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Drunk mom????????????? :/?
Why does she got to eat everything after she gets home at 3am drunk. I ordered food for my sister and me. And wanted to have leftovers for tomorrow. So I put it in the back and my mom ate it all. Like shes never seen food before. It's like this everynight she goes out. Gets home and goes straight to the kitchen. That's why I don't bake anymore when it's just me and my Sis home. Lol. One time I left a medium pizza on the table for her. Thinking shed just eat 2 or 3 slices. All that was left was one slice and crust. doesn't have to act like such a..... Animal
take to her to the rehabilitant center..
Had a party and I was drunk so mom help me was it good parenting ?
I was 16 at the time .... I arrived back home drunk at midnight and I wasn't able to do anything. I was all wet ......Mom pick me up and realized that I was all wet .

She help by assisting undressing and dress back in warm clothes.

She told me that the next morning .
What were YOU thinking at the age of 16 going out and getting drunk? The parents of the house you were at should be hauled off to jail or something. Your mother is an awesome parent if she helped you out like that. I hope you got the punishment of a lifetime for that one. Though, at the same time... What was she doing letting you go to a party like that anyway? You must not have been honest with her about what you would be doing. Be careful hon or you might not be going to parties again until you're old enough to be on your own. You're lucky to have the mother that you have and you should be thankful every single day. You have no business at your age abusing alcohol like that. If I were your mother, I would ground you for life and then, I would ground you again. You had better be sucking up to your mama for a LONG time after your little stunt...
Tired of My Crack Addict/Drunk Mom! I know a Place to go How do I do this Im 14 turn 15 soon?
I have caught her many times and I have been tooken away many times but Lately I have been getting fed up. I have a Guardian that I have went to on the weekends for many years that I can go to. So how can I get the her house while My mom can't stop me without a chance of me going to a foster family.
I truly know what you're going through. I've been through it too and it sucks more than anybody can believe. Tell somebody. Somebody who you know will care. I had a teacher. They will listen. You'll feel better

Why does my mom stink when she gets drunk?
When ever my mom drinks she drinks wine and cheap beer and the smell stinks and it goes through out the WHOLE house. Ive told her about it before but she cant seem to smell it or so she says. But there's no way she CANT smell it. Please tell me why she stinks so i can tell her s she'll listen.
She won;t listen, because she doesn;t want to know. She of course realises that wine and beer smell, but doesn;t admit it because then she would have to consider stopping, which she doesn;t want to do. The best thing you can do is just make your own life as good as possible, There are support groups for families and of people with a drink problem. You should talk with them.
My mom gets drunk every year on christmas eve?
Every year my mom gets drunk on Christmas eve! She's not like an alcoholic or anything, its literally the one day of the whole year she gets drunk. Its just annoying because she's the only one of my whole family who does it and she starts crying and singing and we always end up getting in a fight. I'm sick of ending up crying every christmas eve! I have tried to talk to her about it but every time i bring it up she yells at me. What should i do?
the best thing to do is set boundaries for YOU... refuse to indulge or involve yourself in any argument. In fact if your mom becomes argumentative, just say "i'm sorry you feel that way", then go do something else. She can find someone else to argue with.

Another thing you could consider doing is go to a friend's house for christmas eve?
My mom is drunk and has an important court date about my custody tommoro?
I am scared right now because my mom has a court date about my custody tommorow and she is drunk i am afraid she will show up with a hangover and lose me to my father is there anyway i could nap her out of it?
you can try to get her to eat,bread absorbs alcohol.milk can also prevent a hangover.sounds nutty but it is tried and true.it worked for me in my day,has worked for my ,can't hurt to try.just make sure she is done drinking tonight.good luck in court
What to do when your mom is drunk and your friend is over?
Me and my friend are having a sleepover and my dad went to Fresno on a buissness trip and my mom got super drunk and she keeps going around and yelling and cusssing us out. WE'RE SO SCARED!! PLEASE HELP!!!
Hide in the yard or go to a trusted neighbors house, u should call ur dad and ur friends parents asap, maybe u should move th sleepover to ur friends house, all asap, good luck!
How do I deal with my mom when she's drunk and fighting with my step dad?
My mom gets really drunk sometimes and always talks about crazy things. I'm only twelve and really worried. My mom fights A LOT with my step dad whenever she gets drunk. I'm scared. What should I do?
You shouldn't try to stop them from fighting, if that's what you mean. They'll just yell at you for intervening because they might think you're too young to understand. I don't know what you mean by 'crazy things' but if it's offensive or frightening perhaps the next time you should walk out of the room and tell her you'd rather talk to her when she's sober. She might get mad. So you appeal to emotion: You only said that because you care for her and you're afraid.

Also I don't know you're situation. If you think you will be beat for this, don't do it obviously. You should seek advice from an adult you know and trust and who won't get the government involved unnecessarily.
What do i do when my mom is drunk and we are in a public place?
sometimes my mom gets drunk at a hotel on vacation and she acts really weird. she has been drinking since i could remember.
my moms the same. the worst time was when she got pissed at my nanas wedding and was like offending everyone and gossiping about her sister and could barely talk etc.

i just slipped out the back and got a mate to come pick me up. just try getting outa there and explain to her (when shes sober) what its like
What is the best excuse if your mom caught your drunk?
I wanted to be ready if my mom will catch me when im drunk,and for sure she will not understand me because were aint close...what could i say so I could not be in trouble
"Sorry mom, I was drinking while stupid."

If you're young enough to need an excuse, you're too young to drink.

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