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Am i to young to wear a thong to school?
im 13 and some girls wear thongs to school and wasnt sure if its normal these days as all of my friends wear normal knickers but some of the more popular girls wear them. my older sister wears them to school but she is 16
It depends, i was in the same situation @ ur age (im 17 now)
if ur not comfortable w/ wearing a thong 2 school, then dnt do it
think about why your doing it.... 2 attract guys?, so that u dnt show a panty line?,for fashion?,to b 'cool'? b honest w/ ur self
dont do it just 2 be popular, b cause u wnt be, and u dnt wanna b a popular,
there are reasons why some r popular and some arent, think about it..... why do the slutty grls get all the guys, but the down-to-earth, kind, funny girls hav 2 wait until a guy approaches them??
your teenage years r confusing
u could ask ur sister when she started wearing a thong and why... if ur comfortable w/ that, i no oi wouldnt b.. :)
but remember, b true 2 urself
what underwear u wear doesnt define you as a person, whats important is how u act and stuff like that ( sorry, im preaching)
good luck!!!
9yr old boy stealing ladies knickers?
I was tidying my sons room today, ghanging his bed etc. I went to put the base of the money box on as it was on the sideand found stuffed into the money box a pair of ladies g-string knickers. ... definatley not mine and could have only been put there in the last couple of days so Im guessing he pinched them from his freinds house when he went there the other day, I dont know the other boys mum well enough to feel comfortable asking her if there hers.\
Any one had a similar experience with there stealing underwear and how do I deal with this.
the odd occasion he has pinched something has been normally usual like behaviour and Ive made him return with an appology explained why its wrong and taken away a privilage, even told him Id take him down to police station if he stole something...
the knickers is a whole different ball game I feel...
he's only 9 and as far as I think hes a pretty inocent and young 9 yr old and a pleasant who alway being complimented and by other by people how nice he is too certainly not a bad lad.
I dont think they have even covered sex education at school yet so Im not sure how to tackle this one at all.
I have many thoughts:

1. At that age, he probably knows more than you think he does...although he probably has some wrong impressions as well.

2. Is the father in the picture? If so, it might help if he talk to the boy.

3. He most likely knows what it is that he stole. He could have stolen it for the types of reasons that you would think of an adult doing that...or he could have stolen it simply because he knows it's something important to its owner, and nothing more deviant than that. Or for that matter, maybe he just thinks it's a pretty piece of fabric...but I doubt that last option.

4. So what if they haven't covered that yet at school? It's your job as a parent to teach him about that stuff!
Nursary pre-school?
My daughters 3 in January, and nursary pre-school have said she can have a place to start in the january or april.

They said she needs to be in knickers and dry which she is. But she needs help with wiping after the loo when doing a number 2. She wipes, but shes so little its hard for her to clean properly!

Will a teacher take them to the toilet, or do they go alone? Id think she'd need help with the taps too, would hate her to burn her hands.

She can pull her own trousers down and climb on the loo etc and off again, wipe the most of the back and all of the front, can use a soap dispenser and knows to dry her hands.

But do the teacher/teaching assistant offer ANY help?

I just think just turned 3 is too young for this alone.

Am I wrong?
Don't get too worried your daughter will have a great time, the toilet thing will not be a problem, when mine went 2 years ago the teachers wanted them to be dry but understood accidents do happen and as for a poo they will look after your daughter.
there may be some wet pants at times but they won't be left in them they will be put into a clean dry pair.
my came on with their toilet training when they started nursery.
There once lived a girl named Mary, ?
Who went to a school called Mclary's.
All the boys at the institution
Offered Mary a proposition,
They would give her things for free
If Mary simply climbed a tree.
But as she climbed the oak for her Snickers,
The boys looked up at her knickers.
One day young Mary came home,
Her mother asked "Where is that from?"
Pointing to a little dessert.
When Mary told her, she went beserk!
She said "Those creeps, now listen you hear,
Are just looking at your underwear."
So Mary swore not to climb the tree
So long as her undies showed free.
But the next day Mary arrived at her house
Sporting a brand new blouse.
Her mother screamed "Why did you climb again!?
You know it's only ever when
Those perverts are getting horny!"
Mary rebutted "Mother don't worry,
I didn't show my undies to those slime -
I took them off this time."
hmmm...funny's one for u

