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Mom calls me chubby when Im average?
I am 5'4 and 116 pounds and my mom is constantly calling me chubby and blahblahblah but I like my body and I honestly can say I dont think I am fat at all but she says I am on the chubby side. My doctor said I am normal and she just wont stop and it really hurts me but I don't know how to make her leave me alone! I dont think Im chubby?
My mom does the same!I stopped swimming on a team about 3 years ago and I gained weight. But my doctor said i am at a healthy weight, but yet my mom complains all the time! If your doctor says your fine, and you like the way you look, don't change!
Will i be chubby like my mom when i grow up?
shes 140-144lbs, 42 y/o. to make it more effective, i've been recently playing Just Dance 2. any responses?
Probably not if you diet and take care of yourself. You control what you look like, you and only you.
Weight loss advice for a chubby mom?
I've never lost baby weight and my is not exactly a baby, more like a toddler. I wasn't thin to begin with. Anyway, I need to lose about 40 pounds.
What should I do for exercise? I have a treadmill, so how much, how fast, and how often should I do it?
What types of outside walks should I take? I'd be pushing a stroller with an almost 30 pound in it. Should I walk really fast for it to be at all effective?
What should I eat? I'm having a hard time following a "structured" diet like Weight Watchers or low carb/no sugar.

I appreciate any good weight loss tips you can give me. Please don't be mean, I know I'm overweight. That's why I'm asking for help. I just want lose weight the right way!

You should exercise everyday 5x week for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Don't count as exercise when you go with the stroller, think that as a bonus.

For food, you should spread your meals in between 5 or 6 times a day. For the big meals you should always have: protein (chicken breast, fish), carbs (brown rice, broccoli) and fibers (salad).

For snacks to start you can have any kind of fruit.

And test and trying until you find meals that are appealing to you so you don't go off the wagon.
The ups and downs of an ordinary man on a diet.
(it's my blog, not selling any pills, books or magic formulas)
What's the name of that comedy where a chubby policeman is dating a girl and is always worried about his mom?
This was a funny movie of either late 80s or early 90s. I remember that in the end the chubby policeman is finally able to overcome his fears and can leave his mom for the sake of being with his girlfriend. His mom is flying somewhere by plane, and when she is boarding the airplane, some terrorists are trying to take over the plane, she fights against them and overcomes. As far as I remember, the role of that chubby policeman's partner (who was also a policeman) was played by Bill Murray.
Are you thinking of Only the Lonely with John Candy?
My mom says that I'm chubby, is she right?
Well my mom says that I'm chubby and need to lose weight. I'm 5'3 and my weight fluctuated from 119-121 pounds. I exercise and dance a lot so I think some of it is muscle. Idk I just get so depressed when she says it.
your really pretty who cares if your happy with yourself thats all that matters :)
How can I lose about 20-30 pounds before my 16th birthday I am 15 5''2 and 114 pounds I'm called chubby by mom?
Everyone in my class is so thin like all the girls are 80-95 Ibs. My entire family is VERY thin but even w/ excersise & healthy eating skipping meals even I am still putting on weight. I'm called ''big'', ''chubby'' (even by my own mom!) and ''carrying a little bit of extra weight'' I'm not very curvy but it annoys me because everyone is TALLER and THINNER than me. I drink no sodas none of that junk I eat only white meat occasionally I'm vegetarian mostly. Avoid sugar & fatty foods (tbh I hate fast food most of the time) what am I doing wrong. I really want to lose at least 20 pounds for my 16th. :( im sick of people calling me big.

Each day for breakfast I will eat oats rices e.c.t. to keep me full for the day giving me energy as well at night for dinner I will eat either fruit or salad w/ milk I sometimes eat white meat none of that red meat. I counted my average calorie intake it ranges about 400-1200 is that bad?
Go tell your mom to fck herself. No mother should ever be calling their chubby or big when they're perfectly fine. That's only going to lead to so many mental problems. (My twin has several mental problems because our mom is like that.)
Because your 16 years old.
You shouldn't be 80-95 lbs. That's how much an 11 year old should weigh.
Unless you are the same height as an 11 year old (about 4'11 or so), you should not weigh that much. :/

114 lbs is perfectly fine. It's actually pretty healthy, unless you're like 5'7, which at that point, you're very underweight.

400-1200 calories...
You're overall starving yourself like that.
You are nearing adulthood. You should be eating at least 1500 calories per day.

You're a healthy teenage girl.
Don't think that just because everyone else is so damned thin&anorexic looking means you're not normal, healthy, or fat.
Seriously. Girls aren't supposed to weigh so little. You have curves, extra body fat because of how your bodies are meant to develop.
I am a chubby mom of 4 & need advice!!!!!!?
I startin on treadmill was told not to do the weight circuit(leg, back,, arm) you know the stations at the gym where u adjust the weights?? well i was told not to use those til I lost weight or i would just be adding bulk ,, is that true ? & i thought muscle burned fat so what do I do????
Some initial weight gain when starting a weight training program is common. Yes, initially you will get a bit bigger. I think I gained about 2 lbs initially. Women though cannot get bodybuilder size without steroids.
Here's some info on it..…
I didn't care about gaining a couple of initial lbs because the results were a lot faster in the weeks after that. Some women though absolutely panic at a couple lbs of weight gain and would get discouraged and quit completely. I cared more about reducing my body fat percentage then the number on the scale though..
New job chubby mom !!!?
I am overweight and it looks like im pregnant (in my eyes) i have a couple and im afraid how to answer "are u pregnant" questions =( how should i answer those Questions?
Well, you could just nip it in the bud and wear a shirt or button that says, "No, I'm not pregnant", which would also be good for some laughs. But, if you really aren't comfortable with your looks, change it. As far as people asking you, they really just want to wish you well, they're not asking if you're pregnant to be rude, so I would just make up a joke line to tell them. Good luck!
Is it bad for my mom to not let me wear bikins because I'm a little on the chubby side?
My mom won't let me wear bikins because I'm aliitle over weight! I am perfectly fine with the way I look! I wouldn't mind losing a couple pounds but it's not gonna keep me from doing what I want! I'm 14 and weight 149 pounds
Wear it anyway. It shouldn't matter what she thinks. Hell, you could still wear a bikini if you were 4oolbs and proud of your body. It's up to YOU, not her.
Am I chubby like my mom says?
I'm 14, 5'8 and around 130 pounds. I was about 133-135 a couple weeks ago, and my mom said it wouldn't hurt for me to lose weight because I was getting a little chubby. A little after my 13th birthday, I was 5'7 and 138 pounds and my mom freaked out and yelled at me and told me I had to lose weight and I was too fat. When I looked in the mirror before she said that, I honestly didn't really think I looked fat. My mom still thinks I could lose some weight, so Im planning to get down to 125 (I used to weigh 120 a few months ago when I wasn't eating because I was sick, but then I got back to eating normally and gained weight). My mom is kind of thin. She's 5'10 and 140 pounds but she's always complaining about how fat and ugly she is and tells me "Don't stand by me when I'm fixing my hair and makeup in front of the mirror because you're so much prettier than me and you make me look washed out." But if she thinks I'm so much prettier than her, why is she always keeping an eye on my weight? And am I really chubby?
No you aren't. Just thinking the way your mom says you are makes me upset. You are fine. Don't let her make you sick.

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