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Why do black women look so good naked yet i dont see any Naked in public like in nude beaches?
im a biracial i love all women But im infatuated with black women.Now I I love their exotic eyes and even dont mind their natural hair.(dont like wigs ). Also I like their full lips.Their skin from what Ive seen ages well. I like them all type thin,thick,curvy,big breasted,etc. . I also notice black women are so tall alot of times .Im tall myself but have noticed some black women almost look me in the eye barefoot like my ex at 5'11.What an amazon!. I noticed some people in yahoo call black women mostly 'fat' but people have to know that a.a. women and alot of women in the U.S eat alot of unhealthy foods but if you put certain black women to work out and eat healthy I think a.a american black women bodies would dominate.Now Im wondering why dont i see many naked black women in nude beaches? Is it because alot of men would go wild? lol
Not sure what places you are visiting. I have been a naturalist for 20 plus years and have seen many naked women at nude beaches and resorts.
Why do black women look so good naked?!If you guys could walk around naked would it be a good idea?
Im infuated with black women .Skinny ,curvy,Big breasted,thick,etc I also tend to like caucasion ,hispanic and asian.But wow everytime i see beautiful Black women its on a whole different level.i love full lips and exotic eyes and Their hair.Yes in a way i dont mind 'tightly curled' textured hair . I like it even more then these wigs they put on .gosh it gets me annoyed .i love how tall black women are i mean they are amazons ! I love the ones who dont act a stereotypically way .Ive read on here people saying black women are fat blah blah blah . The processed foods are whats doing this to alot of women not only black women .. I have been to other neighborhoods and of course the food source is different, more healthy .I bet you if black women were exposed more to these foods they would be healthier And would truly dominate in terms of looks and if they worked watch out!.Anyways lets say black women were allowed to walk naked in the summertime would their be alot of baby making going around? loll
lol. Yes africans have nice features but theres no need to generalise! Some do and some dont. its the same with every woman. some are pretty and some are curvy and some are not.
Is the animated FX series "Archer" the only one to feature a fat woman as a primary character?
Why is it that other non-animated series are afraid to feature fat women characters?

In fact, I'm sure they made this series animated b/c they KNEW no woman would want to play a fat, white lesbian, especially in that scene from "Heart of Archness 2" where she's sleeping a55-up naked on a sofa, back covered in tattoos, pooting in a guy's face.

In such a series she'd almost HAVE to be black b/c the only series or movies that generally ever feature fat women are those where the woman is colored, but now that Oprah's reign has ended I really don't know how comfortable the 75% of white women will be with watching even fat black women.

Can you name a tv series that features fat white women? (I just don't watch that much)
Rosanne, Rosie O'Donnel,
Describe the person who is OPPOSITE of YOU?
For me it would be:

A really fat black woman that lives in the city, drives a low rider, snorts cocaine, has "0" friends, no family, & walks around naked everywhere!
Overweight, tall man. Anti-social, wears pants up to his belly button, has no style, super poor, and hates puppies.
Are women more sexist than men????
I've had a few complaints about my avatar, all from women. I can take it and perhaps my artistic posing (not sexual) of a beautiful naked body would be offensive to certain minds. Anyway thats not what bothers me, i was bullied as a for being fat and ugly so can take any abuse.
I was just a bit irritated that not so long ago someone had a black guy, totally naked with a big dong and the women we going crazy for him, no one was offended at all.

I've noticed this in real life also, if a girl looks good ( not like a nun ) and sexy other women put them down and are bi*chy . If they see a good looking guy with no top on its a different story and no man i've known has critisised another man for looking good, they don't even notice unless they are gay.

I don't think some women will be happy unless they are the only attractive woman and every other woman dressed like a slob, that way only they get the attention.
What do you think???
Well I have seen both of the avators that you use and both of them are very pretty and not offensive. Actually the one with your baby is very tranquil and cute. Women are very much more sexiest than men and they tend to want to condemn other women, especially if they look good. Men are much more simple, first we don't pay attention to what other men look like (well okay the gay community does I guess) but we are much more interested in seeing a pretty woman. It is strange that the same group that will complain about a picture of an attractive women tends to comment and flock to a picture of a naked man. Sort of a double standard.
Dating overweight women...?
Ok what is with you men, you totally bash on fat chicks...say they are pigs, trash,cows,etc. YET....I consistently see you with them, marrying them, breeding with go to any walmart and you will see a half decent looking guy with a short overweight dont tell me she isnt judgemental, has a great personality or that if you love someone it doesnt matter what they look like...