A boy was meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time for dinner. After dinner, his girlfriend and her mother left the room to do the dishes, leaving him with the father and the dog Duke, who was sitting underneath the boy's chair. Unfortunately, it was a large dinner and he really had to fart. He stealthily let out a quiet, but audible, fart.
"Duke!" the dad yelled.

"This is great!" the boy thought. "He thinks the dog is farting!" So he let out another one.

"Duke!" the father barked. The boy thought he was homefree so he let everything out at once in a really loud and smelly fart.

"Duke! Get out of there before the boy sh*ts on you!"

When i was at school when i was young i always remember saying hi my art teacher at school while she was walking down the corridor and she was was wearing a wearing white skirt but it was sort of see through and she was wearing purple knickers. i cant believe she wore a white skirt while wearing purple knickers. sure she must have known people would see. oh and i just accidently peek i didnt intend to look. this happen when i was at secondry school i am now 20.

Please answer

I think you had a crush on her.
If this was a comedy sketch - how funny would it be?
Roger is a pupil of 14 years. He is in the teacher’s office.

Teacher: Now, Roger, I am very ashamed of you. Don’t you want to ask me why, Roger?

Roger: Why?

Teacher: Because you’re a disgrace to this school ... well? Don’t you want to ask me why?

Roger: Why?

Teacher: Because you were found in the girls’ toilets again, Roger. You’re a pervert, Roger.

Roger: Why?

Teacher: Don’t ask me why, Roger! You’re plainly a disgusting beast. Shoving your ... nose ... where it ... well, where it doesn’t belong.

Roger: I told you. It was a mistake. It’s only September. I need to get used to the place.

Teacher: Don’t be stupid, Roger. You’ve been in this school for five years already, surely you would remember by now that men don’t wear skirts?!

Roger: Yes, sir. But sir, I don’t see how that’s got anything to do with it?

Teacher (impatiently, but pretending to try and be patient, drawing out his words) : It’s got to do with it Roger, because the sign on the girl’s toilets is a stickman with a very fat skirt! ... It’s so fat, in fact, that if you narrow your eyes, you can just make out her knickers!

Roger: Sir, isn’t that sexist?

Teacher: Right! That’s it! Bottom up! You’re going to get a smack.

Roger: What for?!

Teacher: For using the S-word.

Roger: But I thought the S-word was ...

Teacher: I don’t care what you thought, now bottom up!

Roger: Sir, surely I need a fair trial.

Teacher(Snatching a cane from the shelf behind him) : A fair trial?! A fair trial?! What is this, the International Court for Human Rights? This is school. A place where young twerps are brought up and disciplined to be gentlemen. This ... is education!

Roger: Excuse me, sir.

Teacher: Yes?

Roger: Well, you know how in history class ... we learn about Hitler ... and Germany ... and the second world war?

Teacher: Yes.

Roger: And how Hitler killed so many people?

Teacher (Getting impatient again, feeling the cane in his hand) : Yes. Get on with it.

Roger: Well, why didn’t nobody smack his bottom then?

Teacher (rolling his eyes) : Well, it’s not like no one tried ... but nobody was powerful enough to smack Hitler’s bottom.

Roger: Would you have smacked his bottom if he was in your school, sir?

Teacher: Of course! No question about it! First chance I got! Hitler’s bottom wouldn’t stand a chance with my stick!

Roger: What if there was no chance?

Teacher: I’d find a chance. I’d make a chance.

