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My lady got drunk & slipped up. She told me when she was out socially with others (men included) that she?
noticed in the mirror that her "sex parts" were obvious thru her dress, I know nipples become erect, she has big ones so it's often a problem, but how do you get a camel toe in a mini? Ladies, wouldn't you check that b 4 you go out?
"How do you get a camel toe in a mini"? A mini-skirt? I have no idea how that is possible. Usually a girl will get a camel toe if her pants/shorts are either too tight or too high up. Either way its disgusting. Ewww! As far as the nipple thing, usually a bra disguises them or they have adhesive nipple covers/patches that will hide them, but I think its kinda hot when you can see a girls nipple.
I want to lose some weight by the summer ( I have picture links)?
I am probably a similar size to mischa barton in the picture linked: cm1.theinsider.com/media/0/124/28… I would like to lose a lot of weight by the end of june and want to have a similar amount of fat on my body as lindsay lohan in the picture linked: flisted.files.wordpress.com/2009/… I am not going to stave myself, just eat salads for lunch and dinner and oats for breakfast. I am not going to snack, i'll drink a lot of water and I will run and swim regularly. Please can you tell me whether you think it's possible. It's something I think about constantly and I know I will have a really bad, depressed summer unless I achieve this. Please give feedback, I'm desperately unhappy at this weight and It's got to go! thanks.
I was fat and never think that it is a big problem because I am healthy.
However, in 2009 Christmas, I went to Australia with my friends; I found that my weight increased to 196lbs. I can’t find any excuse for not reducing my weight.
Luckily, my friend introduced an incredible weight management method to me. I have already reduced 6lbs and shed 2 inches off my waistline in 1 week. It is fascinating product.
Lost weight now,Ask me how!!
Is my 3 month old baby sick?
My son has been acting a little weird for the past couple days. The night before last night he woke up like 6 times not wanting to eat or be changed, all through the day yesterday he wouldn't eat from 10am until 4:30pm. He's been crying lots and he's normally a really happy baby. Last night he woke up ate a big bottle and wouldn't go to sleep until i gave him my boob, every time the nipple would slip out of his mouth he'd wake up and cry. So we got up at 7 this morning and he was okay at first now he won't stop crying, he won't eat but he'll drink a bit of water... Does he sound sick? He also sneezes lots and has a slight stuffy nose but can still breathe out of it fine.
I'm thinking of taking him to the doctor but thought i'd see what some other people thought since i don't have a car and the nearest doctors 40 min drive away
Another possibility since its not his milk, is he could be teething. My son is 3 months old and is teething with the same exact symptoms. They prefer the breast cause sometimes the nipples on bottles are harder and not as "comforting" then mom. And soar mouth, means no appetite. Wash your hands and feel around in his mouth, and see if there are teeth, and look for "sensitive" spots in his mouth. Stuffy noses, and bad appetites and no sleep are great indicators of teething. Wouldn't hurt to rule that out before making a doctors visit?
Do you think this person likes me? (Descriptions below) If so how do i ask her out? Ladies help me out!?
-Here is some things that happens when im with her...
-Once in awhile we will get in a staring contest and we will stare for 10 min straight.
-She giggles a lot
-If she slips like a drunk person she laughs a lot when im around
-When im in front of her in the school halls and i didn't know she is behind me she will do the thing like when you kick someone in the back of the knee to try to make me "trip"
-She likes to friendly punch me in the Abbas, chest, or arms
-One time she grabbed my nipple and squeezed and laughed at the same time
-She likes to take things from me and run and make me chase her and try to get her down to get it back and she laughs historically laughs the whole time.
-She always smiles around me
-Im in Rotc and i have a uniform on and my arm band (litter ally a band around your arm) and it slipped down my arm a little bit and then fixed it kind of slow
-She laughs at all my jokes
HAHA OMFG!!! MAJOR FLIRTS RIGHT THERE!!! :D She definatly likes you!!! I use all of those!!! I say go for it!! Don't do something stupid like ask her over text or send a friend. Ask her straight out and she appreciate you a lot more and there is a higher chance of her going out with you. So, just approach and say something like "Hey, we should hang out this weekend" and if she gets excited and says yes then she likes you but if she asks if she can bring a friend she is either nervous or she doesnt like you... Girls and guys are so confusing but i think you should ask her out. So just use the hang out approach because it could go either way with friends or more then friends. Go for it:)))
Do you get judged by others for your parenting style?
my son is a week and half old. We tried to breast feed for the first 4 days, but he wasn't able to suck. He was sleeping 24hrs a day because he had low blood sugar, had pethidine in his system from the labour, had jaundice and was born premmie. He wasn't able to thrive without any feed going in, so was feed through a nose tube at first. He slowly grew and was able to learn to suck in his sleep. He wasn't able to stay attached to my nipple however and would slip off in his sleep. I hated watching him try it was heartbreaking. So we switched to formula. He is able to drink from the bottle in his sleep no worries at all. He is now awake for about an hour a day, and has overcome the blood sugar and the jaundice.
Strangers ask if we are breastfeeding and i tell them he's on formula, and then i get a lecture or a negative look from them. People who know us, are understanding and respectful.. But strangers or distant acquaintances make me feel terribly guilty for not doing things their way. I find this very difficult to handle, and always end up having a cry and feeling like I am inadequate.
I want people to think "what a beautiful baby" not "what a poor baby, he has a terrible mother".
and i don't want to breastfeed him. now he's growing and healthy, i am happy. This was a choice we made as a family, and we are all happy with it. The judgment from others is disrespectful and hurtful.

