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What color nails should i get with my short black prom dress? also are these two colors hoe-ish together?
my dress is black ( i know basically everything is okay) but i was wondering between red and blue? any other colors you recommend? also is red too hoe-ish? like short black dress and black heels with bright red nail polish?
Your dress is already black along with your shoes, therefore having red nails will only brighten the outfit and won't look hoe-ish. Depending on the type of blue, maybe in the middle of a light blue and dark blue, just a cool blue.
Other colours that look nice with black include silver, light purple or even yellow.

Hoe to fix the shoelaces on ipath cats black?
i need to fix te shoelaces to make them look good, if u know what i mean!!
Please rephrase.
Hoe can I get rid of the black shades under my arms- 10 points for best answer?
How can I get rid of the black shades under my arms... becuase of this I feel shy to wear sleevless tops and t-shirts. Can anybody suggest some natural tips or any effective cream which can reduce or remove the black shade under my arms and neck.... plzzz
I used to get that too until I started sugaring my underarms. Do some research and see if anyone around your area does it. Its completely natural and removes the hair right from deep in the follicle so you wont have any black shadow. The best part is the hair takes over a month to grow back and grows back finer and finer each time. Hope this helps!
Hoe do you get black hair die out of your hair?
i died my hair black and i hate it!
I would wait about a week to do anything to it again.
You don't want to damage your hair.
To get the black dye out, you have to use a bleach to lighten your hair.
I want to leave my dull old life behind and persue my fantasy to become a hoe for a black pimp?
Is this crazy?
Go for it!!!
Can you be a bro hoe and have black hair?
Can You Be A BRO HOE
just have black hair
that is such a stupid question. if you need help answering that question, then you seriously shoudlnt be even concitering yourself a brohoe.
My lg chocolate spin has these black marks on the screen i want to know hoe to clean them?
if u have any ideas plz tell me
i tried rubbing alchohol and it didnt work
are yuo sure its not a small crack in the inside?
Best answer gets 10 points!? Home remidies for hoe to get rid of black heads and white heads and zits!(;?
I'm 13. I have Black and white heads in my nose. I get zits sometimes. I wash my face every day and use pore strips an face mask and witch hazel . I don't wear face makeup. I need some home remidies . Best answer gets 10 points!(:
you could go to the dermatologist that would be best but that doesn't answer your
question I heard putting white tooth paste on the zits and leave it on overnight gets rid of them I tried it once and it kinda worked but not enough for me to do it again but other people say not to do that idk but I get stubborn pimples that don't go away very fast so it probably didn't work because of that. hope this kinda helped xx

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