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Where do i find thick black escorts in las vegas?
i need a thick black bisexual escort when i come to vegas. i only see skinny white girls. where do i find what i am looking for?
Seek out the unwashed Mexican families on the Strip that are handing out all the hooker papers and cards.
Why would black women who are escorts and massage therapist say "No Black Men"?
Why would black women who are escorts and massage therapist say "No Black Men"?

I am referring to all those ads on websites like Craigslist and Backpage and even underground newspapers where the worlds oldest profession is advertised in ink and on-line by women seeking their male clients. I have always wanted to ask someone why so many of these ads end with the statement "No Black Men"? Half of these ads with this specific comment are from Black Women.

What is that all about?

I've owned an escort agency for 10 years.

to answer your question bluntly... black men perform differently then most white men. it usually takes them a little longer to get things done... these are all generalizations but that is the reason. most girls aren't in this for satisfaction, they want money and they want it quickly. there not looking for a marathon session

I had a good friend of mine that worked for me and she preferred black men in her social life but would not go on calls with black men when she was working...

hope that help,
Hi, My question is why do escorts not see black men mostly?
Its because they dont want to be worn out, right? Why would they see some 64 year-old man, So they dont have to do any work?
I wouldn't know. Perhaps they're making some type of judgmental decision rooted by some type of racism.
Why dont porn stars and escorts see black men but would see anybody that is not black?
its crazy because every race and ethnicity does wrong so how come black men are the only ones single out even black women do it cant people open there eyes and see individuals instead of color does fear blind people that much
Hmmmmm well,It sort of aint the same eh ?
Is it wise to sue my parents for discrimination because of a former black escort girlfriend?
Rose got hooked up with black hustler so my parents stopped helping me. Fast food here and there, bus tickets, and wouldn't help me join the service.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you unless your self sufficient...
Why do most escorts say no black guys?
im not black just curious, i was looking through an escort like to get an idea what the women look like and most of the profiles say no black men....?
Like a call girl?
Most of them are non-black, or probably white.
And they might be racist and assume that black men have all these sexually transmitted diseases like all idiots say.
Or they might think that most black guys are big down there and they couldn't take it. Haha.

Stereotypes aren't always true.
Which President ordered the 101st Airborne to escort black students and force Integration in Little Rock?
What party was he affiliated with?

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