Do you have a story of a time when your parenting has been judged by another person?
Lets all vent together and get it out of our systems? :)
Everyday on here!!!

I beleive breast is best.
I think all mothers can breastfeed successfully, they just dont try. Even preemies can later learn to suckle.

I do not believe in CIO.

I disagree with alot of things parents do, but as long as their are healthy, loved, and well cared for, more power to 'em.

We co-sleep.
Is it okay to produce breast milk for my boyfriend to suckle on?
My boyfriend likes to suck on my nipples and it slipped out that he'd like to drink breast milk from me. And I found that I can induce breast milk so it can be done I believe. But would it be okay to do so? Like could it be harmful to either of us?
And if you know, could you tell me how long it could take to induce if he sucks my nipples everyday.
Like for how long everyday and what's an estimate of how long it would take to produce?

Please and thank youz~ <33

If you are taking certain medications that warn against breast feeding, you should not let him breast feed. To play it completely safe, if you are taking ANY prescription medications you should not let him breast feed.

That being said, if no one is getting hurt from a fetish and both parties consent, it is usually completely fine. As far as calculating how long it will take to produce milk? Usually milk is only produced during pregnancy, but hormones control this process so its possible to produce milk while not pregnant. Every woman is different and giving you and accurate timeframe is impossible with the information you have given me. The best thing to do is try it and find out for yourself.

