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Why do people say half white and black girls with white mama's are black?
I cannot stand it when people especially white women with half breed white and black daughters say there daughters are black, it makes me so mad because their mother is white, and my mother and father are both black so what does that make me, cuz my mama ain't white.....that just pisses me off, because it's not only in-correct (because if a half breed can be black she can dfinitely be white) but it's also racist, because it seems like they just throw them into our group because they sort of look like us.
Why do people care? *u*
How can black guys love white women and hate white men at the same time?
They need us white men for breeding more white girls.
LOL, I certainly don't have a problem with white people.
White people will never die out don't worry.
The world is just a bit weird right now.
I have 3 male guppies and 2 that are green were cornering the black and white one.?
I got up this morning with a bite from the black and white ones tail so i went out to get 5 female guppies and when i came back the bites got bigger (almost 1/2 his tails gone) so iv put the girls in and put the black and white one in a breeding tank.
Will his tail grow back?
Hurry i have a female sword tail that needs the breeding tank like NOW!

Any other advice?
The tail will grow back, guppies are on the aggressive side when it comes to the live bearing community. As long as he can still swim he should be fine add him back to the tank so that you can give your sword the breeding tank. They should leave him alone for the most part now that you have females in the tank. If it gets to the point where you are afraid and you don't have an extra tank you can do a few things to help the little guy.

A. They do make tank dividers which I highly recommend its great for splitting a tank aggressive fish one side what ever on the other... It even works if you would like to separate pregnant fish and what not.

B. They have breeder nets they come in all different sizes and with a divider can hold more than one fish.

C. If you absolutely must take a decent size tuber ware container (doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to fit in the tank to keep it warm) and float it on the top of the tank with the tank water in it... Now this is a temporary fix, hes not going to stay forever in stale water... but if you are in dire need and need to move him ASAP I would recommend this.

Males are always going to fight over tank space, as well as females.... the larger more agile the male the more aggressive the little guy is going to be..

All in all I really don't think you have anything to worry about, get some stress zyme and his fins should be back to normal in no time.

Good luck
Why does the media not want to show a black girl with a white guy?
Okay, I'm not against interracial relationships at all. In fact, since theres 2 million more black women then black men, we might have to resort to that. But how comes anytime someone thinks of interracial relationship they think of a Black Guy and a White Lady? It's as if, the media wants the world to think of Black Women as hoes who just breed with anything and have bunch of babies and always single? Why don't they want to show this? It bothers me. Cause, as a black person, it really brainwashes of any race. And people like Lil Wayne and Eminem are enforcing this. Stating that white girls are better than black girls. Can't we just like anybody? What's wrong with world?
Folks do not even worry about "Tiffers", pretty sure name stand for:

T: Truly Thick
I: Illogical
F: Foul soul
F: Fundamentally....well, MENTAL.
E: Empty life tank
R: Revolting
S: Screaming inside that mental head of theirs.

Okay, back to your actual question, you do make a good point, it is like Black folk have gone back on themselves, I am 27, and in the 90's I CLEARLY remember seeing Black girls in MANY MANY videos....with Black man, White man, etc, but yes, things have rewound backwards and now you are lucky to see even a Bi Racial girl on screen.

Look, Simon Cowell is SO deep in Sinitta it is not even funny, ( the chick is 45, looking 30) but you will not see black woman with White man, Black man, any man, as the powers that be need to keep up the "pretense".
A little odd, as as I do with my won eyes see a fair amount of Black girls with White guys, and even More Black girls with Black men, so the media is not representative of reality, though we are "encouraged" to think so.

Lil Wayne is a fool,......give me Tribe called Quest ANY DAY!

Edit: I have to say, a very well put question for your age, not trying to patronize you!

Check out Miss Universe winner, Black girl from Angola, and yet......not much mention of her, due to fact powers that be do not and can not afford to acknowledge that there is beauty within Black.
It is deeper than you may even think and am a bit to sleepy to go to much into it, but it HISTORICALLY has always been this way.
Now that I know you are 12, please skip over Simon Cowell bit please.
This is what hurts me, Reading or hearing about black girls who are who are aware of this issue, and taking it on board.
Okay, here in UK, the media pushing Tulisa from N-Dubz as new beauty, and yet when X Factor begun a few weeks ago, it was CLEAR to see, that every man and I mean EVERY man literally Sprinted to speak to Kelly Rowland, sang to her, flirted with her, with Tulisa left to just sit and grin and bear it.
Interestingly, media here no longer really speak of Tulisa, Kelly is now often mentioned on Internet threads as the more beautiful judge.
Not because she is Black and different, but because she IS.
My point being, powers that be NEED to sell us their ideal of the only beauty in the world, but it is a lie.
Yep, stunning White girls, but also Asian, Black, Latino girls, beauty is in all of us.

Those who are NOT robots who have a mind of their own, and have an open mind know the truth...Bless.
What race is most attractive (in girls)?
I am mexican but I think hot white girls esp blondes are the hottest. When i'm older I want to bang and have lots of half breed babies.

Black girls are look and behave primitive. Chinese girls look weird and hispanic and south aisans are all really obnoxious and arrogant.
wtf we all know mexicans are the best
Name for a Black and White Hairless girl dog?
My husband and I just picked out a black and white hairless girl dog. It has absolutely no hair on it! Due to my allergies, this was the only breed that worked for me. We are looking for something cute or funny. If it was a boy, we were going to name it Cosby because it has to wear sweaters to keep it warm. Any ideas?
My Powder Puff Chinese Crested is named Bullet. He's all black. As for your girl, I would suggest waiting until you have her, get to know her personality a little before you decide on a name. Bullet, is truly a little pistol, so his name suits him. If she is a true hairless, you might name her differently than if she was a hairy hairless.
Good luck with your little girl. Hope you choose a name the suits her.
Just Black women Only: Do you guys think this answer is being hypocritical?
The answer.

My girlfriend is white.

I'm mixed part black part white but I just tell everyone I'm part black and part white and not the exact % because my dad is 3/4 black and
my mom is white. (my dad mom half white half black but she didn't look it, she looked Italian or Latina more than any black)

I like white girls I don't think black girls look that good and some are to ghetto for me. My dad also would probably kill me if I dated an
African American women, he's from Czech Republic because he did modeling over there, he doesn't think African American or U.K. Black women meet the
requirments as a women should. But I'm not attracted to them anyways.

and no if you breed a white women and you're a black man it's probably going to be reccessive and only dominant if the male is pure black and when
I say pure I mean no more than 1/8 white blood in him. Black Men and white women can produce babies with recessive genes, usually green eyes, and
if the father is mixed half or 3/4 the can look completely white. White men black women produce babies taht look 101% black, usually have
nappy hair, and all black features but it doesn't happend a much as any other.

Ignore them, most of them are jealous racist losers if they feel like that.

Here is my point.
Ok how you going to tell somebody not to be racists, but yet you are racists toward your own kind, do you guys think that makes any sense to you , ain't that being hypocritical there?
Racism is wrong regardless of who it is twoard or who is doing it.
Do you think white girls dating outside there race is to piss white guys off?
seriously i believe they do this for spite.theres no real love connection on both sides they both get together and piss off there own kind.the black girls hate it and the white guys do to.i think if we all have woman in each race we need to breed only that woman in our own races.equally.its a trend now that everyone is doing but trends fade away and theyll look back and say what have i done
Nuh uh it don't work like that. Any two people can fall in love, don't matter what skin.

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