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Are their any chubby lovers on here?
male or female that love them someone with a little extra. I have my limits but theirs nothing like a voluptuous woman laying next to me every night. my type has always been hour glass like she's just hips butt, thighs and chest. like what monique used to look like, and jennifer hudson before hollywood got to them. their both beautiful now as they were back then but hey i like curvier.
sign of poor health wow thats a bunch of bs. Just cuz someone aint no sterio typical hollywood dont mean they aint healthy. I am a curvy girl and my bf loves it. He has had smaller girls before and he says I look way better than the little girls who are to concerned with working out for hours everyday or only eating very little. I would rather eat a big *** burger and be curvy and still healthy than let people who are narrow minded say that i have poor health.
Is it true that chubby/bigger men are better lovers than slender men?
I hear that chubby men treat women like QUEENS in bed
Studies show the women have more frequent an intense orgasms with muscular men named "Roger".

Edit: yah, you betcha!
What is the title of this story in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul?
It is about this chubby girl who had no friends then her teacher or some tells her mom a pet might help so they take her to the shelter and she picks out a cat that had had its leg cut off by a lawn mower? Thanks, i really love this passage!
stubbly dooright
Does anybody think that Piers Morgan on America's got talent is a chubby lover?
he almost has a climax everytime he see's the glamozons
He himself said that he was! I know, he practically drools over them.
Thick, curvy, chubby girls.. Friend, Lover or Foe?
When I say curvy girl I mean a woman that is chubby but takes care of herself in that she has pride enough to throw on some make up, some flattering clothes (not ones that are two sizes too small that's just denial) and holds her head up above the influence of the sickly skinny sex appeal of corporate america. What do you think? Do you like meat on the bone.. or just the bones?
Yes, I like both. But the thicker ones don't tend to act or believe their sexy, and it shows. Show it and love it hon.
Are chubby men good at bed?
I work in an office and I met a guy who is new at work anyway he is totally yummy I think,he likes me too as someone from the work told me but ok I don't want to be heared slutty,are chubbies good lovers?He is not fat,not monster,just chubby.
Are chubby girls good in bed? It really doesn't matter too much about the persons size.
My cat may have cancer. What can I do to improve his health/chances?
Merlin is 12 years old. He has already been scheduled for surgery, later this month, to removed the large tumor (which is on his hind leg), but the results from biopsy won't be back until May 1st.

In general, he has experienced good health, and is active, though chubby (12.8 pounds). He lives with two female cats, one older and one much younger. They all eat a high quality dry food, for "sensetive skin," and are much-loved indoor cats.

I know the usual answers (chemotherapy, vet-precribed medication), but was hoping that pet lovers might have some other ideas, foods or supplements he could injest, homeopathic remedies, medical therapies that have worked for pets you know, specific medications that worked wonders for your "baby," etc.
I currently have two cats with "agressive" cancers. Both are being treated by a homeopathic veterinarian. That is not the usual choice.

I am a member of the Yahoo group felinecancer and created one of my own for felinebladdercancer. I strongly urge you to join the regular cancer group. Cats with many types of cancer, oral squamous cell carcinoma, mammary cancer, lympohoma, etc. You can join the group and diaglog with members to find out what treatments their cats are receiving, what drugs are being used, what supplements are given, etc.

Go to: and put in a search for felinecancer.
Chubby Chasers?
Why do men who like big women have to be considered Chubby Chasers? I dont understand so is it safe to say that men who like thin women can be considered Stick Lovers ...I think it is just another way to put "US" full figured women in shame..more than society does for us already. Honestly why cant men who like big women just like big women and not even big women but why can't we be considerd a part of humaity like everyone else? Why do big women have to have a different category? It just seems so rediculious to call men who like bigger women Chubby Chasers, as if to say they are no longer normal men looking for love in all the RIGHT places. Who agrees?
hello, I don't want to step on anybody's toes, but I think a lot of people are empty and shallow. When people put a label on somthing it's their way of making themselves feel better about themselves. Personally I agree with you, I mean why can't we all just be human.

I agree with you 100%

And I would also tell you that I am one of the few men in this country who can still appreciate a full figured lady.
Germans are worlds' worst lovers....?
Or wurst lovers?
OK I'll stop- promise I'll behave.

Germans are branded selfish in bed while Swedes (2nd) are too quick.
What about parsnips?

3rd are "too rough" Dutch?)
4 "too dominant Americans,
5 "soppy" Welshmen
6 "too loud" Scots. See my Nessy!

10th worst =Englishmen (too chubby) Turks were sweaty
*Greeks smelly
and Russians hairy.*
*Must be vice versa?

Women from 50 countries were quizzed on social site

Spokesman Pete Ward: "Who'd thought Welshmen were better than Swedes? But I would remind girls, it takes two to tango." giggle

Italian men were voted best lovers (yea still all wonkers but) then
South Africa
New Zealand
& Canada

UK = my corrections

Soppy Welsh- ballades about fair glens afterwards?

No we ain't chubby- it's stress. Convict Aussies edge ahead (*giggle*) cos they ply their sheilas with beer and whine as they're bred for barwork. It's instinct.

Are Jerries obnoxious in bed too?
Truly hilarious

thx for sharing

My boyfriend is English n I'm American
Looking for boston terrier lovers?
and the names of them .i got 4 and there names are MANDY,CHUBBY,JAZZ,GABBY
You found one! I LOVE Bosties!
Mine's name was Quality Hill's Baxter.

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