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Girls would you do this? If you were playing dare and your friends dared you to go to school with no panties?
Girls only please! If your friends in school (all freshman high school girls) dared you to go to school with no panties on would you do it? Assuming that they wouldn't tell anyone at school but would laugh at you during lunch. Also, assuming that they wouldn't really care if you weren't wearing panties, but would tease you a lot more if you decided to chicken out. Also, they would check to make sure you've got no panties on in the bathroom. What would you girls have done?
I rarely wear panties. I would go pantyless to school. Then, the dare the other girls to do it!
Is weird for a boy to wear panties to school?
I started wearing panties to school when i was 14. i wear them underneath my clothes even when i have gym. I have to change without people knowing that i wear panties. It's hard to do. But it worth it because panties feel really good and i love them. I don't have my own i want to go buy my own. I'm now 16 and wear bras sometimes to under my sweatshirt.
Don't wear it to school
How should I wear panties to school?
I am a 15 year old straight male who recently started wearing woman's underwear for comfort reasons. But I'm not quite sure about how I should go about wearing them to school without anyone finding out. More importantly, how to avoid others seeing them in the locker room when I change. Any advice?
wear boxers over them =)
Should i wear panties to school tomorrow?
im a 16 year old guy and i really love wearing panties to school (i have enought to last me for 2 weeks) but tomorrow i have gym and i was wondering if i should. i really enjoy wearing panties instead of boxers because there really comfy.
I think you would get beaten to a bloody pulp if anyone saw you wearing panties. Better not if you don't have a death wish.
Im a 13 year old boy who wears panties, but im afraid to wear the panties to school what should i do?thnx?
i go to middle school and the panties are lycra, im afraid to wear them to school because they might be seen when i bend over or do sports.
Please help thank you
Why not do what you really want...wear a dress.

Shorts or panties under school uniform skirt?
My two girls go to a Christian school here in Florida. My Mother insists they should wear shorts under their skirts. I allow them to wear their nylon briefs underneath. Am I wrong?
I went to private school from Kindergarten through 6th grade. The think it's funny to pull up girls' skirts and it is seriously embarrassing. I always wore shorts under my uniform. Your wife is correct.
I have something wet on my panties when I get home from school?
When I get home from school I can see something wet almost like water in my panties (I'm on swim team and when I change into my bathing suit I see that big circle of watery stuff) And.. yeah.. What is it? And is this normal?
I'm 12 by the way.
Yes, it's normal.

Once you start puberty a white and/or clear mucous discharge is normal. The vagina is self-cleaning. This same discharge increases the closer you get to ovulation and when you are sexually aroused. Trust me, you don't ever want it to go away. You will also have your own scent - musky - and it will smell stronger to you than to others.

You can have this normal discharge for weeks, months or even years before getting your first period. It will also continue after you get your period. You can wear a pantyliner if it bothers you. Some girls do produce more discharge than others.

Different Types of Discharge:

White: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection.

Clear and stretchy: This is "fertile" mucous and means you are ovulating.

Clear and watery: This occurs at different times of your cycle and can be particularly heavy after exercising.

Yellow or Green: May indicate an infection, especially if thick or clumpy like cottage cheese or has a foul odor.

Spotting Blood/Brown Discharge: May happen right after periods, and is just "cleaning out" your vagina. Old blood looks brown. This may occur when you are ovulating/mid-cycle.

Different types of infections:

Signs of yeast infections:
White, cottage cheese-like discharge
Swelling and pain around the vulva
Intense itching

Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
Itching or burning
Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

Signs of trichomoniasis
A watery, yellowish or greenish bubbly discharge
An unpleasant odor
Pain and itching when urinating
Most apparent after your period
Is it ok not to wear panties at school, if you've got longer skirt?
I mean i'm not being slutty I just want to liven up my school life, am I going to far?
Um I don'tt know. I know that I would never do it, but i guess you could, depending on the length of the skirt. But if you really wanted to liven up your school life you could just wear something different or do something out of character. That way you liven up your school life and people will notice you more =]
Is this true that in Japan, they sell soiled panties of school girls on vending machines?
Just curious, who would ever buy a soiled panties of unknow person even if she is a school girl in Japan, imagine selling it on vending machines like hamburger or coca cola. What is this world going too?
I doubt that is the case that they would promote or allow this, I do know there is a demand for these items in japan and they are sold and dealt with away from the public eye. Its likely that its not just the japanese that have this as you can understand the world we live in today and many different cultures it would be unfair to brand one nation by the acts of so few!
Where can I find the old school thick training panties and rubber pants?
I have to take my 2 year old to daycare and would rather use these than the pull ups... where can I find them?!
When my oldest was potty training, I found the thick underpants at Target, but nowhere could I find the "plastic pants" to go over them. I did find some all-in-one typed by Gerber That had a padded lining and a plastic covering. I bought a set (two pair), but they were HUGE. Way too big for my son to wear comfortably. So, I gave up and went with pullups.

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