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How do I lose my chubby cheeks?
How do I lose my chubby cheeks? Im sure its not genetics cos my cousin, grandma and mum have thin faces.
Well it depends... if ur young and a female (im guessing u are) ur face will most likely
thin out as you get older so its not really too much to worry about, especially as it is not genetic.

But if u are overweight, or even slightly nearing that area, you need to do cardio exercises.

eg. lose weight!! which means eat healthy meals 6 times a day, NO SNACKING on take out, chocolate, etc. ONLY DRINK WATER and lots of it!!!! and exercise everyday, even if its walking the
dog, however i suggest running because this will more effectively eliminate those cheeks!
My grandma harasses me because I am chubby?
I'm a girl, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 13 years old, and a medium frame. I am 167 pounds. I know I am a little chubby/overweight so you don't need to tell me that. I have nice legs and arms and my face isn't chubby and I don't have a double chin or anything, it's mainly just my stomach.It hangs out over my pants a little and I have 2 "jelly rolls" or "love handles" (but everyone has those I know that) and a third one is forming. My belly is soft and squishy. I eat healthy and exercise, but it's just difficult for me to lose weight. My family is very supportive and we all work out together... except my grandma. She's a little frail old lady who's skinny as a stick, but she's not very old (65). She's watching my little sister and I right now while my parents are on vacation. My little sister is very skinny... she has a fast metabolism and she can pig out and still be a stick, while I could eat my 3 meals a day and still be fat. Anyway, my grandma harasses me! When I'm eating breakfast or something, she'll come over and pull up my shirt and grab some of my stomach fat and say, "Look at this Emily! You really ought to take care of yourself. I would stop eating all together if I were you. Why can't you look more like Karen (my sister)?" When Karen and I go to play outside, my grandma will come out and say, "Look at the stomach jiggle!" And shake her head and go back inside.
Yesterday, I went to the mall with Karen and my grandma to but bathing suits. I like to wear tankinis because they look best on me, so I picked a nice one out that was on sale. I tried it on and it fit nicely and looked great! I came out with it and told my grandma it was the one I wanted, and -really loudly to the whole store - oh Em, why would you want that? Everyone will be able to see your blown-up stomach! No one wants to see all that extra soda and chips bouncing around at the beach! You're lucky it even fits!!" I was so embarrassed that I left the store and went to the bathroom and started to cry. Karen was nice enough to buy it for me. She would stick up for me, but she's really shy. I just don't get it. I try really hard to lose weight, because overweight-ness is kind of in the genetics on my dad's side (this grandma is my mom's mom), so I can't help it. I try to be confident and love myself even though I know I'm chubby, but my grandma is taking away my self-esteem. Please help!! Thank you :)
First of all, as your grandma, she is WAY out of line to be saying these things to you! This is definitely no way for a family member to be acting. If your parents don't already know of this behavior, talk to them, especially your mom. She may know the reason why your grandma is acting this way.

Your dad's side of the family may be full of people with low metabolisms, which you likely inherited. It's just the way you are! You clearly have a wonderful and caring personality, but want to lose weight. You are just like a normal 13 year old girl! Remind your grandma of that. She must not have your great personality if she's seeing past all your awesome qualities.

If you exercise regularly, maybe some of that extra weight is muscle. Talk to your doctor about it and see what he/she thinks.

Even the skinniest, prettiest 13 year old girls have jelly rolls or a stomach bigger than they wish it would be. Your traits are what make you special and different. You may also notice your weight more than others do.