Good luck.
How do you respond when your infant acts curious about your body?
My daughter, Avary, is now 13 months old. She was entirely breast fed for the first 6 months of her life but then I had to ween her onto formula for medical reasons. I am a single mother, although her father is involved in her life to some degree (supervised visitation for now). I have raised her following Attachment Parenting and I strongly believe in this parenting method. I co-sleep with my daughter - have since birth. I am a very open person and have never hidden my body from her and I don't intend to do so. I will teach her that certain things are private of course, but that our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of... but that's a whole other issue for down the road. Anyway, over the last month or two she has become very aware of my body; perhaps because I have been teaching her the names for her own body parts; like "Where is Avary's nose? Where is mommy's nose? Where is Avary's mouth, belly button, and so on." In the morning primarily, when we wake up and cuddle and play for a few minutes before getting up for the day, sometimes my tank top will slip to the side and she will see my nipple. She always seems super interested in it. I don't think she remembers it as a source of food and she has never tried to nurse again. She usually just pushes on it like she's pressing a button or tries to squeeze it - that sort of thing. I don't want to make her feel that there is anything negative attached to any part of our bodies at such a young age and when she is older I will certainly teach her about appropriate verses inappropriate behavior/touching/boundaries, etc. My question is, have you ever had a similar situation arise with a of your own? (I am not talking about someone elses as that is obviously an entirely different situation). How do you handle it at such a young age? I usually treat it as though it is any other part of my body. I say "That is mommy's boobie. You used to get milk from there but now you are a big girl and drink cow's milk from a cup." Sometimes I show her that she has two boobies just like mommy does, then I go on to another body part like the ears or tummy. When she pushes hard on my nipple I say "ouch, that hurts mommy" and I leave it at that - like I would with any other body part. I also notice that when I change in front of her she seems very curious about what is under my clothes. I feel like it is completly natural for a to be curious about everything around them. She is probably thinking to herself "I wonder why we cover ourselves in clothes all the time; all I really need is my diaper, LOL!" Anyway, how would you/do you react in these situations? Are you open with your about your's and their bodies? How do you act/react?

***NOTE*** I am not creating situations to provoke her curiosity. They are just everyday scenarios where she natrally sometimes sees my unclothed body. I always wear tank tops to bed so it happens sometimes that the strap slips down without me even noticing it (I have pretty small breasts so there's not much there to keep it up, LOL)

Please only answer seriously. No rude comments or negative connotations. Thanks in advance for your polite answers!
Oh yeah, happens all the time with my daughter who is 21.5 months old! I also have a 10 week old daughter. My older one started getting curious while I was pregnant so whenever she would point or push on it I would say Yes sweetie, that is mommys nipple, that is where milk comes for the baby!
It's actually really cute (I think) because now anytime I am feeding my other daughter my toddler will come up and point and say nipple, nipple!
I am very open with my daughter about our bodies, there is no reason to be ashamed. I know a lot of parents try to discourage a from touching their own private parts too but I don't do that either.
When I change her diaper she will sometimes put her hand down there and I say yes sweetie, that is your vagina. I told my husband it makes perfect sense to me, she is able to touch every other part of her body all the time but the part with the diaper is always covered up so she can only touch it when we are changing her diaper. It is natural that she be curious about her body and what it does and how it works.
I will admit I myself was a little uncomfortable the first few times but I am adamant that I don't want my to ever feel ashamed of their own bodies.
Those parents that discourage it or "get on to" their are teaching the that they have done something wrong by looking at mommys body and/or touching their own.
While it feels kind of weird right now (I'm guessing by the way you worded your question) you'll get used to it. You aren't doing anything wrong or sexual! What you are doing is teaching your daughter how to properly view the human body and not to treat it as a sex toy.
Good job and keep up the great work!
Do male strippers usually take their female clients breasts out and fondle them?
some friends recently took me to a couples night at a strip club and bought me a lapdance with a male stripper I was embarassingly attracted to - he was totally my type and in the real world I definitely would have bedded him but I was a little taken aback when he slipped my breast out of my shirt and pinched my nipple, ok it was more than just a pinch, it was enough to make me VERY aroused - is this common practice? Or just for more money. . . Ive never actually had a serious stripper lapdance before ( drunk guys in bars, boyfriends yes)!! He told me to come back and see him, but I thought that was all just about money. it was supposed to be 2 songs but I think we had 5 songs. I guess Im trying to figure out if he found me attractive too or if it was all about money or both. . .
Female strippers don't like the idea of guys grabbing them. If guys were grabbing them, there wouldn't be nearly as many female strippers (they'd all quit). So clubs restrict that kind of behavior (for the most part).

Also, female strip clubs usually serve alcohol. Most states have restrictions on bodily contact where alcohol is served. If it's a big grope fest going on, the club could loose their license. The clubs don't really make a lot of money off the strippers. They make their money off the booze, so they really don't want to lose their license.

