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Is there a site or yahoo group that shows naked asians?
i have been trying to find one.. specially a site that shows mostly asians.. a free site that is..

Porn - just search for asians. Or google naked asians.
Why do Asians and Muslims keep bringing up the race card?
Fact 1: Australia is NOT a racist nation, all ethnics are allowed to have the same opportunities here in Australia. If an Asian guy is poor because he plays too many poker machines, it has nothing to do with RACE.

Fact 2: A few years ago, a group of Muslims started a public demonstration because the government did not allow them to construct a Muslim school for middle eastern . This is NOT about racism, this is about RESOURCES and ETHICS. The government can't fund everything, and they can't allow one culture to dictate other people's lives.

Fact 3: Some Muslims at the beaches were complaining about young girls wearing bikinis in public. COME ON guys!!! you ARE living in AUSTRALIA, this is NOT Lebanon or Saudi Arabia. Australians SHOULD NOT wear heavy clothing when they are swimming at a beach on a sunny day. They are just wearing LESS clothing. HOWEVER they are not NAKED. This is a free country and nobody can change that.

Fact 4: International students were complaining about youth allowance and concession cards. LOOK!!! Local students pay taxes, they support THIS country. But YOU international students have no support for our country, you may support our universities but none of your money supports our government. WHY should our government give you cheap bus tickets if you offer them nothing in return???

Ok, if you've read all that, then please tell me what do you think?
I agree with Dan.I readlots of complaints from Indians in the cricket section of YA & it seems to me that most of them don't know what the word racism means.They take insult for racism & it's pointless to tell them it's not the same thing.
Does this list of Kraft Products make you question how "free" the Free Market really is?
I keep hearing that a Free Market gives people ample opportunity to get ahead. However, the more I look into this, the more I realize that fewer and fewer corporations control the vast majority of companies we think are independent.

Kraft, for instance, owns the following (this is a long paragraph, I advise you skim over it)-

* A1 Steak Sauce* Africana Romania* Air Crisps* Ali Coffee* Alpen Gold (chocolate) (Poland, Russia)* Arrowroot biscuits* Back to Nature* Bagel-Fuls* Baker's (chocolate)* Balance Bar* Better Cheddars* Boca Burger* Bonox* Breakstone's* BullsEye Barbecue Sauce* Cadbury plc* Café HAG* California Pizza Kitchen (grocery store items)*Calumet Baking Powder* Cameo (biscuits)* Capri Sun (juice drink)* Carte Noire* Cheesybite* Charada (Peru)* Cheese Nips* Cheez Whiz* Cheezels (Malaysia)* Chicken in a Biskit* Chips Ahoy! (cookies)* Chipsmore (Malaysia, Singapore)* Christie (Canadian division of Nabisco)* Claussen (pickles)* Clight* Club Social (crackers)* Cool Whip (non-dairy whipped cream)* CornNuts (snack food)* Coronita (Peru)* Côte d'Or* Country Time (powdered drink mix)* Cracker Barrel* Crystal Light* Daim (Sweden)*Dairylea (Europe)* Delissio (Canada)* DiGiorno (pizza)* Easy Cheese* Eden processed cheese (Philippines)* El Caserío (Spain)* Estrella (Sweden)* Field (Peru)* Fig Newton* Filipinos (snack food) (Spain, Portugal)* Freia (Norway)* Fudgee-O (Canada)* General Foods International* Gevalia (Sweden)* Grape-Nuts (breakfast cereal)* Grey Poupon (mustard)* Handi-Snacks* Harvest Crisps* Honey Maid* In-A-Biskit (Australia)* Jack's Pizza* Jacobs (Europe)* Jacob's (biscuits)* Japp (Scandinavia)* Jell-O (gelatin dessert)* Jet-Puffed Marshmallows* Kenco (United Kingdom)* Knox (gelatin)* Kong Haakon (Norway)* Kool-Aid (flavored drink mix)* Korona (Ukraine)* Kraft BBQ Sauce* Kraft Caramels* Kraft Macaroni and Cheese* Kraft Dinner (Canada)* Kraft Easymac* Kraft Mayo* Kraft Bagelfuls* Kraft Peanut Butter (Canada)* Kraft Singles (pasteurized prepared cheese product)* Kraft Sandwich Spread* Kraker Bran* Lacta (Brazil)* Lefèvre-Utile* Lunchables* Lyuks (potato chips) (Ukraine)* Maarud (potato chips) (Norway)* Marabou (Sweden)* Maxwell House (coffee)* Milka (Europe)* Miracle Whip (salad dressing spread)* Miracoli (Germany)* Mostro (Peru)* Mikado (United Kingdom)* Nabisco* Nabob (coffee) (Canada)* Naked Drinks* Nilla* Non-Stop (Scandinavia)* Nutter Butter* O'boy (Scandinavia, Estonia)* Onko (coffee)* Oreo (cookie)* Orchard Crisps* ORO Saiwa* Oscar Mayer* Grated Parmesan cheese* Philadelphia cream cheese* Pigrolac* Planters* Poiana (Romania)* Polly-O (cheese)* Premium (a Nabisco brand of saltine crackers)* Pretzels* P'tit Québec* Prince Polo* Pure Kraft Salad Dressings* Ritz* Ritz Metro* Royal baking powder* Saiwa (Italian Division of Nabisco)* Seven Seas (salad dressings)* Saimaza (Spain)* Sanka (decaffeinated coffee)* Shake 'n Bake* Simmenthal (canned meat)* Snackabouts* SnackWells* South Beach Living* Starbucks (grocery store items)* Stove Top stuffing* Suchard* Svoge (Bulgaria)* Swiss Crackers* Sugar Wafers* Taco Bell (grocery store items)* Tang* Tassimo (single-serve coffee machines using pods branded as T-Discs)* Teddy Grahams* Terrabusi (Kraft Foods Argentina)* Terry's (chocolates)* Terry's Chocolate Orange* Tiger Energy Biscuits (Southeast Asian countries)* Toasted Chips* Toblerone (Kraft Foods Switzerland)* Tombstone (frozen pizza)* Triscuit (snack cracker)* Thinsations* Trakinas* Twist* Twisties (Malaysia)