Roger: Well, there is this girl, you see ... she hasn’t killed anyone yet ... but I wouldn’t put it past her ... she’s still young, but you know their type ... the one’s who stare at you with evil eyes ... and, I know this sounds gross, sir, but I think she’s growing a little moustache round about here ...

Teacher (guessing the obvious) : Like Hitler did?

Roger: So you’ve seen it too! Anyway...

Teacher: I hate cutting your thoroughly-researched world war three analysis mighty short, but tell me just this. Has this got anything to do with you in the girls’ toilets?

Roger: It does, sir.

Teacher: Were you spying on this poor girl?

Roger: I was, sir. I wouldn’t call her poor though, she -

Teacher: Roger! Now I know this sounds farfetched and ridiculous (sighs deeply) and Heavens above, I hope I am wrong when I ask this: Were you trying to smack this girl’s bottom?

Roger: I was sir! You said so yourself, if you ever got the chance -

Teacher: That’s it! I’ve had it with you! You’re a miserable little git, who delights in crude and cold fantasies. You’re a psychopath if I ever saw one. You must be dealt with a.s.a.p.!

(The teacher gets ready to smack Roger, when he hears someone screaming outside. He looks out and sees a girl beating the hell out of another girl. One of them - the aggressive one - has hair which is straight and slicked to the sides. She turns to look into the window. She has a faint Hitler’s moustache.)


I personally can't laugh at it. You?
That was a complete waste of 120 seconds of my time.
If I ever find you, I shall kill you. :-)
Do you think I could have been sexually abused as a ?
I've been wondering for a while if I may have been sexually abused as a . I'm a female in my late twenties. A few things that make me wonder, in chronological order:

1. When I was about 5, a male doctor visited my (all-girls) school. We had to take it in turns to go and see him and be weighed and stuff, and we had to undress. We were only allowed to keep our knickers on. None of the other girls was bothered, but I became hugely distressed at the thought of being made to undress in front of a man. The other girls went to see the doctor quietly, but I cried my eyes out, screamed the place down and locked myself in the toilet so I wouldn't have to go. (this was unusual behaviour for me, I went to a very strict school and usually would never dare to directly disobey an order.) The school ended up having to call my mother to come and reason with me, in the end I was made to see the doctor and was extremely distressed about it.

2. I was masturbating at least by the age of 9, maybe before, by shoving foreign objects inside my vagina. From an even younger age than that I was always chasing boys and trying to get them to kiss me and show me their privates. When I was that young at the all-girls school and there were no boys around I would even try and get the girls to pretend to be boys and I would try and kiss them. When I was about 9 I even persuaded my younger sister to snog me so we could see what it was like.

3. Whenever I played with my Barbie, Ken and Cindy (obviously I was about 10 and younger then), I always made Cindy and Barbie virtually Ken's sex slaves, he would hit them and use them both for his own sexual pleasure and just generally distress them.

4. As a , whenever I doodled, I drew pictures of women being sexually assaulted/humiliated.

5. Even as an adult, I can only orgasm by thinking about being sexually assaulted/humiliated.

6. My whole life I have had dreams about scary men. Sometimes it would just be a sinister man lurking outside waiting for me, sometimes a scary man outside in the dark screaming at me, I've even had dreams of being gang-raped that are so terrifying I wake up crying.

7.I've always been depressed, I don't know why. I have a good family, good education, good job, good home, friends, enough money. But I always think about suicide. I've been on anti-depressants on and off since the age of about 15. I self-harmed from the ages of 16-17. I attempted suicide in my late teens. I'm not immediately suicidal right now but the thought is always there. My family are quite huggy, my mum and sister are always hugging and sharing their feelings, but I hate that, I go stiff if someone tries to hug me, even my own family, and I cannot share my feelings openly. I don't like much company either, I prefer to spend most of my time alone.

8. In my twenties I got into an abusive relationship with a man who hit and raped me. Why? Why would I be attracted to someone like that and why did I stay with him for so long?