Male strippers come in two varieties. The gay ones and the straight ones. Odds are you managed to find a straight one. Male strip shows are usually more, how would you say, interactive. They've got crowds of girls yelling and screaming. The female strip clubs might have one drunk guy making a lot of noise, but for the most part, they've very subdued (guys just sitting there sucking on their beer fantasizing about what he's like to do to that girl on stage).

Female strip clubs are what you'd consider an individual sport. Male strip clubs are in the category of team sport. So the guys play to the crowd. And that means they get lots nastier. Girls touching/grabbing the guys tools, etc. Part of that interaction is what that stripper did with you. And apparently grabbing your nipple worked.

In fact, it worked so well, it's got you thinking of going back again. As long as you keep going back again and again, they make money.

Did he enjoy grabbing your nipple? Probably. I mean, what guy wouldn't.

Does he think you're a special or unique customer? Probably not. In fact, if you were to pop in there while he's dancing again, odds are he's going to be grabbing some other girls nipples.

I use to know some girls back in college who worked at a female strip club (both dancers and waitresses) and all of them told me that they all learn all kinds of tricks to get customers to come back over and over again. I doubt the male strip clubs are any different.

If you want to go and have fun at one of those places, go knock your socks off. But don't go getting it in your head that one of the dancers is attracted to you and there might be some chemistry going. Because, yea, it's all about the money.
How can I stay her friend after I violated our friendship, several ways?
I met a lady at a party the first week of last Spring semester of college, she got quite drunk, and told me her whole life story, holding my hand and crying .I made sure she got home safely. We started hanging together that week, and she was grateful for my guidance.
We both went to a party the next week, and she got drunk. She started depressive, and then started hitting on a guy she didn't know, and told me to go away. I gave her some space, and went across the room. A few minutes later, she stumbled up, and said she wanted to leave. We went outside and spent some time with her getting sick. She said 'Thanks' and looked me straight in the face:
"you know, guys just want me to F***, you want to f*** me? Well, when I f*** a guy, I want to walk away, and Never see him again. So, decide, do you want to be my 'Lover' or my 'Friend'?"
She looked me straight in the eyes intensely, like If I said Lover, she would go through with it just to get Rid of me. I said Friend, and took her home.
We went to parties all Spring semester and Summer, and she would get drunk. Her personality would shift radically through the nights, and often she would hit on guys, sometimes wandering off or home with one, sometimes diving into my arms, often getting nasty with me, as I got her home. She usually wouldn't remember what happened, but would thank me for watching out for her. My friends thought I was an idiot for putting up with her, and should go my own way instead of being her whipping-boy.
Then we went to this Fraternity party. She started getting drunk, as always, but right from the start was particularly nasty to me. She would tell me that there is no way she'd 'do' me, and turn and tongue's the nearest guy on the floor, and turn back like 'I dare you to say anything'. She was hitting on a guy, at the bar, and they went upstairs for a while, and she stumbled down, and demanded I take her home, which I did.

(Stop Reading if you are Offended: sexually explicit)

Then I Raped her.

Plain and Simple. No Excuses. I Violated Her, and our Friendship!

She flopped on the couch and passed-out immediately. I was mad, and insulted, but I had to watch over her, like always, and it would be back to situation normal when she sobered-up, until next weeks party. She was wearing an Indian Silk top/pants outfit, and it was getting chilly, so I went and got her a sheet, and pulled it over her. Unfortunately, I slipped, and my hand went straight across her breast-I don't mean bumped, I went clean over with my palm (2nd base style feel), and through the silk I could feel her nipple, and her bra was gone! The realization she removed her bra and panties at the party made me hard immediately! She was with that guy already, so who cares? I lifted her top, intending to masturbate, and get more feel. She didn't move, so while doing that, I pulled off her bottoms to see that area too(Addiction?). Seeing her spread legs and 'femaleness' got to me! I mounted her unconscious body, unprotected, and raped her until I orgasmed into her! I didn't feel any remorse, or care about any consequences until after I had finished, Then I felt bad: I had watched her all night to keep her safe, and then decided I HAD to Violate her, myself!
I dressed her,I didn't sleep, and in the morning, she woke up, showered, we ate lunch, and she went to class, we met to hang, etc.
She has given me keys, her PIN, her passwords. When she changes behind a screen with me in the room, she trusts me. She shouldn't, I can see back there in her mirror, and I've already Raped her once!

