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Who is the designs the purse in the Marshalls commercial that begins in an art gallery?
There is a brown and dark green (maybe?) handbag in the Marshalls TV commercial that begins with three ladies in an art gallery. They get on the Marshalls bus and the blond woman picks up this lovely bag with buckles and what looks like textured leather. The Marshalls lady says, "belongs in a gallery, doesn't it" and they kind of play tug-of-war over the bag. Anyway, does anyone know who designs this bag?
I'm looking for the name of an actor. I describe him as blond, wide cheek bones, blue eyes. Know a gallery?
I seen him in a movie in the late 80s or early 90s with weird music and a mechanical figurine or dog. It might've been of the pulp fiction genre.
val kilmer? from TopGun
What sites can I find galleries of white/blond girls with nice legs and in skirts or shorts?
Tats hot
just search it on google, it is not hard
Anyone know any good sites that have gallery's of hairstyles?
I want to get dirty blond highlights for my light brown hair and i need a good picture to show my hair dresser does anyone know any good sites that have gallery's of hair colours / styles? thanks so much : )

go there(:
How do i get just the bottom half of my hair dyed blond with keeping the top half black?(read more inside)?
How do i just dye the bottom half of my hair with out getting the top half full of dye?

like this(but with black on top and blond underneath)-->……
You tye up the top and be caefull and then when you wash it one color at a time to make sure they dont bleed together
What do you think about blond girls ?
Natural blonds…

Do you think that blonds are the most attractive?
Natural blonds can be hot. But most that color their hair blonde are not. That girl in the picture is not. And no blonde chicks are not the "most attractive" To me the most attractive girl would be a pale asian goth chick.
Im going to dye my hair strawberry blond im scared !?
i really like this colour and want it but i have natural brown hair the hair dresser said it would look nice im having it done friday any one dye there hair blond before did you like it ? hears a pic of me :

do you think a strawberry blond will look nice
im not that pale in real life >.<
You never know until you try it. Worst case scenario, you dye it back to brown...not a big deal.
How can i get my hair really blond?
I bleached my hair last night then i dyed it and it's still not as blond as I wan it.
It's about this color....……

and i want it this color…
but i'll settle with this one.…
What should I do?
Get it done professionally. Bleaching your hair yourself more than once to get it as blonde as you need it will ruin your hair. It will possibly even make it break or fall out. Get a professional's opinion.
How do you get this color blond hair?
U have light brown hair and i want this color.
look's like brown hair with light blonde highlights.
What kind of hairstyle looks more professional for a female business owner?
I've had med-long, dark-blond hair for years and I own an art gallery/custom picture framing business. In general, does a chin-length bob look more professional/mature? Something more Katie Holmes-style than Jennifer Aniston-style? I'm also just ready for a change! Thanks! :-)……

i think either of those haircuts are stylish but professional. they aren't extravagant so can be easy to do in the morning.

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