Obviously it does, you bash them behind their backs, want the slimmer chicks with blonde,red,black hair...whatever, not every woman has the body of a super model...yet thats what you think you deserve or should have...but then I see you with the SFOW (SHORT FAT AND OVERWEIGHT WOMAN) make no sense....and no i dont buy the she does anything to keep me crap cause I know one guy whos SFOW doesnt do a whole lot in the bedroom because she hates how she looks naked.
I totally agree with you. I am not a guy so i technically cant answer the question but you are completly right.
(For women) is sex MOSTLY, simply and even naturally a tool used in bargain with men?
I was just thinking about how in pornography we often see young women having sex with guys whom they'd probably never have sex with were it not for the situation. We see these women having sex with many guys whom we often hear similar women claim wouldn't be 'there type' of guy (whether that be fat guys, old guys, black/white guys, ugly guys etc..). YET these women seem to have little issue having sex with anyone the producers throw at them. The same can be said of women in modeling or stripping no longer having the common aversion that women 'normally' have of being naked in front of strange, undesirable men whom they are not in a committed relationship with.

It seems that money has this interesting way of getting women to completely about face in their behavior and 'morals'. Is the reality however that women's morals have not changed, but that women have always used sex as a bargain chip with men? - Whether it be with traditional marriage and dating, or getting her way within an already established relationship. For women, has sex always most importantly been a social tool rather than a 'beautiful intimate experience' or a 'sacred bond' or 'something special' or any other nonsense women use to cover themselves?
I dont use sex aas a bargaining tool ever, I love sex and I think the idea of women using sex as a way to get what they want is old fashioned and outdated. Contrary to popular belief, women do enjoy and love sex...some men on the other hand dont like sex. My boyfriend for an example uses sex as a bargaining tool against me...I could have sex 4 or 5 times times a day he on the other hand can go months without it and it drives me crazy.
Can anyone explain this epic four-part dream? 2?
Part 1 and 2 -;…

3rd Dream
Again, I come into the dream with the fox face filling my vision. It scampers away over the landscape of cooling lava and I follow it. Over the hill I can see a vista of the whole landscape - barren, dark and ashy, apocalyptic, dark mountains in the distance, dark ashy sky, and the whole land covered in glowing, cooling lava. The land curves like a bowl from the mountains to the centre, where I can see a small oasis with a single palm tree that the fox runs towards. But the palm tree is black and sooty, and the oasis is black and inky like a tar pit. I walk after the fox (the lava does not burn me - it's pleasantly warm and its crust holds my weight). Squatting by the tree is the fat naked old woman from my earlier dream. The fox scampers up and jumps onto her right shoulder, grinning at me. She does not acknowledge me. I ask her what is going on - I cannot remember my exact words but I think they were quite grand and poetic and false. The woman gruffly demeans my fancy way of speaking. She tells me/indicates I must get into the tar pit oasis. (At this point, my hair has become long and shiny - I have short hair in real life but often my dream self has long hair.) I ask how I will breathe. She snaps at me that I ask too many questions. I submit, and rather than get in my body seems to melt into the sludge. As I lie there, face up, and start to sink, my body begins to dissolve. It is a pleasant, incredibly relaxing experience. My skin and muscles fizzled away into the water/oil/tar until I am a skeleton with long white hair lying peacefully at the bottom of the tar pit. I am calm, more relaxed than I've felt in weeks. Against the wall of the tar pit flickers a silent film of a woman with brown curly hair in a turquoise dress laughing, playing roulette, of clocks with their hands spinning very fast.
Part 3:
based on your other dreams, seeing a fox in your dream, indicates a period of isolation or loneliness.
Lava implies emotions having to do with anger and rage.
A hill may represent an obstacle that you have to overcome in waking life
To dream of an oasis, suggests you are able to find a good solution and not to walk out of difficult situations.
The Palm tree symbolizes riches, blessing, eternal love and good marriage.
Long hair is usually used in girls that are very feminine in nature.
Old ladies can be symbolic of our intuitive powers. They show that we are using our wisdom and intuition - sensing what is going on

Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability.
Turquoise has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought.

the Clock may indicate that you are afraid that life is moving by you, or things are moving too fast

from all this, it seems as if you are lonely and are looking for a mate to be with to make you feel serene and calm. However, you feel as if you are running out of time.
Why do 90% of adverts try to make men look ridiculous.?

If you’re male and pale it’s ok to take the piss out of you especially in adverts.You’re portrayed as thick, smelly, dirty and ignorant, and compared to pigs Gorillas etc.Women and Blacks wouldn’t put up with it so why should you.

Here are some adverts to watch out for.
Renault Cleo (size matters she gets hold of the gear stick) Toyota Yaris (some guy always gets it) Freeserve (Tiny amount label stuck on his genitalia) Yellow pages ( Only men need it because they can’t do anything right)
AA (you get seen more quickly if you are female) Sheila’s wheels, diamond Insurance (Cheaper for women) Specsavers (all the men have got it wrong ) also all their shop assistants are female.
All the white male bank managers are thick and out to fiddle you, all the females and blacks are good. Yes car credit (sorry mate you’re not worth it) Mint car credit (some guy getting it again) Thompsons local Cat(female) wins over dog (male) Onka (pink room female or stink room male ) Mayonaisse (big dollop or little squirt) Flash (it’s now pink so better) Lager ( he gets beaten up by female doctor or old woman for delivering lager)
British gas (it’s always the guy who gets drenched etc)
Others to Watch for Coral (Gorilla’s in the mist) Guiness (she pulls seat way from him) McVities white chocolate biscuits) Oust, Airwick, Martini, Bounty (men dressed as woman) Mr muscle, DFS (she knows better than salesman)
Car advert, two girls looking for car, Stated that the car was too small to fit boyfriends head in. Car advert (young girl throws snowball hits man in genitalia. What does it have to do with a car? Petite filois, Thompson’s local, ( she wipes seat and leaves him to bang his head) Haribo, Nimble, Maltesers Burger king ice cream, Man dressed as half woman stockings suspenders gets hit on face with rake, hit in privates, Why.
RSPCA NSPCC (Infer that cruelty is always a man ) And what about the preferences to men i.e. Boddingtons, Continental chocs, Oven chips, Onka, Yoghurt, Shampoo, Muller lite. Oatibix! well what can you say? Men too thick to realize.
Surf TCP, Babybel, Heaven chocolates , Seabrooks, Starburst choozers Capital one is the worst culprit , all their adverts are anti male, she’s dragging interest about (White male of course ) While she beats an arm wrestler, a hockey player etc. then she loses interest and dumps him in the bin. that's just their latest one, what about him with big nose sneezing and blasting her parents, or the one where he ends up hanging from an advertisment sign.
Just to name a few there are more. Fruit sweet (he gets a big dollop of splurge on him) Vanish oxy Trust pink (does that mean don’t trust blue) Virgin money (crabs dumped in his bathtub or beaten up by Mexicans)
RAC Vinny Jones Quorn (what a surprise a man can cook, but she’ll stab him with a fork) Soap powder (young boy dipped in fully clothed to soak and hung out to dry) Young boy going round sniffing freshly laundered clothes, Nicorette (he gets beaten up by females) Coral (he gets locked out while the rest enjoy) Norwich union (he bumps his car ,burns chops ) Toothpaste advert (she turns on cold water while he’s in shower why?)
Tampax (what has a man and a moth got to do with it) or his flies undone there is always some gratuitous remark/accident /disaster befalling men that has nothing to do with the plot.
And what about the men dressed as women (Celebrations,Woolworths, Bounty.) Germs, Plaque.Gremlins, Dirt, Bad smells, Nicotine, Dandruff, Idiots, are all male, and you lick plates clean, eat out of doggie bowls, use credit cards as spoons. And what about the programs. Something about Miriam (where they set up dates for men knowing that Mirium is really a man) Naked Elvis ( Introduced by some dimwitted female, he ends up starkers win or lose. Men who like fat women, men who dress in nappies, The honey trap (similar to Mirium) Dating games where the unwanted male is pushed into a swimming pool, (try that the other way round)
Would you get away with dressing up the female genitalia and asking her boyfriend to identify her from the others. And don’t try to puff your chest out to impress ,You’re laughable, and sex with you only lasts two minutes. Are you a man or a Mousse.
On the other hand everything the woman does is great she is special, a goddess, Venus, Worth it, Great in black. We have programs like Women on top, Today’s woman, What a woman wants, Surprise your woman.
And she can Push in and use the male toilet, cook porridge in the store microwave, walk across finished concrete without apology, throw newspaper at boy and knock him off his bike, crash through barriers,tread on snails, Spill wine, scratch cars with keys, Build shelves while he is still looking for screw driver, sort out the cities electricity because the male electrician can’t do it, reverse her car into a car length (now they are fantasizing).
Female heroines beat up guys Lara Croft etc a
Thats why I dont pay any attention to them. Any guy dumb enough to buy aftershave just cos it's David Beckham aftershave deserves everything he gets
Guy's here are the thing's you've always wanted to know about women's rules?
Invite a man to go shopping with you only if you need someone to carry your packages or drive.