9. I have low self-esteem, I have eating problems, I binge and purge, I go through periods of either shagging random men or else being totally celibate for years, I feel that I'm not good enough for a good man to fall in love with and marry.

10. When I was a pre-teen, I would suddenly be overcome with feelings of intense shame for no apparent reason. Like if we were just driving along in the car or whatever, suddenly I would feel so ashamed that I actually felt physically sick. Why?

11. When I inserted objects into myself as a pre-teen, I don't think there was any bloackage at all there. When I had sex with a man for the first time in my 20's, I didn't bleed, there was no hymen. Is this normal?

12. Since before the age of 9 or so, I have been constantly sexually aroused, all day every day. I masturbate multiple times a day and can't think about anything other than sex to the point that it stops me from getting on with other things. But when I do have sex, it's like I'm not involved in what's going on, I'm just going through the motions and I don't really get anything out of it.

I have no memories whatsoever of being sexually abused. But how else can I explain all of the above? Someone help me.
I'm so sorry to hear you have been threw all of this. I think you may well have been sexually abused. There is no sure way of telling. You need to speak with a professional, book an appointment with your GP be honest with them, and they should put you in touch with people who can help you understand more.

Stay strong, and good luck

I snogged my step brother!?! please help me!?
Hi, well last night my step brother (we are not blood related my dad and his mum are engaged and have a 3 year old son together) well he came round to my house to see my real brother. my step brother *alex my real brother and me where in my brothers room. my step brothers mother rung him and told him to come home. I didn't want alex to go home so i kept hugging him and saying 'don't go i like it when my brothers are together.' we were layed on the bed facing each other and are noses were touching. alex kept trying to lift my chin up to kiss me, but i said no. I kissed his nose and then it just turned into snogging. he was also putting his hand down my knickers and feeling my bum. Please dont say that my step brother sounds like a creep because he isn't, i led him on, i wanted it to happen and the time. By the way we are both 13 but he is one year younger then me in school.
Well you know what the answer is don't you, ok so it happened but that was the first and last time.

No way will that happen again..

Don't let yourself get into a situation where you two are alone again especially in a bedroom where you are unlikely to be disturbed,......... or perhaps you are, what if your mum had come in?

When the parents marry you will be living together and its up to you to make sure you don't do this again......btw you are too young to legally have sex, you and your step brother would be in bad trouble and you could get pregnant.

Be the sensible one. he won't hate you for not kissing him, Im sure he's not that shallow
I snogged my step brother! Help!?!?
Hi, well last night my step brother (we are not blood related my dad and his mum are engaged and have a 3 year old son together) well he came round to my house to see my real brother. my step brother *alex my real brother and me where in my brothers room. my step brothers mother rung him and told him to come home. I didn't want alex to go home so i kept hugging him and saying 'don't go i like it when my brothers are together.' we were layed on the bed facing each other and are noses were touching. alex kept trying to lift my chin up to kiss me, but i said no. I kissed his nose and then it just turned into snogging. he was also putting his hand down my knickers and feeling my bum. Please dont say that my step brother sounds like a creep because he isn't, i led him on, i wanted it to happen and the time. By the way we are both 13 but he is one year younger then me in school.
Deary me,Don't let things EVER get to heated up when you are only as young as 13.
It will lead to regret which you don't want.

If you were blood related it would be another story...But since you aren't it isn't to serious.
If you have feelings for him that aren't 'lust' or anything sexual.
Wait till you are older and talk to your parents about it.
My sister is so messy and noisy and i cant take it anymore (really, really long soz)???????
She used to have the room downstairs beside my mam and i live in my room upstairs beside an empty room, which belonged to my brother.

