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Fat girls...?
is every guy on the face of this planet against girls who are fat? thats definitely how it feels. do guys actually judge girls based on who they are at all?
I don't think every guy is, but I would say a majority of them are. People say they don't, but when the matter comes to reality they base it differently. I think a lot of people judge it like a book or movie cover. If it looks good on the outside, they will want to see if it is really that good. Which is why you "shouldn't judge a book by it's cover" and should just ignore the outside cover and focus on what is solely inside, which is why true love is blind because it has no physical beauty.

I know many people may not agree but I think it is to shallow to judge by appearance, which is why I say I do not, and I don't see how someone's looks can make one happy when love by itself does a better job.

So I guess in short, I would say no, I don't judge people by their appearance. And wise people do the same, others just have some growing up to do.
Fat Girls?
Ok people I know there are a lot of people who brag about there looks and stuff, but im not saying Im the hottest guy ever, im just saing that I am preety atractive. But anyway all my friends expect me to go out with some skinny super model and stuff, but i REALLY dont like that! I kinda like Chubby girls....... Not like reallly FAT but ike curvy with a big *** and stuff. Am I seriously the only guy like that. Cause I sure do get a lot of **** for likeing them. AND I THINK FAT GIRLS ARNT UGLY!!!!!!!!!! Girls dont worry bout yur weight!
im in love with you!!
you are now the awesomest guy everr!
How do you get fat girls to let you know you aren't interested?
I get tons of chicks and I am sick of fat girls thinking they can be part of the Vito Train. I don't want to be mean to them and call them names, but I don't know how to let the lard asses know to stay away. You would think when they saw how I look and the skinny hot girls that I am banging that it would discourage them from talking to me. It doesn't. HELP!
you are the worlds biggest douche bag and I am amazed you could get any girl.
How common is it to find fat girls who are confident about their looks?
I'm a guy who prefers chubby girls. I'm totally "out" about it, but the catch is that I only find it sexy if they can see their extra pounds as sexy themselves, and most girls I dated only liked their weight because I "approved" of it...I knew that if they weren't dating me, they'd be starving themselves to lose weight.

Is it that uncommon to find fat girls who are confident about their size?
Not very. Most girls are made fun of, therefore don't feel confident. Same thing about super skinny people, only they are accepted a lot more.
Can fat girls lose weight just by being in the pool talking?
It seems like the pool always has fat girls in it. I swim 4 days a per week, 4 km each time on the olympic size pool.
16 km per week used to be enough for me not having to go to the gym or have any kind of diet in order to stay muscular with definition. I'm 26, maybe I'm, getting older, it seems l Iike need to swim more.

Everytime I swim my laps at the pool. I always have to dodge the fat girls on the pool who always stand right on my lane. It's a huge pool, they have to stand on my lane.
They don't swim, they don't even move, they are usually just a bunch of fat girls in the pool talking to eachother the whole time.

Sometimes it's too many of them blocking my lane, and I can't help stopping. That's when they start talking to me. I hate it. I specially hate when they tell me they are also in the pool "swimming" because it's a great exercise.

They are just there! Could those fat girls lose any weight just by being there?
I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you can talk to the Manager, and designate lanes for different skill levels. I usually swim in the fast lane at my gym, and usually the slower people get tired of me kicking water on them when I make flip turns, or my "accidently" running into them becuase they are in my way. Most of the time they just switch lanes, sometimes not, but I would start off by presenting that idea to mgmt.
What is the bulge that fat girls have below pant line called?
Like when fat girls have that second stomach bulge below their pant line. What is that called? Or is there a name for it. Thanks!
It's called the "gunt"

BIg enough gunt , you can body surf on it. Ha ha.

Any other football questions ?
How come I keep attracting ugly fat white girls?
Ok now I do like white girls, but the skinny pretty white girls. But all I keep attracting is these big ugly fat 200 - 300 pound white girls. and I dont understand why. I am a big dude but im not that big. Why do I keep attracting these ugly fat girls?
lol bro, cause thats what they like. look if you wanna attract other types of girls then go out to a club or other social event and mack to other types of girls. Trust me some will reject but you will catch a woman who isnt fat and white and then take it from there. The key is you gotta get at them though and show them your interested. These women are thirsty now a days.
How come girls with a little extra belly think they are fat?
I don't see why girls think they are fat. My wife is the perfect size not fat and not skinny. she is perfect, but she thinks she is fat. Girls - why do you think your fat when you have just a little extra belly than ( skinny ) - in my eyes gross models. I think models are to skinny and not attractive at all. My wife is perfect. so tell me girls - why do you think your fat when i bet 100% ur not.
It sometimes doesn't help when your never told that your beautiful even if you yourself don't feel It. It would be nice but It's hard trying to recapture what you once was back when. But now a days it's the damn TV and all the pretty ladies when you are thinking the worst of yourself and then someone comes along looking flawless like it doesn't take any work for them. SELF-ESTEEM some of us just can't find it yet. I say it's someone for everyone and one day it will only take that one to make your world change again. A girl can hope LOL
What do guys have against fat girls? How come skinny ones are always so much better?
I'm not really, really fat, but by Asian standards I'm considered fat. I don't think that my personality is bad and my face isn't ugly. All my friends are getting boyfriends, how come no one seems to like me? Over here I see people writing that not all guys like skinny girls but how come I've never met them before? Do they not exist in Asia???
Fat is ugly because it is unhealthy.
However you might have a pretty face, eyes, etc. but unfortunately people don't see that when your overweight.
What exactly is the difference between thick, skinny, and fat girls?
Like, I really don't know. I mean, I've seen some definitions of "thick girls" that look very very thin to me, as well as some that are well, what I would consider to be fat. I just really want to know what the actual terms mean. If you could post pictures of examples, that would be lovely.
To add to Gabby's post:

thick: Jewel, Shakira, (last time I seen a picture of them anyway)
what people consider THICK, is what most guys find attractive....it means curvy, soft, hot...

Skinny from a guy's perspective is not a compliment, it means bony, boy-ish, unhealthy. But it may also be someone who's not quite bony OR thick, but in between. Taylor Swift is what I would call skinny, but not boy-ish.

Fat is anywhere from Rosie O'Donnel to Oprah to Rosanne Arnold ....and obese is just disgusting.

Fat and obese may be blamed on hormones but i think it's just lack of healthy lifestyle, laziness. Unless there's a serious medical problem, you do not need to sit around and eat three times the normal food and not exercise. That's just lazy.

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