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Chubby Nude Women in Film (not porn)?
Looking for a list of movies (not porn) that have a nude (breasts or naked) chubby or fat woman in it.
Title of movie is good enough... added bonus for actress name. Double bonus for a link to screenshot or video.

Previous Answers:
Kathy Bates in "About Schmidt"
Chubby chick in shower scene "Porky's"
Marianne S├Ągebrecht in "Bagdad Cafe"
Camryn Manheim in "Road to Wellville"
Fat chick at strip club in "Ricochet"
Susan Allenback in "A Dirty Shame"
Olivia Colman in "Confetti"

Any more?
Pink Flamingos
Female Trouble
Both by John Waters; both disturbingly funny.
Guys, are u excited to see a girl in the nude even if she is chubby?
does a girl have to have a perfect body for you to be excited to see her in the nude? is it ok if she is chubby? does the fact that she is naked make her imperfections not matter that much? im not talkin one night stands, im talking a girl you are in a serious relationship with.
Always and I hope and pray I stay this way
List of movies that have a nude fat or chubby chick in it?
Looking for a list of movies (not porn) that have a nude (breasts or more) chubby or fat woman in it.

Title of movie is good enough... added bonus for actress name.

Kathy Bates in "About Schmidt"
My all time favorite is Bagdad Cafe with the luscious Marianne S├Ągebrecht.
She has another wonderful film appearance as a very sensual woman in some pretty frilly lingerie in Zuckerbaby

Another is the Road to Wellville with Camryn Manheim nude.
Ever seen a guy b4 that was a lil chubby, nude except 4 a small red shirt,smiling&eating outta a jar of honey?
What do you CALL that guy???
Winnie the Pooh
Why is it when....average/chubby chick vs. skinny chick question?
When a chubby/average chick posts NUDE pictures of herself on here no one calls her an attention whore, posts nasty comments or detetes her question, but when a skinny chick posts a bikini pic she's being an attention whore, is told her picture is too revealing and the the question gets deleted!? WTF!?
Koda my dear. I think I would need to see the pic's and know why you or anyone post pic's up. That is an invitation for comment. Maybe one needs attention or recognition or just wants to know what other people think of their body. I for one think a women's body is a work of art. If you look back through time some of the most desired women were plump. Today it ranges from a Jaylo butt to super skinny. At the end of the day its what you think of your body. Your self esteem is at work here. Get a hold of your confidence and you will never care about what some jerk on the web sight thinks of your body. I for one would love to see your body since you seem to be working so hard to make yourself happy with it. . if you care my honest opinion. the dude,
Do you think britney spears is still chubby?
Her nude is very attractive.She has a bit chunky legs and arms but still attractive...great proportion. I am thinking to go to gym.
I am 5'4 107. When I saw my nude in the mirror, my body is little bit thinner than britney. So, maybe Britney's weigh will be 120 or 130 something. I guess...what do you think?
To be perfectly honest, she looks very healthy now. I say good for her for turning herself around- and she does look fantastic. I just wish she would stop singing.
I was watching this video on youtube, of an older, chubby woman getting a massage, nude, and ...?
there were many comments from men who found her sexually desirable.

I was wondering how many women would find a chubby middle aged man getting a massage nude, sexually desirable. Unless a man has te body of a greek god, women just dont respond in that way. because most mens bodies are a two-penny.

And then i thought about how we men are somehow supposed to be more shallow.
oh, the pressure women face to keep the weight away. bcos if men are over-weight...thats ok. its not important for men.
Well, I am not that type of men. I am not choosy..I screwed every type of women; thin,fat, white, black,asians, young, old ....., and always i like it. So, any women out there interested in men ,heave a sign of relief. There are many men like me.
What is best to wear in a birthing tub?
I'm planning on giving birth in an independent birth center where 50% of the babies born are in water births. (Prior to choosing this center, I hadn't specifically chosen a waterbirth but I think we'll just see where I am when crowning time comes...if I happen to be in the tub, so be it)

The tubs are quite large. About the size of a tall jacuzzi. You could stand in there and the water would be above your navel.

If while in labor, I choose to stay in the tub and birth in it, I'm really not sure what to wear. I think a t-shirt might be bulky and drive me nuts, but I think I'm too chubby for just a tank top or to go completely nude (I was about 20lbs overweight when I got pregnant).

NOT that I should care what I look like, but I just want to be as comfortable as possible and not self conscious.

Does anyone who has used a birthing tub have any comfortable dressing advice?
Trust me, the last thing on your mind will be what you are wearing. You wont be self consious, and the staff at the birthing center will not care. Go naked, or in a bikini top or sports bra. Naked is probally preferred, if you want to breastfeed right away. Good luck hun and congrats!

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