I loved living upstairs by myself, being able to have my own privacy up
there and having my own bathroom to use which was down the hall,
since everyone else was too
lazy to go up the stairs all the time so they just use the other
bathroom the other side of the house. It was peaceful and quiet
(apart from the TV and stuff underneath the floorboards but im
used to that) and a great place to get away from
anybody who
had a fight with me.
Not only that, because i was the only person up there nearly all
the time using the bathroom and walking in the hall and the stairs
and so forth, it was not as filthy
as it would be when lot of people would use it, so the chores
less stressful when it came to cleaning the bathroom or sweeping
the stairs.

But my younger sister (who 14, going on 15) have had so many fights with my mother over the messiness of her room, and it isn't just some normal teenage mess. She
would have plates of half eaten food in there for weeks, she would have had bloodied Always period pads on the floor and on the desk (i am actually serious), and would have clothes absolutly everywhere, even dirty knickers and knickers with period blood (yuck!), as well as the usual mess young girls would make.

So my mam would always see this since my sis leaves her door open and my
mam always walks pass and sees her room, she threaten her loads of times
that if she doesnt start

cleaning her room, she was to move upstairs to our brothers old room, so that my mam wont have to see her mess all the time. My sisiter would listen and then clean her room but then a few days later it wouldgo back to the way it was, so my mam had enough and now my sis lives beside me...

And i cant ***** take it anymore!! Ever since she has moved upstairs, she sometimes plays her music either really late and loud at night or really early in the morning, even on school nights, when i want to try and go to sleep (the latest she did this was to 2 o clock in the morning), she sometimes talk to her friends on the fone really late at night and one nite i have told her 3 times to stop talking (coz the walls are really thin so i can hear everything) and had to tell my mam at the end coz she didnt listen to me.

As for her room, its still messy but i dont really care about her room, BUT she leaves clothes, shoes and underwear strewn out in the hall so im like tiptoeing around it and i keep having pick it up and throwing it into her room coz she nevers does it, no matter how many times u tell her. As for the bathroom, now that she uses it, the shower is all messy and dirty coz of her fake tan, and clothes and stuff are yet again thrown eveyrwhere, and she doest dry up the floor after herslef so its all wet and slippy.
I and a few other family memers would tell her to clean up this, and that but she nevers listens unless u threaten her or something (like u cant go to the disco or something)

Until today, i would hate the mess but never be at her about it
coz its usually just pointless. But today she had a shower and didnt dry the floor. I know this coz when i walked i slipped and i broke half my toenail off. I am now limping around in pain coz of her.
She said she is sorry and that she will clean up, but i know for a fact that she wont, coz seh never f**kin listens or cares!

So wat the hell do i do??????

I was thinking of maybe throwing her clothes out the window or cutting at her speakers cord so that it will look like a mouse bit through it, but i dont think it would work excatly and i also dont want to get in trouble.

So basically, wat im asking is, how do you give someone like this a wake-up call to clean up and respect other people near her when it comes to being noisy? Coz the whole family have been asking and telling her all the time but its so annoying coz she never just does it straight away so theres always huge fights in my house everyday nealry always because of her.

Plz help! Coz i was lucky that it was my toenail, i could have hurt or broke my back or ankle or any part of my body, or worse it could have been an older member of my family like my mum

Yeah i feel for you man, my sister shaves her legs all over our the bathroom floor that us two share! She leaves her clothes all around the hall, and she just never contributes to the family or anything, and she does all of the things your sis does! IT DRIVES ME INSANE TOO!

Try talking to your parents I guess. That didn't work for me though because my parents absolutely ADORE my sister and are always being nice to her because of her heart problems and leaving me out. This is why their son (me) now has horrible depression, anxiety, OCD, a twitch, and has a personal psychologist and psychiatrist because he frequently tries to kill himself.

I suggest you just try playing at your sisters game. Leave your clothes outside her door and in the hall, turn on a stereo right next to your sister's wall late at night, and if she leaves clothes out in the hall take them or hide them. Just generally be annoying back to her. This is what I did and it worked to an extent.

Hope this helped, and remember; your not alone lol XD

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