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Why do Americans get a bad rap for being over weight and millions of fat Europeans feel justified?
For the last ten years, I heard how fat we are. Like so many Americans, I believed the lie. Over the years, I began to noticed how fat the British, French, and Germans are. It was not just a few but generally every fourth person. In the States, there are millions of health fitness clubs at full capacity. Americans are obsessed with becoming thin. Every year, millions (not thousands) of Americans lose major weight. In some cities like San Diego and Miami folk are bone thin. Nevertheless, obesed Europeans eating greasy sausages feel quite justified pointing their fat fingers our way. I remember seeing an Oprah show where French women were boasting about their ability to stay slim. Now, France is having a pandemic of obesity. When you visit your little fat grannies, try to remember that American grandmothers are at the gym toning up their bodies. It is not good to be too obsessed with the exterior, but we do not poke fun at Brits who are overwhelmingly becoming obese.
Yes you are right european countries are all gaining weight, its just the popularity of fast food, as people are so busy.I think places like Macdonalds are the cause, although you can not ban them, freedom of choice etc.Americans got the blame as you were obese first, you had the fast food before us, but now we have a problem.
Why do fat girls think they always look cute?
today this one big fat girl was in walmart had on these thin white pants when she bend over you can see all of her butt crack and big orange drawers I mean wtf?? if you ask me big girls should either go on a diet or buy some clothes that fit, and that have colors so you cant see them big old granny drawers

they don't have anything good in them so the only thing they could think of is for them to be Beautiful although hey will never be. fat girls should go on a really strict diet so that they will fit in with the actual Beautiful girls. men prefer skinny girls that is why they they are always in magazines and runways with cool people
Teens why is it that fat girls think they look cute?
today this one big fat girl was in walmart had on these thin white pants when she bend over you can see all of her butt crack and big orange drawers I mean wtf?? if you ask me big girs should either go on a diet or buy some clothes that fit, and that have colors so you cant see them ig old granny drawers

Lmao ur right but what can we say the just want to look sexyyy!
My Mum makes me wear huge giant granny undies because she says I'm fat?
I hate them, and I'm not fat, she is just jealous because I'm gorgeous and I get a date every weekend. I have nothing in my undie drawer but huge big granny undies, so I have resorted to wearing no underwear at all, I don't like not wearing undies. Please help, how do I go about getting normal sized undies?
I have some gently used thongs that didn't sell at the garage sale this morning. I'll send them your way!
Is it just a Midwestern thing about making those big fat homemade noodles for turkey day?
My Granny from Missouri made those and Lord how good they were, here in the South it's more of a dumpling thing.
I love noodles, but we don't make them on turkey day. Usually as leftovers in the few days following.
How would a chauffeur and Gordon Brown's fat arsz fit in this electric car? When will we see ministers whisked?
away in these granny limos?

Don't worry...he is a hypocrite and until he dies he will continue to laugh at us,,,,
Losing fat in certain areas?
I am pregnant but trying to tone up and stay fit...losing weight altogether is not an option, but exercise is. I've only gained 4 pounds and I'm 6 months pregnant, so I'm not just eating like a pig!

I've been doing some cardio exercises, mixed in with walking, swimming, and small handweights, just to keep/gain some muscle tone during pregnancy. But while my legs are getting harder, my hips smaller, and my chest tighter (I can see my clavicles again!), I still seem to have granny arm fat and the beginnings of a double chin!

Are there any exercises that specifically work that flab on the bottom of the arm, or the chin (chin exercises? is there such a thing?)? Thanks!
for your triceps you can get a weight and hold it behind your head and do reps while dropping it behind your head... it works the underside of your arms... but for your chin i think it'll just go away after your pregnancy
Some fat bloke has robbed my granny's grave?
He got her gold teeth. Ran away muttering something about "big society". I tried to tell a policeman, but I was told I have to arrest him myself. Anyone know what's going on?
OMG!! That is shocking!

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