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Can anyone tell me about Ferrum College in VA?
My son is planning on attending Ferrum College this fall. We visited the campus last month, and we feel good about it. I just want to hear from others who have or are attending now. How was or is your experience.
I visited that college last year. It seems to have a pretty good biology department, but gosh, it really is in the middle of nowhere. Is your son really comfortable with that? My all wanted to be in the middle of big campuses with things going on night and day... If it really is what he wants, then I think it has a reputation as a very respectable small school where he will get a decent education.
Ferrum college? Any info? (if you are a student there please answer!)?
I looked on their site and really am not satisfied with what I found. The info is very vague, and now I am questioning the existence of this college. I have already applied there and want to know if it is a scam so that I can report it. Please don't just send me their website. If you know anything personally about this college please state it, because it is too far away for me to go to an open house.
Information is below.
Is Ferrum College a good College??
Recently, Ferrum College in VA called me up and told me that i am offered a 8500 scholarship per year if i went there for 4 years. I'm just wondering if Ferrum was a good college or not since i have never heard of them till a week ago. Any ideas?
i never heard of it. i searched it on college board and it looks very easy to get into. acceptance rate is 91% and SAT scores are very easyyyyy. It looks expenisve to but i guess the scholarship helps. idk i would look at other schools. This one is terribly easy to get into. nearly open admission.
Is it possible to transfer to Virginia Tech from Ferrum College in one semester?
i'm a senior in high school. i slacked off extremely these past 4 years, with my low SAT scores and GPA.. theres absolutely no way i would probably even be considered getting accepted into VA tech, i understand that. Although i can get into Ferrum (only about an hour away from tech) and if i get tutors and basically work my tush off to earn atleast a 3.8-4.0 in my first semester.. could i get in to VA tech or would they want me to stay a full year?

would it help to start taking community college classes in Jan. for this next semester coming up just to get a little head start?

thank you thank you thank you!
Really, it all depends on VA Tech's transfer requirements. You should contact one of their admissions officers so that they can answer your questions.

I know that where I am (Texas), most schools will consider you after a semester, but they will also take your high school transcript into account when considering you for admission. If you stay more than a year, they usually do not.

Taking classes at a community college would be beneficial, it would show that you are really trying to pull yourself up, and it would also give you valuable credit. And since community college is generally cheaper than a university, then you would probably save a lot of money getting those classes out of the way.

But, in general it is much easier to transfer from a community college to a university, rather than from one university to another. So if you really want to be at VA Tech, then you might just want to spend a year at a community college.

VA tech may even have a transfer equivalency guide so that you know what classes will transfer from the community college to the university. They will not have a guide for university to university. Also, community colleges are generally easier, so your GPA would be even higher upon transfer.
I got a letter from Ferrum College...?
Is it a good school? Does it have a good criminal justice program?
This consumer site has some posts by former students about their college experience: www.studentsreview.com and can type into search and click 'comments'.

For US colleges: www.utexas.edu/world/univ
What is winter weather like in Ferrum Virginia?
I am going to college there in the fall and was wondering if it snows a lot or not? I don't own wintry clothes because it hardly snows where i live now. Also does it rain a lot?
Nov 60°F | 36°F
Dec 50°F | 29°F
Jan 46°F | 26°F
Feb 50°F | 27°F
Mar 59°F | 34°F

Average snowfall: 16.7 in

For more info: climatemaps.co.cc
College help please!?
okay so i a senior in VA and i went to boarding school my freshmen yr in a different country. when i came back my grades and credits were all effed up because the grading is different in the country i was in. i did have my transcripts evaluated. 3 times. and they still sunk my gpa from a 3.6 to a 1.8. so my sophmore year i had to make up credits for my freshmen year and my counselor said its best if i take honors... so i did.
and after that because i was taking 9 class as a HS sophmore. my gpa fell to a 1.2.
I am a B+ student.
i moved to a different county.
transcripts got re-evaluated.
and i got credits i didnt before.and my old counselor had me taking unnesscary credits.
so my junior year i was making up credits still but i was caught up a bit more. my grades got better now gpa now is a 1.9.
not the best but better than before.
im a senior now and if i hadnt gone to boarding school i wold have had around a 4.0.
i dont know where to apply.
and i know with that gpa im not getting in anywhere.
but its not my fault and i stilllll wanna give applying a chance. who knows maybe ill get in?
my first school is VCU
others are
old dominion university
hawaii pacific univerisity
ferrum college
st johns university
longwood university

what college is like ferrum but with indian people?
like a really easy school to get into ?
but not all white?
id like a little diversity thats all ive been going to an all white school my entire life cept freshmen yr and id like to go to a different school for college.

please help me outt!!
thanks for the help !!
I would suggest you address the college you like and ask them. Sort of long process but worth it.
Dont no what to major in?
Im going to ferrum college and they don't offer forestry or soil science as a major. And these are the areas I want to go into. They do have very broad topic majors such as environmental science, agriculture, etc but not forestry or soil science. So not have these topics to major in...what should I do. Environmental science or agriculture??
I'd stick to agriculture.

With spelling like that a farm may be the best place for you.

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