How much power can one get? How far does the grasp of the Corporation reach compared to the Government?

Remember, you don't vote for CEO's.

How free is the free market, anyway-for the aspiring business owner? What are his chances against giants like Kraft?

Does he have lobbyists? Can he exist easily in our era of Corporate Feudalism?
What are you doing?? You are supposed to be focused on the black president and the n---ger loving pelosi and reid, not logical conversation stuff like this!! Someone needs to reconnect you to the matrix!!!
How did the chicken end up in the guys' suite in "The Hangover"? SPOILER ALERT!?
I love this movie. I've seen it four times already this summer, but one question bugs me: There's a free-range chicken wandering around in the suite when they all wake up the next morning. The first time I saw it, I totally thought they were going to feed the chicken to Mike Tyson's tiger at some point (missed opportunity, I guess).
So, the movie explains the following through the course of the movie: Stu's missing tooth, the baby in the suite, the tiger in the bathroom, the naked Asian man in the trunk, the police car, but WHAT'S THE STORY WITH THE CHICKEN???

Anybody have a clue? Ellaborations and embellishments are greatly appreciated. Funniest answer wins.
It's a great movie, but sometimes things are just put there to be funny. i can't imagine any real story behind it that would be more interesting than the tiger was lol...
On which website could i find the perfect date for free without any scams watsoever?
hi i'm looking for a date over the interenet who is a senior in high school right now and is going to college next year. im looking for these types of standards;

tall: about 5 ft. 10 or 5 ft. 11

hair color: black or really red (like poison ivy (pamela isley) red

eyes: if it's a redhead then green, if not then any color it doesnt matter to me.

race: caucasian or asian

body type: atheltic, strong, good fighter, self confident, great shape but has tall thick powerful legs

self confidence: a must

fighting skill: a must (like almost as if she could do what sonya blade did in mortal kombat, lock her bare naked thighs around your neck, choke u, and then twist and crack it open).

sports: swimming is a must. (and if u do anything else along with swim then thats ok too martial arts along with it is a big plus thou).

personality: not really emotional, not that sensitive almost like a supervillain who causes crime i actually love a girl with no heart idk y but it turns me on lol!

hygenie: big must!!!!

interests: mortal kombat, billiards, cars, 4 and 5 star luxury hotels and spas, working out, swim, sports, video games, 90's entertainment, reading, plants and botany, and other educational stuff espicially abotu the environment.

clothing: mostly wears speedo one piece swimsuit all the time (i mean when its warm) you see her in it 24/7.
HEY i fit into all these criteria!!

