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What was the name of a videoclip about a very fat young woman, who turns slim and sexy after a lot of swimming?
This videoclip starts with a very fat young woman who decides to change and starts swimming, controlling her diet and as the video progresses, it shows how she lose more and more weight... Eventually she ends up turning into a pretty sexy woman actually... It's a huge transformation... I think it was a music song videoclip.
?, but the video isn't far from the truth. swimming is the best exercise for all over fitness.
If a very fat woman slips and falls to d ground wid a big bang..!! What will be ur first reaction ?
1)-u will laugh unlimited....
2)-u will try to control ur laughter.....
3)-u will try to pick her up n get a fracture in d process.....
4)-u will call ur home to check if it sustained d earth quake
5)-Any other plz mention
I would put up a road sign that would say please treat as a roundabout.
What would be symbolic of a very fat woman?
i have to write a symbolic scene
i have this image of a very fat but still beautiful woman, she's very fair complected, barefoot, dressed in a simple and very loose white silk dress, vines and flowers are braided into her hair, she's reclining on a big chase-lounge while all these people surrounding her laugh and smile while eating grapes, and there's a pink baby pig sitting in the woman's lap
to me it sounds symbolic but i'm not very good at pinpoint exactly what
True beauty is on the inside, not on the outside.
What hairstyle looks good on a very fat face of older woman?
I am very obese, and have a very fat face and double chin. What kind of hair styles would look good. I've worn my hair long and straight ever since the 60's, and it is getting thin. It is mostly grey/white. I don't want the typical "old lady" curly hair. I have NO styling skill...not with rollers, curling iron or blow dry styling. Is there any site that shows hairstyles for the obese woman's face?
Have a good hair cut - to the shoulder if it is long enough. If you keep it cut and tidy for a few months it will thicken, and be more manageable. Try not to use blow dry or curling iron too much - they do damage the hair if over-used.

Google Hairstyles - it works.
Is the woman very fat 5"3" and 165 can get a pregnant after 10 days from 1-6 days menstruation & rest?
Is the woman very fat 5"3" and 165 can get a pregnant after 10 days from 1-6 days menstruation & 4 days rest?
Am I a (very) fat woman?
I am a woman. I am 5' 7" and 192lbs. I am 34 years old. Some people say I need to lose weight. Am I fat for my age and height?
Yes, you are overweight. At this time, your metabolism might begin to slow so you should try to lose weight as soon as possible.
I am very fat woman my weight 80 kg age 35 years and height 4 fit 8 inches?
stop eating so much
I took my daughters swimming the other day and my 3 yr old saw a very fat woman in the changing room.....?
she stopped, stared and then pointed at her and said very loudly, "mommy look at that big fat lady!" I said to her, "don't say that, it could hurt somebodies feelings." What else can i do to help her come to the realization that what she says to people has a direct affect on them?
You did the right thing by addressing it at the time. I always tried to teach my to never say negative things about other people and always treat them as they wanted to be treated we are all different be it black or white, thin or heavy.
Guys: Would you sleep with a very ugly, very fat woman if you knew she was amazing in the sack?
Let's face it. I've been told by male friends over the years and based on my own personal experiences, very attractive women don't necessarily perform better, although they may turn a man on more initially. Have you ever been with an ugly woman who just knew how to please you, even if her looks alone couldn't turn you on?
Personally I wouldnt. Simply because you need to be sexually aroused in order to have sex. So their skills in the bedroom are worth nothing if they cant get you into the bed! Its a scientific fact that men select women because of looks (look it up, anything about human sexual selection). This isnt 'shallow' because its not like we randomly choose a set of traits that we define as 'pretty', we naturally seek out specific traits that display good health.

Also, statistically speaking, it would be more likely that the sexual skills of individual women within the population would be normally distributed over the beauty range. Basically, there would be girls that are bad and girls that are good in all beauty ranges.

That being said you can rate a girl out of 10 for looks and out of 10 for sex. So a girl that is as you describe "very ugly, very fat" that would rate a 1 (out of 10) that is bad in bed and rates a 1 on that scale, gets a total of 2. However a hot girl scoring a 9 that is also bad in bed (scoring a 1 also) gets a total of 10, much better than the 2.

Just something to think about. Personally I would rather a 7 or 8 in looks that was a 10 in bed as opposed to a 10 in looks that was a anything less than an 8 in bed. lol

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