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Were there movies made for the Archie and Blondie comics?
I mean the comics are too good but I never heard a TV or movie version of them...
There's a live action grown-up Archie movie:
And there were a series of 28 Blondie films in the 1940s:…
What is Blondie Bumstead's maiden name from the Blondie comics?
First person to answer correctly will receive ten points!
Where do I find the Blondie Comics archives?
There's one for garfield, one for Calvin and hobbes, etc. But I haven't found a website that hold 77 entire years of Blondie comics. Does anyone know?
look at This site under recent strips I went back to 2002 before I stopped. I don't know how far they go, but this is a good place to start. Enjoy…
Where can i download blondie comics?
i really want to download blondie comics. any sites where i can download and i want to download them not read them on a site………
try this.
What is Dagwood Bumstead's job at J.C. Dithers and Company in the "Blondie" comic strip?
I have been a fan of the comic strip ever since the late Chic Young drew it. I also remember the old black and white "Blondie and Dagwood" movies starring the late Arthur Lake as Dagwood.
Mr Dithers runs a construction company, Dagwood handles the contracts.
How much do artists make who do comics for the newspapers?
(Like Garfield, Blondie, Dennis the Menace, Family Circus, etc.)-my goal in life is to do comics like them, I've got several comics in a book but don't know where to start...
Depending on how many issues they print and how often they get printed, they usually get about 100 each comic they write.

The ones you mentioned, like Garfield, Dennis the Menace and Blondie, are not newspaper comics. They are just comics that are being used in the paper. The authors of these get a few hundred each comic.
Who were the characters in blondie comic strip?
all the characters in the blondie comic strip
Blondie, Dagwood, Alexander (oldest), Cookie (younger daughter), Daisy the dog (she has puppies but they haven't been seen in squite some time), Mr. Beasley the postman, Mr. (Julius Caesar) Dithers (the boss), Mrs. (Cora) Dithers (bosses wife), Herb Woodley (neighbor), Tootsie Woodley (neighbors wife), Elmo Tuttle (neighborhood ), Lou the diner counterman
Blondie, the comic, used to be a flapper?
Where can I find her as a flapper online?
At the official Blondie site, natch
Can someone explain the plain brown wrapper reference in the Blondie comic strip?
Did anyone read the Blondie comic strip on Sat, Dec 15? I don't understand the joke or the reference can someone explain it to me? The strip opens up with Blondie and Dag at the movies. They see a movie poster for Steamy Steam. Adults only. Dag asks the cashier - How adult is that movie anyway? The cashier replies - Let me put it this way...we have to serve the popcorn in a plain brown wrapper.
I've read this comic several times but it isn't funny, I don't get the reference. Can someone please explain? Thanks
Actually, this used to be a selling point (and probably still is) for buying dirty stuff through the mail. "Arrives in a plain brown wrapper." Eventually it became a colloquialism.
Help settle a bet with my wife & I, In the comic Blondie did Dagwood ever end up in any of Blondies Clothes?
I say no way, never but she believes he has worn both a dress and even a nighty.

Any Blondie fans out there?
This is so funny yesterday the subject started with a post and someone did answer , that Dagwood did wear Blondie's clothing ,so it must be true l.o.l She win the bet, I hope the bet was if she wins you have to wear her clothes to mow the lawn ha ha

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