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Has anyone ever been a "webcam girl"? Where you pose nude live on webcam & work for websites & they pay you?
I was just curious because I thought it would be an interesting (and easy) sort of income. Please no rude replies!
i think they don't get any money because there are 1000s of girls wanna do that for free.
What is the best Webcam site to look at nude females on live webcams ?
Sites like Jasmine , Naked , X videos and so forth .com but they are a few more kind of major ones there I haven't names I would like your opinion people .
edit; the girls are naked while on cam for the most part, still. they just don't always dildo it up on public cam.
a lot of times they'll have girls go into private shows, but there's naked bitches that break the rules and get it on while on cam.
Is it illegal to be nude on webcam for a friend in yahoo messenger when both are 18+ in Cincinnati?
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I like to be nude on webcam with my friend. Both of us are 25 years old. Is it illegal or a crime to be nude in webcam within friends? I am just afraid of it, so i didn't start it yet.
No, it's not illegal at all. It would only be illegal if one or both of you were under 18. Be careful though, your friend could take photos of your web cam and distribute them around the internet.
Is she comitting a crime by dancing nude on a webcam through facebook?
the brother of my girlfriend showed us a girl dancing live completely nude through the video chat on facebook. problem is, she is only 16. is she breaking any law for being a minor and she is the author of exposing herself?
She is very likely violating the law doing this.

However contrary to one answer here it is not against the law everywhere. Some states permit nudity in public (Oregon for one) and being online is not considered public so there would be no violation of public nudity doing this. Where she is likely to get into trouble is because she is probably acting in a sexual nature which makes it p***ographic and thus against the law as it would be distributing p***ography and the viewer could also be in trouble for 'downloading' the material.

However there is one condition if she meets it where it would not be considered p***ography and thus could be legal. United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit (case 000–5124) has ruled that photographs, videos and such which depict "Naturists" (people who like to be nude) in non-sexual situations is not a violation of p***ography laws and thus acceptable. And so if she is a 'naturist' and enjoys being nude in general (there are varying degrees of naturism from nude at home to public nudity) and she just happens to be nude while chatting online then she would not be in violation of the law.

That being said, should it come to light it is very likely that some aggressive Prosecuting Attorney may charge her initially although it is likely to get dropped or have her found not guilty should she bring up this defense.

The key is if she is behaving in a 'sexual' manner or just chatting online much the same as if she was fully dressed.
What are the best Live Webcam Sites?
Hello Im Looking for a live webcam site that has chicks nude for free. Doesw n e one know n e? All the ones ive seen are fridgit bitches who are tryna be rebels.

- Cheers, Daniel
Is live webcam sex considered pornography?
I know if 2 minors exchange nude pictures of themselves that is extremely illegal but what about live webcam nudity?
Does live webcam sex count as pornography even though the images aren't being recorded & saved? If someone saves it then who saves it & why doesn't the hacker saving it get arrested?

& if it is illegal how do the police enforce this law? How do they arrest every minor using a webcam?

& how come it's okay for 2 16 year olds to see each other naked at a nudist resort but it's illegal for them to see each other naked on webcam?

I have had webcam sex once & I didn't have the SWAT team break into my house & throw me in maximum security prison. & there is nothing wrong with picture sexting. It's the people that support putting teens who sext in prison that are a threat to humanity.
Sexting is no different than having sex or seeing each other naked at a nudist resort.
nude = porn.


Problem there Beavis is these pictures ALWAYS end up in hands they don't belong in; and pretty often posted on line.,
My video from live webcam got leaked. Please help. I am worried.?
Hi guys. Please help me. I was chatting with my boyfriend few months ago via yahoo messenger. I had my webcam on and was semi nude. Somehow, the video got leaked. I dont understand how?. If it has leaked, I cant find it on goole, yahoo or youtube. Where can it be? ANd how can I deal with this problem. Please help.
1. avoid being in the nude with any boyfriend - if they want that they are not a friend. they are a fiend. I don't care how much pressure he may put on you. find someone else immediately or just back off from relationships for a while. The love everybody is looking for comes from the Lord first. relationships come second.
2. Ask Jesus for forgiveness for your wrongs and make him Lord of your life. Then tell someone about your decision. He turned my messed up life and did something good with it.
3. Pray about your situation. don't make deals with God. just tell him your situation. ask Him to fix it or turn it right side up. He can make good things out of bad situations. There is nothing God can't handle. keep praying until something happens. don't fret or worry. trust Him.
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5. once you do get saved, only court Christians. courting is different than dating. dating can lead to

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1 John 5:5 Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

[Jesus speaking]John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

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Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
[this usually means confessing slip-ups to other Christians (but not repeated failures) and asking them to pray for you so you won't do it anymore. God takes care of slipups. I am learning that I myself can't do it, only God can.]
Can non-nude webcam girls make money?
I'm sure it would be less money than the nude models that do things to do themselves but can non-nude models actually make decent money. Non-nude meaning maybe wearing lingerie and flashing boobs here and there. Any recommendations from non-nude models would also be greatly appreciated.

Recently have been laid off from a company I worked for for over 6 years and can't find a job anywhere where I live. My unemployment check is not enough to support my family at all. I went from $800/wk to $244/wk (unemployment) plus I have to pay for my health insurance. I really have to make money but don't want to compromise my morals. A mom has to do what she has to do. =(
There are sites with non nude models, but I've yet to personally come across any non nude cam models who earned enough for it to be worth their while. 90% of webcam viewers are expecting to see a full nude masturbation/toy show. I do work with a site that has a non nude section. I'll email you a link, but don't set your expectations too high.
Iam in the longdistance affair,our communication is chatting my problem is he wants me to see nude in webcam?
I already showed my breast to him,but to be nude i can't do that iam to shy to myself and one thing more iam not in the private place I only using my brothers pc in their house w/ his family. The pc is located in their living room. I understand my bf's situation right now he is far,sad and missing me a lot. He missed our romance when we were together. Were been together for 8 yrs now. He left our country for a living he has 2 yrs contract and coming back early nextyear. We fought everytime that is our topic. He said that iam conservative and not appreciating his longing towards me. Iam very shy to take off my clothes eventhough we do sex already. I don't understand him i told him that u dont respect me anymore.What should i do???
Tell him that you need more respect and that if he loves you, he'd give it to you. Tell him also where you are when you are chatting so that he may understand your situation.
Ex boyfriend had a nude picture of me and its threatening to post it on the internet.?
The picture was taken from webcam. He print screened his computer screen when I was nude on it. He pretty much says if I ever piss him off enough he will show everyone. Is there anything a lawyer could do to stop this? Or the police maybe? Please help.

I am not a minor and I am a college nursing student, something like this could really ruin my reputation in the small town I live in.

its blackmail. you may want to contact a lawyer discreetly and show them the information about the attempt. be advised you risk the information potentially being disclosed. i say contact the lawyer anyway.

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