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Is it true all guys in middle school picture any girl they meet naked?
Are whole grade went on a school camping trip and the guy im crushing on was talking to me and all my friends and said that.
probably not unless theyre perverted. dont worry about it.
Why would Middle school and high school boys have to swim naked?
My room mate just told me his dad had to swim naked with all the other boys in hym class through middle and high school. But the girls got to wear swim suits (they weren't co-ed swims by the way) why is this....the only thing i could come up w/ is that someone was a perv and wanted to see young boys swim around naked
Way back in the day everyone who swam in a pool went naked (look at pools built before 1950 and you generally won't find windows that people can look through). Swimsuits were made of cotton which would clog the filters. While suit and filtration technology evolved, habits didn't, and it was still normal and expected to swim naked until the mid 60's in many places.
What would you do if a girl came to school NAKED?
I go to Middle school. Today, a Hot girl came into school NAKED. What would you have done?
Bizarro - just today the entire population of my town stripped in the street and danced with each other - is it world naked day?

Do girls make fun of you when you take a shower in middle school??
I'm going in to middle school and I'm afraid that girls might tease me about my breasts or the hair down there. Do you have to shower in swimming suits or butt naked?
i never had to shower in middle school but if you do you have to understand that everyone is going through the same thing and its really no big deal!!! don't fret everyone has the same parts so its really no big deal!! don't worry about it and good luck!!!
What do most middle school guys think about girls?
Like do they imagine them naked or what please help thanks :]
i am a boy, middle school, grade 8, at a all boys school, McQuaid Jesuit. We have NO Girls there, but 2 miles away is a all girls school, Our Lady of Mercy. i want a girlfriend, but mode seem well not pretty and the ones who are pretty have boyfriends. boys dont see thru their clothes (unless they are transparent!) but often talk about sex and boobs and nude hot girls. a boy is most intrested in 3 parts of a girl: their face-pretty, their boobs, and vagina. it would help showing boys your boobs!!!
Do girls always walk around naked?
My Middle school had a girls soccer game but we only have one girls locker room so the visitors used the boys locker room. I walked in to go to the bathroom an there I saw a girl waiting to use the stall in shin guards soccer socks but then her vagina and boobs there with nothing covering them. When I walked In she quickly covered her vagina. Is this Normal for girls to walk around naked?
I do in my house. an di have to do it becuase im an actress whos in low budget locker rooms so i have to get naked in front of everyone. lol but did she even have a reason to be naked. if not creepy and ew youre in public
Isn't this picture of a naked high school girl buttock's on this website illegal...?
Someone mentioned it in another question, and it was a good point. If you go to the middle of this page, nospankingzone.org/_wsn/page2.html, it shows a high school girl's bruised naked buttocks. Isn't it illegal to post this picture on that website?
Okay. Since she's a high school girl I'm assuming she is , which would make the picture illegal IF it was posted for sexual reasons. This picture was not put up with sexual intent or for sexual purposes, so doesn't count as pornography.

And just because you can find everything on the internet doesn't mean it's all legal, people, so just assuming it's okay b/c you can find it isn't the safest bet in the world. It's like that diet pill company that says "we couldn't say it on television if it wasn't true". Yes, they can.
How to Forget the Other in School?
A lot of in my school date, smoke, get high in some way, I've even heard of girls sending naked pictures of themselves and I'm in middle school!!!! I really hate all those and can't stand to see them. Especially when we're so young and should enjoy being a for as long as we can. I never get made fun or involved in that, but any tips to try and ignore all those ??
You're right, their wasting some of the most carefree years of their lives. Just think like this- because they are acting like idiots now and not focusing on school, they are going to end up in a crap job going nowhere whilst you are going to be in a great university or rewarding career because you were smart in middle school. It's called karma, what goes around comes around. Congrats for keeping out of the stuff they are getting into!
Why are guys such pervs? (middle school)?
I'm 13 and in 7th grade, pretty much every guy Is a perv! my ex bf always wanted to kiss me (I wudnt let him) and whenever I said me and my friend were having a slumber party he wud ask to join so he would see us hav pillow fights in our pj's.. then it's really obvious when you see guys just lookingat your chest...
I'm not reaaaalllly gorgeous or really skinny, I'm curvy, normal size for breasts, which makes it worse when I hav a bf..
and there's a guy I sit next tk in my science class and I like him but then I get disgusted when he talks about girls boobs an how they give him Bo*ers.. and how he says if he was a girl he would stare at himself naked..
so why are middle school guys such little pervs?
hate to the break it to you ... but not guy ever out grows this they only learn how to keep their mouth shut. and it will only get worse 1st 10 guys that say that they love you will only say it to have sex with you. BTW odds are even though you call this guy a perv now you will date the biggest perv in High school and collage if you decide to go

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