I won't "Turn Myself in",There's no Evidence, no one Knows but Me(I can't testify against myself), she's had her Period since, and I know she gets checked regularly for STD. It's been almost 2 months, and no one knows: Well, only I know.
It was the Perfect Crime, and I'm a Perfect Criminal for it! Can I just 'be her friend' and Ignore what I did? I made this account to confess/post(except for giving PII) so Go ahead, I deserve a Trashing, and more for this, this is all ME, and I deserve it. Yes, I Deserve jail and I won't Get it, I should burn in Hell, and probably Will, and I committed an Affront to Every Female who has walked the Earth, and should never See another Woman which won't matter since I've lost my D***! I Already know all these, so Please Continue from There?
Pointing out that what you did was Absolutely Horrible and I find Unforgivable would be Redundant, Wouldn't It?

It wouldn't be Possible to be my Friend after this, even though you did it to Her!

If you have even a Shred of Manhood left in You:
1)As soon as Possible- Confess what you Did to her. Don't Sugar-coat it!
2)Declare that you Can't be her Friend anymore, You Proved that!
3) Leave her- Immediately, Go HOME!

If SHE Forgives you, aside from being an A$$, she can set her Terms. If she wants a Rapist to keep Other Rapist away, that's up to her!

If you aren't a Man at all, and you just Take her to that Party: You were Never her Friend, and you are Just a RAPIST, who waited for his Opportunity, Took it, and is Farming his Next Opportunity.

I want a Hug now, and a Shower.
Was it the real Heart Break Hotel?
Last year, after minor heart surgery, my wife and I took a holiday in sunny Spain, to help me recuperate.

We are a young at heart couple, both aged 41 and with my wife being extremely fit and attractive, we have no difficulty in making friends.

By late evening, out of relief, after the operation, I was hammering cheap booze in the hotel bar and flirting with lots of younger women.

My wife wasn't worried about the flirting - after years of marriage, she is used to it and knows I wouldn't cheat on her.

But she was anxious about how much I was drinking, because of my health and told me in no uncertain terms.

An argument started, and and I stupidly stormed off to another nearby bar, leaving her sitting alone.

About half an hour or later, by which time I had calmed down, I returned to the hotel to apologise for my foolish behaviour. Her bar stool was empty, and looking across the small dance floor I could see her dancing slowly with a very good looking man, at least 10 years younger.

In the dim light, I could see you had her arms firmly behind his neck, and was obviously enjoying herself.

Shwas wearing a white silky halterneck dress and as I watched, transfixed, he slowly turned her back to him and slip both hands inside her bra-free dressed.

He was fondling her full breasts and tweaking her nipples, and she didn't give a damn who was watching, she was that far gone!

Not wanting to make a scene, I just returned to bar and let her enjoy her bit of harmless fun.

After another few drinks, and chat with other holidaymakers, I returned to the dance floor. Time passes quickly when you are in good company, and an hour must have passed.

My wife was gone and so was the man. When the elevator doors opened, The man who had been giving my wife his undivided attention, literally, brushed past me and made his way to the bar.

I knocked on the door of our room, and my wife answered, wrapped in just in a towel. She dropped the towel and started the shower.

I joined her and we kissed and made up. But all the time, I was wondering what had gone on in that missing hour.

The bed hadn't been used and I know she wouldn't have sex with anyone else.

I think she was trying to teach me a lesson and it certainly worked!

Last week, we were plannning this year's holiday abroad, and she just smiled and warned me: "This time don't get drunk adding with mischief, "Just think back to last time. You don't waant that happening again..do you?"

I said nothing. Do you think I was right?
You two sound great together though.
So trusting and fun.

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