the ink off your soles, and I wouldn't want you to miss out on that experience. ;)

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