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Who is the blond that gives Taj the nude massage in the first Van Wilder movie?
Its the bedroom scene when Taj gives her a massage with the oil and she is so bangin. Shes a blond and I think the room catches on fire or something. Just wondering what her name is.
her name is Ivana Bozilovic

check the screen cap below:) for better visual
What hair color is best for tan skin, green eyes, and nude makeup?
I have green eyes, tan skin (golden tan) naturally dark brownish hair. I look good with blond highlights but not all blond hair. I want to know what color will bring out my tan the best that goes with "nudes" make up. thank you
Brown Hair! It would really stand out with your tan and really show off your green eyes! For the makeup, it would really make people go wow, that girl is really beautiful!

Hope I helped (:
How do you get a girl to skype nude with you?
She's petite, blond, and obnoxious if that's any help. Oh and busty.
By using it in voice-only mode.
In the Baader Meinhof Complex who is the hot blond who has sex with Ulrike Meinhof's husband?
She also appears nude on the beach in Sylt and she asks him, "How is the revolution going?" or something like that. I want the name of the actress.
i hope this helps
I go to nude beaches a lot, how come I never see other guys with blonde pubic hair?
Or in the gym locker room either. I was a three-sport varsity athlete and captain in high school. I think I have most things going for me: decent looks, muscles and popularity. But I'm blond all over, and truthfully, I feel a bit abnormal. I see some women with blond pubic hair once in a while, but no guys. Virtually every other blonde-haired dude had dark brown or black hair there. Is there anyone else out there, or am I just another X-files reject?
interesting. I'm going to have to do an experiment and look at many naked guys this weekend. I will get back to you with the results.
If i wanna do playboy, do i HAVE TO DO NUDE?
i really didnt know if african americans could do playboy, cause im used to seeing the tan platlium blond girls.
but anyway do u have to do nude like is it mandortory
Well, yes, if you want to be a model in Playboy, then you will have to be nude.

If you want to be a sexy glamor model but NOT be nude, then consider a magazine like Maxim instead (see link, below).

Good luck!... :-D
What nail polish doesnt chip a nude like mademoiselle or sugar daddy or red like im not really a waitress?
I have blond hair pinkish skin tone and short nails recovering from wraps.
Sally Hansen Friendship is a good color that is a pale pink with a bit of shimmer, and doesn't chip easily. Plus, it's a great price.
What does my dream mean i had change my hair style,at my hometown,was fitting a white wedding dress ?
My current hair is black and strainth. In my dream my hair was bronze color and blond high lighted. I was fitting a white dress with nude veil. I met my ex bf too. But I meant to marry my current husband now.
The other part that I saw my closest hater dress in red pj with hair bang. Decorated her place like Chinese new year.
The overall theme of this dream is a combination of change and commitment. It suggests going out of your way to emphasize differences between you and your "hater." (This term is unclear, and is not used in this way in common English. I am sorry for not understanding what you intend to say.)
How could I make money with an adult website?
I know that some girls can make money by doing adult websites (not porn)...I am very attractive and have a good body (20 years old 5'8" 125lbs 34c blond hair green eyes), and I wouldn't feel morally compromised being nude on the web. I just don't know how to get started. Any idea?
Make it clear what you are asking ... you don't want to be nude on web... not to go for porn.. ok... then what way your features going to help your business.. may be adult forums pays for discussing adult content..
Or you could promote some adult sites like to get members to join...

Or try the list of to search a dating site...
Why do young girls in America post thier drunk and semi-nude pictures on Facebook and MySpace?
Usually, they are sitting on a couple of guys laps, taking shots and wearing tiny shorts or in their bikinis.
They have deep tans and bleached blond hair.

So moms, are you doing a good job of raising your daughters? Please be honest. If you don't believe me, look them on facebook and myspace.

My office recently terminated four female employees due to their posting of inappropriate pics.

Please explain mothers...
They do this for peer acceptance. It is the culture of these sites that promotes these types of pictures. Also, interesting note, they did a study that found this is far more of a problem on myspace than on facebook. This points to the fact that these sites take on their own culture, than users become acculturated (spelling?), meaning that on facebook, where the culture has been clean shots as profile pics (for the most part), this is what you find, versus myspace, where the culture is compromising pics as the norm. Furthermore, there are many girls who do NOT put up these pics. and this is the dominant American culture as well, that girls put themselves in positions that such photos can be taken. If you do not put yourself in these positions, you can considered a prude, and ostracized.

Girls who are reading this: here's a secret. Guys are, in fact, far more attracted to the classy ladies who do NOT act like this. We go after the ones who do (initially), but we wish we could be with the ones who don't. In the end, it's all about class.

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