Assure your boyfriend that every female movie star has had a boob job.

When your man asks you what's wrong, say "Nothing." However, when Oprah, Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura asks you, go into excruciating detail. Leave nothing out.

The negative effects of cheese puffs and chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream are offset by the positive effects of diet soda.

Feet are flexible and can be made to fit into shoes varying from size 7 to 9, depending on what's on sale.

You can skimp on clothes, but a good bra is worth its weight in gold. (That's Victoria's secret.)

The Patricia Principle: The more you've been trying to attract the attention of a particular man, the more likely it is that you'll run into him when you're sweaty, short of sleep, without makeup, wearing house-painting clothes, with your hair in a bandana.

The best response to a married man who's hitting on you is, "Say, don't I know your wife?"

Learn how to say "Back off" very loudly and look fierce while you say it.

Let every new man in your life know that you've got a black belt in karate.

Make friends with your hormones. They're what make you colorful and unpredictable. If other people have a hard time with that, that's their problem.

When you hear your mother's words coming out of your mouth, shut your mouth. Unless your mother was really wise.

When in doubt, say no.

You're under no obligation to tell the truth when asked the number of your sexual partners.

Men love a woman who's good in bed. But not the first time they go to bed with her.

No matter how much they fight it, all men need a woman to organize their lives and their closets and tell them what kind of hair products to use.

Consider yourself a sculptor and your man a block of marble. Chip away until you have created someone you can live with. He'll thank you. Later.

Always remember: Inside the biggest, burliest, most macho man lives an ego as delicate and fragile as a baby chick making its first venture outside the egg.

Laugh at a man at your own peril.

The only women who look good first thing in the morning are the women who don't know how to put on makeup.

When splitting a dinner check with girlfriends, it's perfectly acceptable to take out a calculator.

If you drop your girlfriends as soon as you have a boyfriend, you will live to regret your decision.

Food eaten while preparing other food has no calories.

When consumed for its antioxidant properties, dark chocolate has less fat than broccoli.

It's a medical fact that some women gain weight although they eat only salads.

It's another medical fact that too much lettuce can lead to depression.

Women who never binge have no souls.

Only a masochist weighs herself the day after a binge.

Ditto anyone who looks at herself naked in a three-way mirror.

Even Angelina Jolie has some part of her body she hates.

Falling in love is a sure way to lose five pounds.

Getting dumped is a sure way to gain 10.

Nothing is sweeter than finding out that the cute boy who dumped you in the 12th grade lives in his mother's basement.

Except going to your high school reunion and seeing that the prom queen shops at Lane Bryant.

Black really does make you look thinner.
Ha ha many a true word said in jest.


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