Good luck! ♥
Name that movie.?
It was a story of a rich couple that lived on an island with three servants, a maid, a butler , and a pool boy.
The old man was a loon that wanted to put on this terrible play by the pool. The butler was an annoyed guy that was assigned to help the old man take his meds and get ready for the play starting all the servants and the couple. The wife was a lonely lady that sat by the pool everyday and drank martinis brought to her by an Asian pool boy that always pretended not to understand her and said "yes effendi" or "no effendi" to everything she asked, with a huge grin on his face. She kept trying to get the pool boys attention, but he did not like her. The maid was in love with the butler and was just... cooky...had short red hair, ran through the woods naked to feel free.
It sounds like the movie, "The Lounge People" (1992).
Help about penis size?
im a 19 yr old asian boy and im not satisfied on my penis size... can you help me find sites which features free amateur penis pictures of naked teen boys like me...
Sam, please don't put yourself down over the size of your penis. If it functions and provides the ability to achieve an orgasm, there is nothing wrong with it. Size does not matter in the slightest, it is about technique and the will to pleasure your partner that is important. Your partner will not care about the length of your penis if they love you. Enjoy your life and make it work for you! P&P :-)
"look at all the asian women in porn videos these days" - they say?
Note: (Please, if you are an asian women pretending to be a white man who hates white women, just stay away because we will all now (by what you say and how you type it) that you are the same imposter who goes around pretending to be a white man in all the other peoples blogs. If you really want to be a white man, then put your money where your mouth is and just have the real sex-change surgery so you dont have to pretend anymore)

Forums, after forums, after forums, why do asian girls/women keep bragging about, "look at all the asian women in porn videos these days". Somehow, asian women convince themselves that it is a good thing when their unflattering private-parts are prostituted and paraded all around the media for free. They sound so under-educated. A lost case not even worth explaining to that this is not what their mothers suffered to come to American for. I dont understand their level of thinking, this culture of theirs that teaches them that prostituting their bodies is something to feel happy and excited about. Do they not, by now, understand the sexual psychological behavior of men in general to turn and look at what ever naked person placed in front of them?
Well I'm not a Asian female or a white male but as a woman I don't see how any woman would validate an image in porn as a symbol. A lot of porn use racial stereotypes of all people because a lot of that stuff is taboo and that turns a lot of people on White men are the number 1 consumers in all genres of porn including genres that are a bit perverse. All men watch that stuff not just white men
What do you think of webcam girls?
I see a lot of these webcam girl websites popping up on my computer, usually once a day.
I had a quick look at some of the models, some of them are very pretty and some seem sweet and nice in their 'biography' on their profile.

I think it's sad, that some probably genuinely nice girls reduced to doing this for money, it's self-degrading.

You could have anybody looking at them, old men, , anyone in the world can look at them for free.
It's like going out naked in public and asking for money, to 'be naughty' with them.

Especially the filipinas, my fiance is filipina and they're the nicest, most hospitable girls you could ever meet, but most of the asian ones on these dispicable websites are filipinas.
Why would these nice girls degrade themself like this?
I am a webcam model. I don't feel disgraceful, nor do I feel like a whore. I feel great that people want to spend time to see me. I've never had low self esteem. Nor do I feel I am degrading myself in any way. I feel that if you are ashamed of the human body and feel that their functions are dirty or obscene, you are not very open. These websites are not dispicible. You are downplaying the fact that it is a billion dollar industry, and I am very happy to say I take home a good chuck of that. You are also putting judgement on the people who visit them. Not all of them are dirty old men, and not all of them just care about sex. Some travel and don't have time to make connections. Some are highly career driven and a family isn't possible. Some are young and in college and insecure about themselves. Some are smoking hot and just don't like meeting people in public. These people are all looking for a connection. Bonds are established between models and customers. Would this be my first career choice? No. I am a college graduate who can not find a job in this economy. With my past experience, every job I apply for, I am overqualified. But on a positive note, I make more money here then I did at my "real job" before the downsizing. I think it's sad that people have preconceived are asking about it, so I am glad you are open and non-objective in listening to answers.
POLL: Random survey. Must be slightly intellect!?
A.Brand new Lexus RM '09.
B.'09 Jetta.
C.To be the manager at Kmart.
D.Have Atlantic Broadband Cable with DVR, On Demand and all free.
A.Sleep in the same bed with a cat.
B.Sleep in the same bed with a bat.
C.Sleep in the same shoe with a mouse.
D.Smell Amy Winehouse's armpits.
A.Go hunting for ghosts on Ghost Hunters.
B.Have cureable Cancer, but save 300 from dying in Africa.
C.Marry Brad Pitt to cheat on him with Tom Arnold.
D.Have Amy Winehouse on Jerry Springer.
A.Star in the movie High School Musical 4(Must be under 21!).
B.Watch porn for six hours.
C.Get really drunk and have sex with Michael Cera.
D.Have a video game character made after you(Must be Asian!).
A.Go train-surfing from Mexico to Texas(Naked).
B.Infiltrate the Square Enix building and steal their computers.
C.Fry eggs for Paula Abdul(Drunk).
D.Go swimming, but you have to be completely naked, with me(Must be under 21!)!
1> A
2> A
3> A
4> C
5> B

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