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I can't find any Plump Big *** women FORUMS.?
Can someone direct me to some plump big *** or chubby forums. I just can't seem to find any. I tried searching on google but nothing. Thanks in advance.
you guys are mean!
ok, google BBW it might give you more information on what you want.
What are the best exercises for a plump, but toned butt?
I have been running everyday and I am beginning to notice my beloved ***-ets are starting to shrink. What can I do to prevent this?
Do some reading on sports nutrition to maintain your ideal body composition. Maybe think about what else you can include in your fitness regimen to make it complete.
Resistance training will increase muscle mass but your body expends more energy just to maintain that muscle.
Round out your workout with flexibility & balance training.
Why when white girls have a big booty people automatically assume they are part black?
And when a hispanic as a plump *** they are assumed to be Puerto Rican rather than Mexican..

Lol the same reason why if a black person has slanted eyes people automatically assume they are of Asian descent

Certain features are more prominent in certain races so if a feature usually on one race is on another people are going to speculate

Plus Mexican women aren't known for their butts; the Latinos known for their butt are the ones mixed with black
How can I ride an incredibly plump fat juicy, bumpy gritty boomgaloonger capable tidy and bubblebutt?
How can I ride Cherokee's D'*** Bubblebutt?
lol i love your use of descriptive words...and your never gonna get to ride cherokee unless ur a pornstar
Women: would you rather have a gaunt face and great body, or plump body and smooth face?
Catherine Deneuve said it best, "At some point a woman has to choose between her face and her ***."

I'm seeing so many celebrities opt for the gaunt face and hot bod. What would you choose? Me, when it comes time, the youthful face all the way.
i'd rather the woman have the body
as for me what do i care
How to get a sprinters booty?
I'm a guy and I need to get my *** plump and firm like a sprinter. I actually want to build up to a sprinters body, but mainly the buttocks.

SPRINT!!!! its the best way. if you have access to a gym, 'back extentions' and curls really help. most anything that works your lower back and hamstrings will work your butt too.

but in all seriousness, sprinting is the best way.
Howard Stern Jerk Who beside me thinks he is a flipping cold *** jerk?
He said that GaboureynSidibe is a fat cow. Pardon me i saw her movie and for people for are nicely plump like me she rocks. WHat he thinks all people should be skinny and jackass klike him go get a like. WHat is your opion about the jerk
He's a jerk. That's why people like him.

He's also self deprecating. He has talked endlessly for years about how ugly he is and how small his penis is. So, people tolerate his insults of others since he knows he is one of the least physically attractive celebs out there.
Which is more attractive? A BIG butt, A Tooty BOOTY, or a flat wide ***?
I wear but padds, plump ones. big old round ones, but all my friends say they like my small flat one because it goes with my sexy shape. but when I am out with my BIG BOOTY girl friends I don't get a *** check from the guys. I am lost signed "OH WHERE OH WHERE DID MY BOOTY go.
It's all in the shape not the size. And in about 20 years their big butts will turn to even bigger unattractive piles of mush.
You'r ok girl don't be jealous of those fatasses
Okay I've done drag half *** in the past. What would be the keys to pulling?
off a total genuine female look. Would going to a nail salon and using lip plumper be too over the top
Get your nails done.
Stuff your bra.
Long wig


that is all i can think of

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