The next time your grandma makes a rude comment about your weight, gently say "Grandma, I understand that I'm a bit overweight, and I'm trying to control it. Your comments have been making me very upset, and sometimes made me cry. I love you, Grandma, and I want you to love me the way I am." If she doesn't understand, maybe you should try to distance yourself from her. Good luck! :)
My grandma says I'm getting chubby....?
But I have been wear baggy shirts almost everyday and I use to wear tight shirts. My parents said that I still look the same. But my grandma labels almost everyone. Saying that there fat, skinny, chubby...she labels everyone. My brother said that I look skinny and my friends think I look skinny too and my parents think I'm skinny but healthy skinny :)

I don't get it, why does my grandma think I'm getting chubby??? She's 68 by the way. I don't wear tight shirts in front of her all the time. She tells me that I'm going to get chubby if I keep eating a lot and she tells me that I'm getting chubbier then she tells me that I'm going to get chubby. Okay wait am I gaining weight or am I ABOUT to gain weight? O_o

But I have a fast metabolism so I'm fine. Just for the information, I'm 5'5 and 123 pounds. I have lots of strength, just so you know.
if you do think you are getting chubby, I'd be glad to help you lose some weight through exercise. Just get naked, lie on your bed, and we'll have exercise (er, sexercise).

I think 5'5' and 123 lbs is fine, btw.
How do you stop grandma from grabbing your chubby?
lol. I thought Hawk's granny was out and about again. You know to watch out for her - she's a dirty old bird. ♥
Women, do I have chubby cheeks? aunt and grandma pinched them all the time?
No. You do seem to have a naturally gleeful expression, however-- which may have evoked the cheek-pinching :-)

Or maybe your aunt and grandma were just that way. Family tradition.
How do i get a over weight dog to lose weight?
My grandmas friend gave me a dog to take care of a couple months and its chubby its a cocker spaniel mixed with something else so its a smaller dog and she said i can try to get it in shape if i like. I want it to be healthy what should i feed it and how many minutes of walking should i give it a day?
Diet and exercise.

Diet meaning don't starve the dog but reduce amount of food intake and exercise meaning don't run the dog to death but slowly gain its muscle and motivation by starting with several short walks a day.

There are many types of foods made for "weight control" but really it is about quatity of food and exercise. Usually the more active the dog is, the more food it needs to replenish nutrients lost.

This website allows you to plug in the weight of the dog and what type of food it eats:…
WELL... I like this chubby/nerdy boy hehe ... help!?
My grandmas neighbor is this boy from my school and I swear it was love at first sight! Haha he's a little chubby and hangs out with his sister a lot. He seems so nice! Like pooh bear. I know it's wrong to say this but I LOVE HIM!! He doesn't even know my name. I know his name though :). And some times I stare at him through the window and he sees me but he just laughs. Its funny and creepy. Whatever. The thing is though... my friends all say I could do so much better. But I dont care ahhh I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!??! Help please??

Btw we are both juniors
Ask him if you can text him sometimes. He is probably too shy to ask you out.
Should i go to my grandmas party?
So my mom was trying to wear the same jeans as me (im a 16 year old girl) and i told her to change them and she was like why do i look fat in them?!?! wich they kinda do make her look more big im not making fun because im a little chubby too so i was like ummm mom c'mon u know if they do or dont, so then she was just like "Thanx for making me feel like crap i was in a good mood now i feel like crap so thanx a lot" and just walked away now im to pissed at her, so should i or would you go to ur grat grandmas birthday?
yes go and if shes anything like me your granny might have the same jeans on too...
Ma grandmas sawllon leg? ?
my grandma has a swallon leg. it got fat and is kinda chubby. whats this from? i feel so bad becuase all the shoes that r supposed to be here size are too tight! plz help.. what can she eat or do?
Get her drink plentyof good water. Do some exercises with both the ankles lower legs, for the thigh and calf muscles. Avoid liquors coffee etc. Sleep well. O K
What are some good exercises and good die to get rid of belly fat?
I am 14 and I have a chubby belly all of a sudden. My grandma at one time asked if I was pregnant cuz it sticks out and well the rest of my body is really skinny. (I do eat quite a bit) and what should I eat and what exercises. I already do crunches but how many should I do. I am pretty strong. Thanks
Well try to just eat healthier. ANd change your exercise habits. Do things that work your whole body and are challenging. Read this article…

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