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Americas Next Top Model. Why dont they choose pretty black girls for the show?
Im not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but almost all of the black girls in the show are quite ugly (for a model) without makeup, and they only look good with alot of makeup. Whereas they do choose white girls that look pretty without makeup. Do you think it is becasue they dont want black girls to win (most winners have been white).

I am just wondering about this because there are plenty of black girls that look pretty without makeup, why dont they choose them>?
Lets loose the race part, the last couple seasons have been of women who werent attractive at all regardless of color
Why are pretty black girls nice but the unattractive ones aren't?
I don't really care that they are but why are they so rude? Its the opposite within other races. In other races the pretty girls aren't as friendly but the unattractive ones are. Shouldn't unattractive people be nice? That should be a requirement. Something I just notice. I work with all types of people and its something stands out about black women.
maybe they are simply responding to you. you sound like a very shallow person, who treats pretty people nice and those you deem ugly, you treat them in a mean way. i can imagine that you are probably referring to an isolated incident, but using that to stereotype a whole race of women. really dude, grow up.
Why do people assume that pretty black girls with two black parents are mixed ?
for example if people see a beautiful black girl who isnt mixed they assume she is mixed ? why can't a full blooded black girl just be pretty ? why do people assume blacks have to be mixed in order to look beautiful ? i seen alot of black girls(who had two black parents) that are simply gorgeous
Such comments come from people who have a racist feeling hidden in some part of their heart.
How come most of the pretty black girls are actually mixed race?
I do not believe in light-skinned black. Most of the black girls who are considered very beautiful are between 1/2 to 1/8 black. You seldom see a real black woman represented as beautiful even african countries men still prefer light brown women over darker brown women
Ethiopians are pure Africans and they look pretty good
Why are the only pretty black girls light skinned?
im not trying to be mean but u cant tell me that you've actually seen a black girl who was darker skinned and pretty.
It's not that they aren't beautiful - just not beautiful to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Where all the pretty black girls at?
One of my guy friends said you find the most black beautiful girls in the ghettos. I am not trying to sound uppity or anything. But where is this? Why are there a lot of pretty black girls in the ghettos?
Pretty black girls are everywhere just like pretty girls of any race.
Why are the only pretty black girls light skinned?
im not trying to be mean but u cant tell me that you've actually seen a black girl who was darker skinned and pretty.
Why do you waist your time asking dumb racist questions? Most models that are black are darkskinned and they are beautiful.
How do people act around pretty, BLACK girls?
And I don't want to hear anything about "acting the exact same as other girls."

How do guys act?
How do women act?
I don't act any different but I do notice that girls of all races tend to stare really hard at me.


My superior beauty baffles many.
I would like a cuddle but apparently pretty black girls are not pretty theyre just pretty black girls?
What does this mean? I guess I'm pretty for a black girl? Or I'm invisble to white boys?
or only black boys will like me? Except they don't all of the ones I've met and that's not many nvm

If I'm pretty and I think fairly nice and funny why am I alone? Because this guys tells me its because I'm black.
Wow that guy was a jerk, anyway don't listen to him. Sometimes it takes a while to find someone especially if your looking outside of your race and that's just b/c some people unfortunately don't have the courage to date outside of their race. However you sound pretty nice and someone is gonna eventually go for you so just be patient.

Hope this helps
Why are pretty black girls shallow?
I've noticed that whenever I see one she's stuck on herself and shallow.I seen one the other day she was so pretty and had such an awesome body.She was with friends who all appeared to be into fashion.I was just wondering why are they like that? Why is it that they don't like white men? I must admit there's nothing sweeter than a hot black woman.Are there pretty black women in this section? Care to explain why some of you may act this way?
I'm not shallow nor am I stuck on myself but, I do not date white men. There are BLACK women who do date white men and, you can find them on an interracial dating site.

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