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Why are women with blonde hair depicted as being dumb,sluts, bimbos, whores,etc. ?
I've seen nasty comments on yahoo A's about girls with blonde hair.
Saying they are

I have naturally light blond hair and am none of those things.


Do you think its fair for people to generalize blonde headed women this way?
Because we men desire blondes the most, thus making you guys the target of jealous women
An American friend told me the girl-friends of newly rich Russian look like platinum blonde whores?
"Russians" I meant, plural
Yes I heard it was true you are very wise
How do I stop being a dumb blonde.......?
This question is serious so please don't make fun of me. I'm in 8th grade and I'm blonde. Everyone makes fun of me and calls me a dumb blonde whore. I might not be the brightest person but I have a learning disability. I cry sometimes because nobody takes me seriously. I'm too stupid I guess. But how can I stop being seen as a dumb blonde... Things other than dying my hair please....
Ignore them and accept who you are.
i wish i had blond hair...seriously!
Why are so many (if not most/all) blonde women such skanky whores?
It's like I can almost PREDICT if she's been sleeping around or not; simply in their GENES to cheat and deceive without second thought- to treat every other man as "her dream guy". It's not that other women have better self-control but blondes simply give a whole new dimension to SLUTTINESS.

I have seen married women behave in the most humiliating manner before me - why would you want to flirt with a guy and expect him to touch you all over when you got a husband in the backyard? I have had hilarious accounts of plumbers, gardeners and all sorts of blue-collared men banging the sh!t out of these moving whore machines. I just returned from a vacation in the Caribs where there is a joint which the locals call "Boobba Shack" -it's infested with all sorts of blonde vermin drinking and sexing with Blacks, Blacks and just Blacks all over. And in this case, it was the blondes that looked like CARNIVORES. The last straw that broke the camel's back should I say.

i have the same answer as wizard alex. thats why im a gay guy. women are gross to date >_<

oh, and from what ive heard, they arent. color of hair doesnt matter how skanky whorish they are. people get to choose to be skanky whores...
Are all blonde twinks complete whores?
I met a cute blonde boy about two weeks ago but have since found out he is a complete tramp. I think it could be something about boys who say they only bottom.
theres' nothing more ignorant & obnoxious:

than blatantly STUPID stereotypes !
Where do you think the whole "dumb blonde" thing originated from?
I checked all my spelling in this so no one would say anything about me being blonde haha. But everyone says that blondes are obnoxious, dumb and whores. I say the word "like" once and then people blow up on me because of my hair color. Where do you think all the stereotypes came from?
Jealous brunettes, of course.
Strawberry blonde whore mixed drink?
i know that this has three things in it. cranberry , some type of peach liquor and something else. anybody know what it is and how to make it??? thanks
Maybe this drink is a knock off of yours? This drink is called the French Whore.

1 oz vodka
1/2 oz Chambord® raspberry liqueur
1/2 oz pineapple juice

Shake vigorously over ice and strain into a rocks glass.
Pretty blonde girls in foreign countries?
What do guys in foreign countries that have a generally darker population think about pretty blonde girls with blue eyes in their countries? For example India, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Not the bleached, overly tanned girls that dress/act like whores but very pretty, naturally blonde and light skinned girls with light blue eyes?
I think guys all over like pretty girls of any kind - and will screw anything that moves, even if she's ugly.
Why are blonde girls so skanky?
Why is it that blonde girls all cheat on their boyfriends and wear the skankiest clothing? Blondes dont seem to have more fun, they just seem to have more whoreish sex. Crazy whores.
Because they in a competition to see how many men they can sleep with
Why do people think blondes are whores?
it just got me thinking, why??
what's really the reason for the stereotype?
im also blonde and i really find annoying when some people belive this sterotype is true. i think this stereotype was invented by the media and stupid jelous peple. i also think that hollywood had an infulence on making people think this way(damn those brunnetes whores actresses who dyed their hair blonde),and as Respect and Responsability said those people cant think

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